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Avatar f tn I have stopped other anti-depressants cold turkey with no side effects at all. Why did your GP take you off Venlafaxine? I live in Dorset in the UK, and have sent you a note and friend invitation. Take care and keep in touch.
Avatar n tn for the first time since i come off Effexor i feel great... i feel no withdrawal symptoms. this is my 10th day without venlafaxine. i'm full of energy. and i feel great cause i'm beginning to win this battle. my dizziness is gone. that first days anxiety has normalized, I really believe now that it's possible to survive effexor withdrawal. usually depression has an environmental cause. try do find yourse and fight it. the human mind is very powerfull.
20184324 tn?1499260045 I've been taking Vanlafaxine for several months now for my anxiety and depression, it's working ok, but I've noticed a considerable weight gain. I've always been a slender person and gaining weight has actually been difficult for me, so I'm surprised that I'm suddenly a couple of dress sizes bigger.
Avatar n tn I'm on venlafaxine 75 mg and bromazepam 3mg. Can i use activated charcoal to reduce intestinal gas?
Avatar f tn It is now 3 weeks since I stopped taking venlafaxine. I was on 300 mg for 2 years and started tapering off 6 months ago. I went from 300 to 275, 250, 225, 200, 175, 150, 125, 100, 75, and 37.5 and then to 37.5 alternate days until I stopped. Every time I reduced the dose I had horribly side effects similar to everybody else on this message board. It has been harder as the dose got lower.
Avatar m tn I still have some of the weight gain from when I was on seroquel because my metabolism has slowed down and the lack of exercise I did while on it took a told on my muscles and I lost a lot of muscle strength, and so far have been to tired to really try to work out and get back into shape. Sometimes it seems to be a vicious cycle. Its quite possible that the things you are feeling right now aren't because of withdrawal, but just because you don't have that medication support you had.
6681951 tn?1383711222 With the healthy eating and exercise (and go you for doing it!), your heart rate while exercising should be getting lower, not higher, and your resting heart rate should be lower than it was. When was the last time you got things like your thyroid checked? Depressive symptoms can be caused by a number of organic diseases or conditions, and just because you have a primary mental health problem doesn't mean that one of those other things couldn't happen.
Avatar f tn Struggling to find an antidepressant with minimal weight gain, sedation, tachycardia and libido issues that can also adequately control my depression and anxiety. I've tried just about everything. If doc hasn't disowned me by Mon will try again. Fluoxetine, venlafaxine, Trazodone or back on Citalopram which I was on for about 20 years but began giving me bracycardia last time I was on them after having a break from them. Please advise.
Avatar m tn The only time i get dizzy is when i orgasm. And it just comes as soon as the orgasm starts and stops when it ends..other then that, i dont get dizzy. I had tried to stop cold turkey like a month and a half again, that wasnt a good idea, and it had done the same thing, dizzy when its orgasm, but i had the dizzyness all day, thats why i started it again and decided to do it gradually. The all day dizzyness stopped, but it came back for when i orgasm. Its very weird.
Avatar m tn At that time I hadn't read up on the effects of Venlafaxine and Tramadol so in my infinite wisdom I decided to double my 150 mg dose to 300 mg for a period of 4 days in order to soften the landing.. don't know if that was a good idea though.. I have the following questions 1. I have a theory going that I have elevated my levels of serotonin and norepinephrine by taking tramadol and that this will need to stabilize again before I am normal - ? 2.
Avatar f tn The reason for weight gain while taking Effexor had to do with the increas in appetite...its not the drug itself.
Avatar n tn Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and sugar as they interfere with your mood. Exercise, meditation, and yoga work wonders. Think happy thoughts and you will be happy.
Avatar n tn Her baby in all likelihood will be healthy whether she takes an SSRI or not, if she takes care of herself. Positive behaviors such as diet, exercise, and abstaining from alchohol or smoking have a tremendous impact on making a healthy baby.
Avatar m tn Practice relaxation techniques and avoid becoming over anxious and to Enjoy a Stress free Life. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn He wants to prescribe another antidepressant and I prefer to face my depression with therapy and diet and exercise. I don't want to face trhis experience again. I fear I will feel this way the rest of my life. That's depressing!
1149087 tn?1415320149 And, don't schedule any big decisions during this time. Keep your diet clean and free of sugar, and get any exercise you can. We'll be here for you.
Avatar m tn I forgot to ask; is the venlafaxine and the kegel exercise being done for the same reasons. I only know of venlafaxine being used an antidepresant type medication. I'm not very educated on in the subject though.
558696 tn?1222062234 For the 1st 3 days I take 1 150mg tab and smoke as usual. Tomorow I start taking 2 150mg tabs for 2 days and then I take 1 300mg tab daily. My dr was nice enough to give me 9 weeks worth of wellbutrin he had as samples. I was taking an antidepressant called venlafaxine (75 mg's daily) but since the 2 meds don't mix I'm just taking the wellbutrin. My head feels kinda fuzzy I think b/c of the med switch it will take my body some time to adjust to it. we go!
Avatar f tn ” By eating the right foods — the types of foods that everyone, not just those with CFS, should strive to eat — we all can give ourselves more natural energy and eliminate tiredness and fatigue. And for those with CFS, following that advice as closely as possible is even more important to getting the chronic fatigue help you need. Foods to Avoid When You Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome For chronic fatigue patients, the No.
151951 tn?1267991945 And please- I don't need a condescending tip to diet and exercise. Tried everything you can possibly imagine and more to lose this weight. Thanks!
Avatar n tn It seemed that within a couple of months of starting to take Effexor XR (150 mg per day) my stomach (which had been very flat most of my life) developed a little pooch that has made my clothes tighter around the waist. No exercise seems to help. The rest of my body seems steady in it's weight. Have you heard of this happening?
Avatar n tn The best way to maintain a healthy lower intestinal tract is to add more fiber, fruits, and vegetables to your diet. Regular exercise and adequate fluid intake (at least two liters a day) are also important. Candida is a type of fungus that occasionally overwhelms the intestinal tract. The gut has a normal flora of bacteria that is essential for the intestines to function properly.
Avatar f tn I'm very happy with his choice. Also, I've treated my depression with diet and exercise and talk therapy, and it's helped a lot.
479244 tn?1271567259 Maybe Co will maybe chime in on this and explain better. If you did decide to treat again now with soc and your IR under control you might be RVR. If not RVR or at least cEVR I would stop tx and wait for the PI drugs added to soc. But on the other hand, with the new drugs right around the corner and shorter duration tx, you might be better off waiting and watching carefully if you have a verified lower damage bx. This is a very important decision you have to make with your Hepatologist.
Avatar f tn Had 2 kids in bed with me last night so i didnt sleep very well. My back is hurting but not too bad. 3 weeks and 6 days till we move, so exciting. My eyes have been pretty sore and strained lately. All just minor issues im having. Today i feel about 50% and energy wise 0%. But thats ok.
Avatar n tn I believe even if u cant do all the things i mentioned then start with the positive thinking( believing dat it will go away) and stop smoking. if u can increase ur water intake and exercise a bit go ahead and then for the more determined regulate what u put into ur body. give it a try and get back to me with what u've observed i honestly believe that if u try these things i've mentioned u'll notice a difference. it worked 4 me.
Avatar f tn Most natural medicine uses multiple remedies, not just one, and will also use therapy, exercise, meditation, dietary and lifestyle changes in a holistic attempt to fix the imbalance whatever it is. In the anxiety case, that would probably involve also using natural substances that affect GABA, which is what benzos do to an extent. As for the DLPA, that is used for depression, not anxiety.
Avatar n tn I have just recently been diagnosed with diabetes - I am not on meds yet, have tried exercise and diet, lost weight, no sugar, etc.. but my blood sugar is just going up. I have an appt this week with my doc. I have noticed that once in awhile I am very sad in the mornings. Like I am missing someone is the only way I can describe it. The only thing I can think of is the few times this has happened I have had two or three beers the night before.
Avatar f tn I wanted something that would give me enough motivation to want to exercise and be more active. He suggested I try Venlafaxine and started me on 37.5 mg/day. this was five days ago when I took the first pill. I think this dose might actually be too high for me?? My side effects are dizziness, (only when I have been laying down, and go to get up for bed), a mild headache (off and on) and lastly as someone else described it a "swishy head".
Avatar m tn I have looke up side effects for all my meds and the only one that shows excessive sweating is Effexor. Do all antidepressants have sweating as a side effect? Any time I am up standing or walking, even in the winter, I sweat buckets. Even in air conditioned stores. My hair gets dripping wet. Any info you could give me would be so helpful. I do get exercise by riding my bike 5-6 miles daily. I can't walk due to pain in my back, legs, hips....also weakness. Thank you!