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Avatar n tn Not that I am aware of,however about 6 months after I was diagnosed with HSV2 I developed Rheumatoid Arthritis which is an Autoimmune Disease I believe can be triggered by infection or a virus,it may have been coincidental it may not but I guess thats something I'll never know for sure ......
630177 tn?1231545490 I have been experiencing extreme vaginal discomfort now for over three months with no discharge. I've used monistat a couple times with no result. I went to the doctor multiple times and this last time I told her to do a COMPLETE std scan on me. She tested for any and all STD's and all came back negative (thank God). Also, at that time I did have discharge so she tested it and said it looked like a yeast infection.
Avatar f tn skin, vaginal or systemic? Only systemic or fungal infection in blood can lower your blood pressure. Skin and vaginal yeast infection is cured by local application of antifungal creams (separate for skin and vagina) and systemic infection is cured by oral tablets. You may need to take the tablets for skin and vaginal infection too. Dehydration, certain medications, heart problems, untreated diabetes, and nervous system disorders can all cause hypotension or low blood pressure.
Avatar n tn I have had some alternative practitioners tell me they think i have a virus in my heart. I have had 2 echos, and one stress test and my heart risk blood work is normal. Good HDL and LDL. I have pains in my chest, back and down my arm and it is worse with exercise. I sure would like a cardiologist to respond to this.
Avatar n tn the dammage to the heart tissue can be done by the patogen and/or the immune system, trying to combat the patogen. when the innitial bacterial/fungi/virus infection is not treated and become systemic it can enter the heart, causing potencial damage to the heart tissue if not treated quickly and properly.
353701 tn?1249580864 These reactions may reveal a systemic sarcoidosis. We propose to perform a test for a hepatitis C virus infection before injecting a dermal filler and to inform the patient of this risk in case of a hepatitis C infection that could necessitate an interferon treatment."
Avatar m tn apparently they felt it would be better to have me keep a bacterial respiratory infection and have it go systemic .they thought it would be better to let me go deaf and blind .they also thought it would be better to let me infect others so they could suffer the same fate .this is 3 yrs of misery.even after I grew the pathogens and showed them the agar and taught myself to gram stain and identified the pathogens and had it narrowed down to a few culprits ..
Avatar m tn Hi, Palmar rash may be a manifestation of syphilis, a bacterial infection such as staphylococcus, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, West Nile virus infection, HIV manifestation , sarcoidosis and hematologic disease. Hematologic diseases may present as a palmar rash due to the small pinpoint bleeding usually noted. The bleed however which may manifest as rash like should also be noted in other parts of the body.
Avatar m tn Pylori Symptoms If HCl does not take care of the acid symptoms, you may have a heliobacter pylori infection. Gnawing or burning symptoms can be indicative of an h. pylori infection. This pain tends to be located centrally, just below the rib cage.
Avatar f tn You should ask your GP about the possibility of a systemic fungal/yeast infection, and ask them who to see. You may be able to take care of most of it with a single course of oral antifungals. Unfortunately, the only thing that actually works for toe fungus is the oral antifungals. There is a slight risk of liver damage, but the doctor should take baseline labs before starting so you'll know if anything's going wrong, and the course is 3 months.
Avatar m tn It is suggested to retract the foreskin daily and soak in warm water .If bacterial infection is suspected topical antibiotic ointment may be needed. In candidial infection application of topical clotrimazole may help. For exact diagnosis a physical examination is necessary. See a doctor. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar m tn First off I just want to say I don't know where I to post this but this is the close one I can find to mine or maybe not the same at all sorry! Hey my name is Louis I'm 19. I've had some type of viral illness for about 23 days now I think. I don't know what kind it is but I'll walk you threw everything.
Avatar f tn ll give you my opinion (as someone from the biomedics field) so you can get some peace of mind. Herpes - HSV1 or HSV2 - can sometimes cause a systemic infection, which can obviously lead to death, as any bad systemic infection can. But such episodes are EXTREMELY rare and will most probably happen with people that are immunocompromised or suffer from comorbidities.
419309 tn?1326503291 Seventy-one patients with previously untreated chronic HCV infection and a control group consisting of 66 patients without systemic HCV infection were enrolled in the trial. The patients with HCV infection were screened for ocular symptoms, visual acuity, and ocular changes. Tear production was measured by the Jones test. Conjunctival impression cytologic analysis was performed.
Avatar m tn If it is past infection then it is hard to say if this was a current infection at this point except that your symptoms don' t quite fit unless you had a high fever.
Avatar f tn She is currently hospitalised with a chronic foot infection, having severed her flexor (?) tendon a year ago. Two repair attempts failed and she has had ongoing infections in that foot for the last 9 months. She is generally very fit and healthy and was a keen athlete. The only childhood illness that she's had is Chickenpox. To date blood tests have not identified any underlaying causes of the infection.
Avatar m tn You may want to see an ENT or have a family practise look at the sinues and ears. There may be a ear infection or a sinus infection. If not they may try to drain the sinus with anti histamines.
Avatar m tn Would the Valtrex prevent both lesions and Systemic Symptoms of a new infection? That is would I be having the systemic symptoms while taking the valtrex? 3. Should I stop the Valtrex or just wait 4 months or so and take another IGG blood test? 4.I know that HSV has to be massaged into the skin…but does it have to be “massaged” out of the skin of the infected person or does it just live on the surface?
Avatar n tn A yeast infection is an overabundance of bacteria growth. I am not sure exactly why or how some people get it but it is not an STD and children can have it as well. For me it is like anything that goes near my vagina sets off a yeast infection. Have you seen your doctor about this? Have you had one before?