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Avatar f tn Is it possible that an infection travel from the breast to the lymph nodes under the arm and up to the neck, without any signs of infection at the piercing site?
Avatar n tn I have had an orange tongue since October. Initially my doctor thought it was a fungal infection, however the symptoms did not subside after being treated with an anti-fungal medication. Then I was sent to an Ear, Nose, Throat Specialist. He did not have any answers either. He suggested that I use a tongue scraper and he prescribed an antimicrobial rinse. He said it's just something that I have to learn to live with. I still have an orange tongue though.
Avatar m tn Hi, I received unprotected oral sex from a transexual and I have a frenum piercing on my penis, she also had a tongue piercing, is there a high risk of infection of gonorrhea or other stds? I kissed her too. She seemed fine, but the whole time we were under the shadows. Im very worried that both my piercing and her piercing might increase the chances of infection. Should I get tested?
Avatar f tn Left side of my tongue swollen and at same time left ear infection. I want answers and am going to an allergist in two weeks. However, Purple 74 what kind of fillings do you have in your teeth? It sounds like an allergic reaction to Amalgam fillings (the silver ones). If you have Amalgam fillings get them out of your mouth as quickly as you can. Google it. Good luck!
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a long story here a couple of years ago I had a exposure with a sex worker (Latin america) which had a piercing on her tongue. She performed Oral sex on me while putting her piercing in Urethral opening to show me her piercing how nice it was after this she performed 20 sec of the oral sex and stop cause she saw white bumps on corona of my penis. After this we has protected sex.
1447263 tn?1298403837 I am 19 year old female and a year and a half ago (summer 2009) I had my tongue pierced. After, perhaps within a few months I began experiencing what appears to be a painful ulcer that appears and disappears on the bottom of my tongue, always in the same place. There are also tiny, unnoticeable (unless to a keen eye) small bubbles if you could call them around the area, about three.
936016 tn?1332769204 It lasts about two to three months, though the symptoms will last for a shorter period. Seroconversion is also known as acute HIV infection. The symptoms of an HIV infection are often described as ‘flu-like,’ the most common are fever and chills, swollen glands, a sore throat (with or without ulcers), anaemia and rash, particularly on the upper body.
8395984 tn?1400472703 I'm 32 weeks and they are still not closed. I would suggest to be careful and look for signs of infection when you are changing your jewelry. I heard ducts can get clogged and it's painful and such.
Avatar n tn I have many piercings. I have done them all by myself and never had an infection (tongue, lip, nipples, eyebrow, 6 in each ear, top and bottom belly button and my nose) have never had the white thick discharge except for a piercing that i have taken out to close it up. my nipples have just gotten redone after my pregnancy, I had my doctor do a look over to make sure it was ok to breast feed. He told me that there was nothing wrong with my nipples and it would not effect breast feeding.
Avatar f tn do you have a belly button piercing? if so it may have become infected... Otherwise...... The pain and problems you describe could possibly be "Urachal Cyst" and if it has burst it causes pain and will ooze from the navel. I would seriously find different doctors for different opinions to make sure every area is covered. Your best bet is to visit an "Internal Medicine" doctor. they know everything. Good luck and your in my prayers.
Avatar f tn The HIV test is disconcerting but needs to be done (I have 6 tattoos and 1 piercing). I currently take 14 medications for all the stuff I have going on (that includes 2 pain meds for my back from a 1993 car accident, 5 psychiatric meds, among others). I researched drug interactions and I'm going to work my way down to just 5 meds TOTAL with doctor's approval and guidance. Labs of note: LOW Potassium 2.9 LOW Phosphorus 2.0 HIGH Sodium145 LOW Calcium 8.6 LOW DHEA-Sulfate 10.2 LOW Renin 1.
Avatar n tn My kids farts, cooking meat, dirty dishes,emptying the trash-- all just make me throwup if I am not careful to hold my nose. I also can't brush my tongue without retching. I already am wearing the maternity pants. I can't stand pressure on my stomach and the normal jeans are too tight. We haven't told anyone yet--I am just a little leery after a miscarriage.I'm sure that's normal. Boobs are moderately sore and nipples are SOOOOOO sore! When the shower hits them it's painful.
358455 tn?1277437219 If it doesn't go down after a couple days, or stays very red, hot, or starts oozing anything colored then definately take her to the ER. Those are all signs of an infection, like she said, maybe there could be something stuck in there. But don't stress, I'm sure it'll go down, just something to be cautious of! I hope your poor baby heals quick!
Avatar n tn when i pull my tongue into my mouth, backwards, (trying to get it flat and back near my back teeth) my ears and throat really hurt. what does that mean?
Avatar m tn i have come down with infections in my mouth in the last 3 months that the doc said it yeast infection and I take nystatin mouth wash.. I belive it from my teeth and i brush everyday and use mouth wash too, and lot of it to do with my wbc being low 1.0.. So anybody have this problem tooo infection of the mouth??
Avatar n tn stinky belly button can result from an imbalance in body chemistry. try cleansing your belly button with a q-tip dipped in tea tree oil twice a day for a week... it's great for clearing up bacteria and fungus and will likely resolve it. good luck!
Avatar n tn The doctor says wax in the ears or an ear infection that will not go away but this may be a skin ear irritation - I do have rosacia on my face. Anyone else have similar problem ? What should I use rather then steroid drops ?
181575 tn?1250202386 Notes from "Chronic Hepatitis B: Preventing, Detecting, and Managing Viral Resistance" by Keeffe, Emmet B., Dieterich, Douglas T., Pawlotsky, Jean-Michael, and Benhamou, Yves in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology 2008;6:268-274. Full paper in 1. Monotherapy using lamivudine has the longest history of use and shows highest rate of resistance.
Avatar n tn This is exactly what I am experiencing right now. I have a deep tickle in my throat as a result of a sinus infection. It has been with me for three days. My eyes are bloodshot....I have not slept at all. It is 3:19 am now and I am up because of my coughing. I am "sleeping' on the couch because my coughing prevents my wife from sleeping. I have tried everything....tea with honey/lemon, cough drops, cough syrup, gargling with salt water...nothing helps.
Avatar n tn I felt like I had a sinus infection and an ear infection. The fever was two days after I had a crown put in. I think the dentist may have stirred something up that was lying dormant in there. I hate root canals but I hope that is what is causing all of this!
Avatar n tn I too have seen several doctors and had blood work done...but nobody knows what it is. My blood work shows signs of herpes 1, which everyone has from cold sores etc...I just went to the doctor again last week to discuss my blood work and to discuss the discomfort I have after sex. He said to show up immediately to the office when I notice the lesions so he can get a sample of it and run tests...but it's diffinitely hard because of my work schedule.
Avatar n tn Chances are if someone else came in after a while it would start all over again for them. Try real hard to find a person that is showing these signs of allergy around you to assist you with identifying the source. Have them for example sniff your shirt, sniff your car, house, ect. I can walk in to a house and go from room to room and locate mold for people in very small amounts. I should charge a fee!!! Well since my allergy shots are working I would be out of business soon.
Avatar n tn Like you, my lips are dry (they normally are not) and the small patch of very tiny bumps feels scaly when i run my tongue over it. It's really not noticeable to other people (my sister couldn't even see what I was talking about), but I would like to know what it is and what is causing it. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!
Avatar n tn Well I seen a different doctor he said was not urinary tract infection but he doesn't know what and said I never had urinary tract infection. Still no answers. But I got on the internet and was looking up stuff and seen I had symptoms of ovarian cancer. But I am worrying myself sick. I can't get to the OB/GYN until November. They are not concerned. But I have pain during intercourse, My stomach is swelled. I look like I am 6 months pregnant.
Avatar n tn Are there any other symptoms present aside from the pain? Any history of previous severe ear infection? Any trauma to the head? Do you experience visual problems? It is possible that the pain may be due to a pinched nerve or a atlantoaxial subluxation. However, if you have any symptoms related to your vision or an "aura", migraine headache could also be considered. Do consult a physician at the earliest possible time.
Avatar n tn I also have this problem I purchased bed bug traps and spray I never see any but I figured It wouldn't hurt. still feel like I am getting bit no bugs in traps no signs of bed bugs. my husband changes the sheets every week also he strips the bed everyday then makes it. this is driving me crazy. I put lotion on my body before I go to bed skin so soft this seems to help but when I don't put it on I feel like something is crawling all over me I get up turn the light on nothing...............
296334 tn?1237642024 These terrible shocking sensations wake me in the middle of the night several times, starting sort of above my stomach/ribs tingling then almost immediately piercing, blasting down my arms and through my neck and head, lasting maybe a minute. It is very painful and scary. Has occurred for about a year now. Getting hot seems to make happen. MRI revealed one small lesion, I do have migraines and eye pain on the left side.
Avatar n tn We can all get trapped edema from lack of vent/earpop. CT is needed to rule out infection/cysts/polyps/ck air level in maxillary sinus. It may show nerve compression above ear to ck the inner-ear. Only the Coronal scan picked up a sm-maxillary cyst causing an upset to the air balance. ENT said not a biggy. Yrs. later, cyst was removed by another ENT to 'humor' me. Ear-problem happened less. Very much less! Later my MD noticed elav. BP so put me on a diuretic to reduce vascular fluid build up.
Avatar n tn He had surgery a little over a year ago because he had sleep apnea, they drilled out his sinuses and removed his tonsils, adenoids, uvula and scrapped down his tongue. He is now able to sleep without snoring and he can breathe through his nose. Since the surgery his seizures have been more often and worse each time. He just had one today because he hit his arm, it was painful but not that bad.