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Avatar m tn you could get a crown done to that tooth ( will shave down tooth abd add a cap to the top, kinda like a bridge but just a single tooth instead of 3 teeth), an implant would be great but it is expensive, a bridge could be done, but why drill down 2 other good teeth?..... if i were you i would deff see another dentist that take xrays and gives you proper treatment,.
Avatar f tn Its hard to detect a crack on a tooth even with an x-ray because an x-ray is a two dimensional picture of a three dimensional object so cracks can easily hide. It sounds like your two options are an implant or a root canal/crown type of treatment. If there's sufficient tooth structure and you don't mind taking a risk, the root canal/crown may be the better option.
Avatar m tn Just having those teeth pulled and implants installed, rather than go through the crown lengthening? Or should I just opt for crown lengthening? I am going to ask my dentist this question before my scheduled procedure, but just wanted some suggestions from here first, thanks a lot for any input!
Avatar n tn m not sure what you mean by an implant replacing one tooth covered by a 2 crown structure. do you mean 2 crowns on one implant? why would you want to do that? Is the space that big? I guess its difficult without seeing your whole mouth. Are you missing other teeth? anyway, it sounds to me like #10 has somewhat of a questionable prognosis. If I now understand correctly, it had root canal, a broken instrument and an apico. Now it's had a post and has been overprepared.
Avatar m tn Let me know what you find out as my implant is the front tooth. I lost my tooth in an accident.
Avatar m tn i need one for a molar and between the implant (the post put in your jawbone) and the crown (the tooth that screws on it) the cost was around $5000. this changes with the type of tooth being replaced and what part of the country you live in. the front teeth are cheaper.
Avatar n tn It would require extracting the front tooth and replacing it with a titanium implant and then a crown on top. That way, the other adjacent tooth is untouched. The tooth with the loose crown sounds like it is non-restorable (non-salvageable).
Avatar m tn i said no and they looked shocked and then we went ahead with the root canal, i told them to just pull the tooth but of course they didnt want to. i told them i didnt have 6000 for an implant or 3000 for a bridge so we did a root canal and they are going to fit a crown to it... if your not in pain yet then start saving money now....
Avatar n tn The discomfort I had before increased with the implant so that I thought of removing the implant. Eventually, however (June 2006), I had a crown put on the implant and the discomfort improved Unfortunately, In 2008, the crown got loosen and it was removed. A new one it is now been made. The implant seemed solid but I am in pain since I had the crown removed. The pain seems to be around the gum surrounding the implant but irradiates to all the right maxillary.
Avatar m tn I have implant done on tooth #10 , which is a front tooth, in the middle of April, 2008. no abutment put in, and the suture was taken off after two weeks of the surgery. suppose the gum will close several weeks after the suture removed, but now, 3 month passed the surgery, my gum still not closed. I am deeply worried if that will cause any problem. if the gum still not close after 6 moths of the surgery, do I need to do gum regeneration? how much will it cost?
Avatar m tn I have a tooth crown towards the front (next to one insissor) that may need replacement soon. Been this way for 7+ years and it came off a year ago since the tooth inside started going bad. My present dentist glued it back on and its held for a year so far. Dentist tells me that she may not be able to reglue it back on if it breaks off again. I however want the matter addressed asap b/c stuff is going inside this crown and causing decay.
Avatar m tn I was told by my dentist that tooth 14 and 15 needed a root canal. In 11/2010 had the root canal done on tooth 15. The roots were calcified but the RC worked. It was never crowned yet. That tooth broke off in half and is only half of a tooth (going up and down). I went to get the other RC on tooth 14 in 01.2011 and the Endo started it but said that the roots were very small and he wasn't sure if it would turn out very good and told me to ask my dentist if he should continue.
Avatar m tn My ex- girlfriend punched me in the mouth and damaged my tooth next to one of my large front tooth. Ijust had the implant placed in my mouth a mouth ago. I'm going to have the crown placed in after the implant heals. What is the best crown to get to make it look natural? Should I be worried the crown and its color wont match? Should I whiten my teeth? Please help!!
Avatar n tn Crowns & restorative work can acquire stain which can be removed & controlled, but the actually color of it is processed at the lab and that color cannot be changed. Your dentist has done his best to match it to the shade of your teeth. Some teeth have a natural yellowish or grayish color, and your dentist tells the lab tech to match the porcelain or ceramic to whatever your natural color characteristics are.
Avatar f tn I have just had my third tooth in from the bottom removed. On one side I have a crowned tooth (gold crown) and on the other I have a tooth that is full of filings. I need to decide between an implant and a bridge. The dentist suggests a bridge - as one of the side teeth will likely need a crown in the future. The oral surgeon suggests an implant, as I have a gold crown and it is a shame to lose that expense.
Avatar f tn Now, a week later I am experiencing pain under that crown. Could it be that the stump of the existing tooth has gone bad ? It is a root canal tooth as well. I will do what ever it takes to have nice breath & be pain free.
Avatar n tn Hi, You can replace it with a three pontic bridge. A single implant, or a single pontic removable partial. The bridge would be permanent and would necessitate the crowning of the two teeth next to the missing tooth as the anchor part of the bridge. A partial would be removable and have a single pontic. These can look quite natural and normally hook onto nearby teeth with small clasps. And, a single implant and crown to replace the missing tooth, which is the most natural replacement.
Avatar n tn My tooth #3 is badly decayed on the mesial side. It will likely need RCT and a crown (it currently has a temp. filling). Most of the tooth mesial of the pulp chamber is gone, and the decay goes down to the gum (there's maybe 1-1.5 mm of tooth left to the bone). The distal side also has some decay but not anywhere near as much and there is plenty of tooth above the gum on that side.
Avatar f tn They want to extract this tooth next week and do an imedicate implant. I am very concerend that implanting this area at the same time of extraction with an abcess will cause worse problems. I am a heart patient and concerend. Should I be? The DDS (Oral surgeon) said once the tooth is gone..the infection is gone also., Is this true? I am on Augmentin 875 and this has not touched the pain or infection. Thank You so much for helping me with this.
Avatar n tn an implant+crown or a bone graft and a root canal and finish that off with a crown. However, he highly suggested not to get the bone graft as it'll make the next tooth (18) unstable, and the tooth may fail again in soon future. Cost is not really an issue, but I'm curious on the better approach from others. I understand that titanium posts are subjected to rejection, but what's the probability of this?
Avatar n tn At this point if I have teeth that need not be capped I will always consider an implant first if there is sufficient bone present. I do believe that the insurance companies wil not pay for the implant but will pay for the crown over the implant as if it was a natural tooth. I can't tell how bad the adjacent teeth are so I can not comment on how long it be necessary before those teeth need crowns. Sometimes the best thing to do is the most costly.
Avatar m tn I did an implant on my tooth #10. The same day the doctor did tooth extraction and an immediate implant loading. on one side of the implant, there are some bone infection. It dose not cause much pain and swelling, but it cause the procedure of bone binding the implant very slow. I am very concern about the success rate of my implant under this condition. I would like to hear expert's opinion about it. How is the success rate under this situation.
Avatar n tn the inside of that crown to fit an abutment. Each crown is custom made to fit either the post from a natural tooth, or the abutment part of the implant. The implant and abutment are two separate pieces. I don't think what you are proposing is possible. You would need an new implant bridge. The only other thing would be to remove the end teeth on your bridge and have new ones fitted to the remaining bridge. Refiring old porcelain may not be advisable.
Avatar f tn But I am not so sure, I do not want particals or an implant, however I heard that implants were better than anything else but it's very time-consuming and if I had no choice but to have a partial bridge then I would only want it for my top front tooth and not sure if that can be done. But I would like to have a crown if that can be done so I was wondering if a crown can be done if the tooth is decayed, it isn't all that bad...
Avatar m tn hello, i had an implant done 3 days ago after removal of my front upper tooth UR2, by the 'immediate loading' method. Everything seems to be fine, no pain, no bleeding etc, except for the strange feeling in my implanted tooth and the adjacent tooth UR1. The area feels a bit 'tight' ( i would describe this sensation to be similar to when i floss my teeth and the dental floss stucks between two of them causing a funny feeling of tightness).
Avatar n tn The very last tooth had and old filling, the middle tooth an ugly crown and the tooth in front of it a large crack and decay under existing filling. My DDS opted for an inlay, onlay and new crown. From the time the numbing medicine wore off the cracked tooth hurt. I returned to my DDS 3 or 4 times complaining of a toothache, jaw pain and earache. He felt the tooth was "too high" and adjusted it to no avail. Today I had a root canal on the tooth....and guess what?