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Avatar f tn I think that I also maybe going through some kind of yeast infection where I have thicker coating on my tongue and itchiness especially the private parts. Can yeast infection cause fatigue and is there any treatment that may relieve CFS symptoms. I also notice that when I drink coffe more than usual the fatigue seems to exacerbate. Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn Do you have any ideas what it could be if not a yeast infection? my symptoms match the yeast problem, afew docs have told me I don't have thrush but my tongue is 'upset' for sure, the hot/numb sensation across my forehead worries me and I have told this to the doc before but no one seems to do anything. could it be thyroid u think? or maybe just mental and I'm doing it to myself?
Avatar f tn Hello, It can be due to thrush or yeast infection. Avoid intercourse till properly healed because your partner may get the yeast skin infection from you. The best tests involved in the diagnosis of candida are scrapping or swab examination of the scrapings after KOH mounting.The other test that can be done is fungal culture of the scrapings from the tongue of the vaginal swabs. Try to avoid wearing tight underwear and pants. Wear cotton underwear as much as possible and maintain proper hygiene.
Avatar m tn I now notice I have a white tongue and keep getting yeast on my uncut penis. I read that yeast infections is a symptom of hiv. Would it be a smptom this soon or is it something that comes on in the later years. Worried sick.
Avatar m tn Hello, Without examination,confirmation of a diagnosis is tough but it can be folliculitis,contact dermatitis,rash due to friction rub with clothes, dermatitis (atopic, contact, allergic),excessive sweating causing sweat dermatitis or balanitis(due to an underlying infection (bacterial and fungal as well as other organisms).As you are having a white tongue coating,so it can be due to fungal or yeast infections.
6402846 tn?1391067348 I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I have a yeast infection going on. For the past 2 weeks, I've had some pretty bad days with my main symptom, which is pain in my legs. It hasn't been this bad ever, or at least since I got sick 4 months ago. I'm trying to figure out what the heck is going on, since this symptom usually doesn't get too out of control, and I've read yeast overgrowth can make lyme symptoms worse. I'm also consistently getting weak poops... like watery, almost borderline diarrhea.
Avatar m tn 5 days later I got a sore throat and my lymph nodes in my neck were a bit swollen but NO FEVER. So at this point all my research points me towards yeast infection. 2 weeks later I noticed lumps on the back of my tongue & it was coated w/ some whiteness. It could have been there the whole time but this is when I noticed. I think I have a yeast infection on my penis and in my mouth.
Avatar f tn first of all this is defiantly not my first yeast infection, i am having yeast infections since i was 14. but this time i've got 2 vaginal yeast infections one before my last month period taking into consideration that i was on Azithromycin antibiotic, and the other yeast infection is right now and i have 3 days left to my period...lately I've had a surgery and been on a course of antibiotics plus i am taking hormone pills "Bellara".
Avatar n tn i have looked up many yeast infection symptoms and they all match up. so i believe it is a yeast infection. but i think i will get tested soon.
Avatar m tn Prior to that, I had been on antibiotics for a severe colds, twice and have gotten yeast infections twice due to those antibiotics, so it was inevitable that I was going to get another yeast infection after I finished the Solodyn. I started getting the yeast infection symptoms a little more than a month ago, but wanted to wait until after I finished the antibiotics to fill my sript for the vaginal cream, Terazol.
Avatar f tn The only POSSIBLE exposure was more than 6 months before the test. I self-treated myself for yeast infection symptoms with OTC medicines two weeks ago and felt completely better. Now I feel like the yeast infection is back. I have an itchy/uncomfortable feeling near my vaginal opening and anus but no sores. I had a white, thick discharge before I self-treated and I think it's back.
Avatar n tn she went back to get tested for everything and her doctor checked for yeast infection. she had a yeast infection and her doctor said she probably had one for a log time. i read that mixing white vinegar in a bath helps yeast infections. i've done that twice and it has been the only thing that has helped my symptoms besides using a ton of lotrimin. i also have a yellowish film on my tongue that looks like yeast infection pictures i've seen online.
Avatar n tn My wife and I got married in January, we havent had sex in, well without pain, in 1 1/2 years. A previous doctor couldnt pick up a yeast infection. Kept telling her the pain she's been having down there was because she was "raw." I wont get into that and the pain i'd like to deliver to that doctor's face. But anyway, we have seen a specialist in Hershey PA twice over the last 2 months. He prescribed Spornox, Itraconozale...spelling on both?
Avatar n tn I've been having the same issues. It started about a little over a month ago with a bacterial & yeast infection. The yeast infection came back and the bumps are still there and red - they almost look like taste buds on your tongue - am I correct??? That's how mine look anyway. I called the dr again this morning and I go on monday for a biopsy and was told I probably need a stronger steroid to cure this.
Avatar m tn - red spots on tip of tongue, like inflamed taste buds - burning sensation on the same area - white tongue (not coated, more similar to symptom of a stomach flu) - slight nausea (now gone) - occasional abdominal pains - night sweating I was afraid this might be early symptoms of a herpes infection but now I am wondering if I shouldn't be considering the candida albicans option. I have been very worried about this so any advice on a sensible course of action would help. Thanks for your time!
Avatar f tn The ulcers in his mouth look the same as the ulcers in the colonoscopy photos on his colon. Could this be a yeast infection in his colon?
Avatar n tn i think i might have a yeast infection, and one that hasnt gone away because ive been continually having sex. i read on here about how if u have a yeast infection, you can give it to him (though he wont have symptoms) and he'll basically just keep giving it to you so it never goes away. my question is, if this is the case and he is basically just giving me my infection back all the time, would this have an affect on oral sex?
Avatar n tn I did a urine test for chlamydia and gonorrhea but it came back negative I don't know if to do another one or can this possibly be a yeast infection or some other UTI? I aslo wanted to know if a Complete Blood Count (CBC) or urinalysis tests for HIV? Also can HIV be transmitted through discharge?
Avatar f tn So, in theory, I would say yes, a yeast infection could get that severe. But I am no doctor. I'm just using my experiences with yeast to come to that conclusion. Has your doctor never prescribed diflucan or flucanazole? A few doses of that may help. And then some external cream for the itching, burning, and blisters. Asking your doctor couldn't hurt.
Avatar f tn Recently i developed symptoms of a yeast infection. Later on i started having a sore throat and soreness on the side of my tongue. Next i developed abdominal pain and white discharge. I have lightheaded tendencies and also shortness of breath. I Only had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago. Could this be hiv?
Avatar m tn Each day went by after for about a week with a strange pain on the tip of my penis. I did some research and came to the conclusion that I might have gotten a yeast infection. I applied coconut oil to the area and it seemed to start getting better. A week after our sexual encounter, I started having what appeared to be a clear/semen colored fluid from my penis. This took place with the constant need to urinate for a whole day.
Avatar f tn I'm currently being treated for candida (yeast infection) due to coated tongue by taking anti candida natural supplement. Sometimes, when we take anti viral medications it deletes good bacteria in our digestive system, hence yeast infection, coated tongue. To reaplanish the good bacteria, we should take acidophulus. That is one of the theory anyways.
Avatar n tn Or.....your partner can have a yeast infection and you two keep passing it back and forth, have him checked too.
Avatar n tn Can a yeast infection be confused with bv ?? I have been to tht doctor the last two times I went I had a uti . Now I think I got a yeast infection . Because of the symptoms . Yes I am having sex . Bhut this is my first yeast infection & I half to wear a panties liner . Is tht a good or bad thang to do ?? Help me please !
Avatar n tn Here are the symptoms of a yeast infection--- generally a woman will have whitish discharge that is clumpy. Lumpy. Chunky. (along those lines). It will itch a great deal. You'll be red in the other areas of your genitalia and swelling can occur. Some stinging can happen especially if you've itched and perhaps rubbed a place raw-- so then when urine hits it it hurts. Women get yeast infections commonly and an overgrowth of yeast is not dangerous just super annoying.
Avatar m tn Hi, I had protected sex using two condoms(one over the other) and had french kisses , with a prostitute in the month of october 2010 and exactly after 6 weeks, I could see thrush or yeast infection on my tongue and tingling or burning sensation in my feet all the time. These symptoms lasted for exactly a month and in the month of January 2011, everything was alright...I had repeatedly gone through HIV (ELISA/Immuno dot method) and could always found its negative.
Avatar m tn Thrush is another word for yeast infection, eat yougurt, cottage cheese with active bacteria and this will not recour.
461010 tn?1208486059 do u know if sores on tongue are symptoms of primary hiv?