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Avatar n tn My doctor was very concerned about me taking the 25 mg in addition to my 75 mg of Effexor because the 25 mg didn't come in XR and she said that I would have blips in its effectiveness. Instead she wanted me to up the dose to 37 mg of the XR instead of the extra 25 mg of quick acting medication. Hope that you have a better outcome with taking one of them in the morning.
Avatar m tn However, recently the pharmacy had changed the branding of venlafaxine quite regularly. It has gone from 37.5 mg Effexor to Teva and now to Viepax. These are the standard release tablets not XL or XR. I sometimes feel that it makes a difference when I do change but could be more psycho sematic. Are these brands the same tablet or does it make a difference?
Avatar f tn Began taking venlafaxine hcl ER 75 mg today in place of Cymbalta 30 mg. I have what I would explain as a "cold sore" headache but I have no cold sore. Probably the upcoming menses in about 5 days. 8:47pm My eyes just did the "reading dance" while I was trimming my fingernails.
Avatar f tn I am in process of getting off Venlafaxine HCL 37.5 mg(effexor37.
Avatar n tn I am so happy to hear from others going through the same weight-gain / loss issues with Effexor. I just weaned myself off from 150 mg to 75 mg to nothing (I'm now using St. John's Wort as a supplement instead) in a few weeks, with lots of withdrawal symptoms/pain, etc., but I have to believe it's worth it. I, too, gained 40 pounds since starting the Effexor in February 2007.
Avatar n tn Hi -- I have been taking Effexor for over a year -- started at 75 mg, now at 150 mg. -- works REALLY WELL for the depression -- no more problems. And, no additional weight gain, though I was overweight before. My experience with Effexor has been better than with Prozac and Wellbutrin.
Avatar m tn Make an appointment “when needed/wanted/useful” after reducing my effexor to 75 mg on 12/5/07, to 37 and ½ on 26/11/’08, to zero on 10/12/’08 and back to 37 and ½ on 25/1/09. 2.1 statement (diary>medical>bipolar>bi-polar 27,000 words) from these consultations. 2.2. Zeldox-Ziprasidone HCL(Pfizer)—3/8/09. 2.3 See my file for Dr. R. in brief case. C.3 Other Medical Information(for use when filling out forms) 1. last hospitalization-May 1980. 1.
Avatar n tn I can't determine what is withdrawal and what is some other weird thing. Yesterday, I started getting headaches. I have tried to cut the 20 mg. dose to 15 mg. and I go nuts. So now I'm trying to cut it by 2.5 mg. decreases. I have done this the last couple of days with very little symptom...except headache and dry eyes. Are these all there no end to the list of stuff this methadone can trigger? When will I ever be off this stuff. Does the detox tea work?