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Avatar f tn My tooth had a root canal over 40 years ago and was shaved down to a peg, and was capped using a porcelain fused metal crown. The underlying tooth is severely discolored and dark. I now need a new crown and my dentist is recommending all porcelain. He is also encouraging me to choose a slightly lighter shade than my surrounding natural teeth to compensate for the discoloration since concerned of the possiblity of it showing through.
Avatar n tn Hello I do have amalgam filling in the tooth (#18). I do believe the interior structure of the metal/porcelain crown would cause a shock as I experience it whenever metal comes in contact with dentist was worried about the thickness of a full porcelain crown and opted for a metal one for strength and wearablility - I am not so sure that is a wise choice. I have several other crowns and never had these issues or been as fearful due to the shock is quite intense...
Avatar n tn This usually weakens the rest of the porcelain on the crown. It sounds like there was not enough tooth structure reduced to make room for the thickness of both metal and porcelain.
Avatar n tn What crown design/installation options can minimize tooth/crown interface problems in terms of any imperfections increasing bacteria, interfering with cleaning, and appearance? 3. What is the state of the art in crown materials (including bonding)? Is there anything around the corner (in FDA approval/on shows) that can make a difference? 4.
Avatar m tn ve heard that CEREC is better than lab because (1) CEREC uses porcelain that is stronger and more like natural tooth substance than lab fabrication does and (2) with CEREC you get a far narrower and more accurate junction between crown and tooth, meaning less chance of bacteria getting in. Could anyone advise me, please? Thanks.
Avatar m tn After the procedure was finished the assistant had me look in the mirror and I seen there was a porcelain crown when there was supposed to be a high noble crown.
Avatar n tn If the gold bothers you esthetically, you can get a porcelain fused to metal crown or a full porcelain crown but they require more tooth reduction (drilling) and i can almost guarantee they will not last as long as a full gold crown. the worst thing you can do though, is nothing. I am confident in saying that at some point the tooth will crack. probably soomer than you hope.
Avatar m tn HE gave me the regular options of Porcelain fused to metal or gold, plus a third option of an all Ceramic/Porcelain crown. I believe I had the latter on a molar that cracked on me 2 years after having it placed (another dentist) after eating a cookie. My present Dentist says that one of the main advantages of all ceramic\porcelain is that it is bonded to the tooth as opposed to cemented like a PFM. It is also less likely to come loose from sticky foods like caramel.
Avatar n tn yea he can drill down some of the porcelain, as long as the permanent crown "sits" correctly on the prepped tooth then adjusment should be made the lab sometimes adds to much to the top so it thrown your bite off. as long as the dentist doesnt go through the porcelain to the metal, then you should be good to go.....
960996 tn?1435013273 s skill. With regard to ceramic crown, there are two types, one is porcelain fused to metal and one is full ceramic crown.PFM has been in the market for more than 50 years, with good reputation in terms of durability and fitness. Full ceramic crown yields more transparency and a little bit more vivid looking.
Avatar m tn m paying a premium to get a crown that looks like a natural tooth, and not a tooth with, what might look like a filling or a cavity on it. When I asked the dentist about it, he was very casual about it and even made it sound as if it was my fault for the flaw, by saying that I bit down too hard when asked -- they ask you to bite down on a film marker so that they can grind it down to fit your bite. My question is; Do I have grounds to ask ask the dentist to replace it, which I'll do?
Avatar n tn Over time I noticed a darkness around the margin of the crown and in the gum above the crown. I want to get the crown redone to a all ceramic crown to get rid of the darkness. Is it a good idea? The crown I have now is completely sound and cavity free. The endo looks fine too. Would just changing the crown to all ceramic make the darkness go away? Or will the post need to be changed too? I'm afraid of the worst, ie like the root fracturing.
Avatar m tn In the last six weeks, he has broken 5 temporary crowns and one porcelain crown. The cement will not adhere the tooth to his existing tooth for more than a day or two. It continually comes loose. I am convinced it is not anything he is intentionally doing. No chewing on ice or candy or pen caps. After 15+ trips to the dentist, he is being extremely careful. We think he might be clenching his teeth in his sleep. In the middle of all of this he ended up needing a root canal on the tooth.
Avatar f tn I had 5 fittings to put this crown (#13 tooth) in and get the size and fit right. It's porcelain over noble metal and today the back half of the porcelain cracked over while eating a soft meatloaf!! Now what? Will this Dentist have to work on it even though my insurance ended? Will he charge me? Is there something wrong with his lab? I don't have the piece (I think I swallowed it) so will he glue on something else or remove the crown and send it back to the lab?
Avatar n tn I had a porcelain crown put in in early July. It immediately did not feel right and always felt too large for the area even after having the dentist adjust the bite. Several days after having the crown on (the crown is on the upper right, second tooth from the back) a "pressure" and sensitivity appeared over my front teeth area; no pain where the actual crown was. Feels like someone pressing down on the teeth hard.
Avatar n tn Is your dentist replacing the crowns? Or is he removing the whole tooth? If its just the crown, they'll cut it in half (not exactly down the middle) and then try to pry it free from the tooth underneath. That's how I'd approach it. Another option is to try to pop the crown free by getting an edge underneath the gum area and see if it pops off that way.
Avatar n tn t do to that tooth is get it bleached only the dentist can do bleaching and he knows what to do with the tooth. Your best best is to brush with backing soda and peroxide that is what all these tooth paste use in order to help whiten teeth or just got to the dentist and get your teeth cleaned that's all.
Avatar n tn Overvontoured crown generally results from insufficient reduction of tooth structure.Your discomfort probably comes from occlusal interference of new restoration. Going back to your restorative dentist to have occlusal adjustment is advised.
Avatar n tn I just got second opinion - doctor says that the tooth is definitely significantly OVERPREPED. By the way, the crown is off again - it does not stay in place at all. It causes me a lot of problems, this is front tooth #10. What can I do? Thank you.
Avatar n tn it should be shaped like a tooth as much as possible
Avatar n tn Many stronger cements draw moisture out of the tooth and can leave it very sensitive. If your tooth was prepared correctly so that the crown tucks under your gums, it should never leak or decay. Rest assured, your tooth should be just fine. I would be more concerned about the fracture under the crown. Hope this helps!
9251290 tn?1464578539 Hello, I had root canal treatment on a rear molar 3 years ago and have had no problems with this tooth since. About 10 days ago I had a temporary crown fitted to this tooth, as I have no teeth on the other side and it is essential that I maintain this tooth in good condition. Since having the temporary crown fitted I have had constant tooth ache. This ache is made worse after eating. My bite seems OK, and I can apply pressure.
Avatar n tn ve tried to repair porcelain on a porcelain fused to metal crown it has not worked. I also have never heard of a four year old child with porcelain/metal crowns. It may be possible to cut them off and make new ones, provided the teeth underneath are in good shape. These teeth should be falling out soon anyway, though.
Avatar f tn In-mid July, I had crown prep work done. This was to replace a tooth (second from the back on my right upper) that had several old fillings and had receeded somewhat and was now trapping food between it and the tooth behind it. I had no pain with the prep work and wore a temporary crown without any problem for the 3 weeks until the crown arrived. The moment he put it into my mouth I could see that it was enormous, being considerably "wider" than the tooth in front and behind it.
Avatar n tn At the next appointment, my dentist reprepped the tooth and created a cerec crown right there in the office.