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Avatar m tn I now notice I have a white tongue and keep getting yeast on my uncut penis. I read that yeast infections is a symptom of hiv. Would it be a smptom this soon or is it something that comes on in the later years. Worried sick.
Avatar m tn Can a male get a Thrush, or an oral yeast infection from oral sex with a woman? Or is that due to something else?
Avatar m tn is it possible to get a yeast infection the next day after possible infextion.
Avatar f tn This sounds like thrush, a yeast infection characterized by a white tongue. It can be treated with prescription medications from a doctor. Also, theoretically, taking L. Acidophilus supplements or eating yogurt containing L. Acidophilus can help prevent thrush and chronic yeast infections. Eating lots of sugary things can exacerbate the condition.
Avatar n tn could I have a yeast infection in my mouth as well as my vagina? Does anyone know how to treat the white tongue or the two little white spots on my vagina? I am going to the doctor on the 5th but I was alarmed by the white coating on my tongue and I was wondering if anyone has experianced this before.
Avatar n tn Me and my both got white tongues.we got this condition a cple years ago.We have seen many dotors.no one can tell us what we have.My wife got her first then a cple months leter I went to the doctors and was given antibiotics.thats when my tongue turned white.after I have a cple Beers it gets bad.sounds like a yeast infection.both had hiv test and were neq.has anyone else had this problem.
Avatar n tn I also experienced this symptom in December, but soon realized after speaking with several doctors that oral thrush is something that happens years after infection due to a weakened immune system. Your white tongue came on too soon to be related in any way to HIV. Oral Thrush also needs to be diagnosed by a medical professional as it is often times different than just a "white tongue". Thrush has the appearance of cottage cheese and can be scraped off easily.
Avatar m tn Does anyone have a white tongue due to Crohn's? If yes, what did the doctors say it was from and can it be treated? I have a feeling its because my digestive system isn't working well as I am not absorbing much.
Avatar m tn To describe the tongue, the papillae are all pretty much white. If I brush my tongue with baking soda it pinkens it up temporarily but it always goes back to white. Even when it is temporarily pink I can see the outline of where it will turn white again as it looks like there is a slimy coating that cant be scraped off in that area. It covers the top surface of my tongue from the back where it is very white to the tip where there is more pink areas mixed in with the white.
Avatar m tn - white tongue (usualy gets better after lunch but it gets white afterwards) - painful raised taste buds in the tip/border (the pain is random, not constant) - excessive saliva - swollen tongue (teeth marks in the border can be noticed) do you know the status of the girl who gave you fellatio? did your oral swab test checked yeast AND bacteria? did you have other tests (complete blood count, etc)?
Avatar m tn Definition By Mayo Clinic staff White tongue is a coating of debris, bacteria and dead cells on your tongue that makes it look white. Although the appearance of white tongue may be alarming, the condition is usually harmless and temporary.
1414800 tn?1331678506 You can also get thrush, creamy white patches in the mouth and on the tongue. But, a yeast infection isnt an STI it's just an overgrowth of yeast. We all have it in our bodies (men and women alike) and it may depend on how your health is at the time, i.e if you consume alot of sweets, a diabetic, oral hygeine. Just to be on the safe side of things, avoid oral sex when she is experiencing an overgrowth...hopefully the woman is honest when she is experiencing an unbalance.
Avatar n tn Do you have any ideas what it could be if not a yeast infection? my symptoms match the yeast problem, afew docs have told me I don't have thrush but my tongue is 'upset' for sure, the hot/numb sensation across my forehead worries me and I have told this to the doc before but no one seems to do anything. could it be thyroid u think? or maybe just mental and I'm doing it to myself?
Avatar n tn My tongue has become white and furry fealing with splits in it which hurts when i eat. Can you please explain what it is.
237053 tn?1258832026 I've been dealing with a big yeast infection and my tongue gets that way sometimes too. I think Wonko once mentioned something I've also seen written elsewhere too, which is to swish around but DO NOT SWALLOW water with hydrogen peroxide in it. I forget the proportions. You can google it. *I think I've read that hydrogen peroxide is poisonous if you swallow it.* But it blasts the little yeast bugs to bits, so I've read. (I stick to Listerine cause I'm a chicken.
Avatar n tn be caused by a toe nail fungal infection? My understanding is one of the main causes of white tongue is yeast in the body, and a fungal toe nail infection can produce yeast, so logic would dictate the two could be directly related. Please advise. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Hello, First of all, identify the main reason of white spot on tongue. Generally, yeast infection is one of the common reason of white spot on tongue. Due to this infection you may feel burning in your tongue. To prevent this, use spices with antifungal properties such as garlic, sage, cinnamon, etc. Also try to avoid yeasty food like alcohol and sugar. Note: To get fast and better recovery, you can meet your doctor.
Avatar n tn In regards to the white-coated tongue and odor, if this is persistent throughout the day it could be thrush, a yeast infection in the body. Thrush could also cause some of the lower digestive problems as well. This can be treated with medication from a doctor. Theoretically, yeast problems can also be prevented by the use of L. Acidophilus supplements and eating yogurt containing L. Acidophilus.
Avatar f tn hi, i have some liquid white vaginal discharge. i went to my doc. she told me its a yeast infection after treating for this infection with antibiotics it keeps on recurring but itching has gone. Still the liquid white discharge is there and i started having a thick furry tongue? Can you please tell me the reason for this?
10049887 tn?1407462984 I've had a white coated tongue, swollen papillaes (AKA taste buds) in the back of my tongue for months now, swollen lymph nodes, I had massive headaches and pain in one ear for about two months..which has pass now, pain in my mouth, underneath my tongue was very painful, the pain in my mouth has gone and my lymph nodes seem to not be swollen anymore..
Avatar n tn My mom is undergoing chemo now for stage 2a breast cancer, she had 4 treatments of AC but then was highly allergic to taxol so is now having 4 treatments of taxotere. After her first taxotere friday 6/6 she had a sore tongue Saturday and Sunday developed a white milky tongue with an "iky" taste in her mouth, she waited 4 days and called the doc, they gave her an oral pill to take and it has not seemed to work.
Avatar m tn Hey I talked to a family member today that works in the dental field about the white tongue earlier and she said that she used to get the white tongue too and what works to get it off is an electric tootbrush, which I thought was strange and probably BS. But anyway I went to Walmart and bought a $12 electric tootbrush and brushed the tongue with it and it worked really good, my tongue hasnt been so pink in months.
Avatar n tn Hello I know you've gotten a lot of comments on this but Ive been having this for the past two days and it's the white stuff on my tongue and on the tip of my tongue I have like little small white dots. I've never had this before and it also I have a little bit of pain but not anything painful. Thank you for ur help.
Avatar m tn Hello, Without examination,confirmation of a diagnosis is tough but it can be folliculitis,contact dermatitis,rash due to friction rub with clothes, dermatitis (atopic, contact, allergic),excessive sweating causing sweat dermatitis or balanitis(due to an underlying infection (bacterial and fungal as well as other organisms).As you are having a white tongue coating,so it can be due to fungal or yeast infections.
Avatar f tn //www.medhelp.org/user_photos/show/159241 That is my tongue. I have geographic tongue and the annoying white coating alot. But yet, I'm HIV negative and STD free, and I do not have thrush.
6402846 tn?1391067348 like watery, almost borderline diarrhea. Along with that, I have some white stuff on my tongue, oral thrush I think it's called. These are yeast overgrowth symptoms right? I've been using a probiotic, although not as religiously as I should. I'd say I remember to take it at least 4 days a week. I should also mention I've been on 200mg per day of doxycycline for about 2 months now. What do you all think? Is there enough evidence here to maybe point in the direction of yeast?
Avatar f tn I'm almost positive that I have some sort of crazy yeast infection going on because my tongue is also white this morning. I just feel like a mess lately -- between the IGM test, a mole removal from my groin that was "questionable" but I found out was fine, now a recurring yeast infection... UGH! I feel like my reproductive organs are NOT HAPPY with me!