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Avatar m tn It grew and spread to the other side of the tongue. It is always painless, unless picked at. The lesions present as flattened white wrinkly patches, that can be rubber off with a paper towel exposing a red base underneath, that sometimes bleeds. I am quite certain it is not thrush, as my mother is a pediatric nurse practitioner and assures me it couldn't be this. I have not been on any antibiotics for years and don't have a problem with being sick in general.
Avatar m tn Turns out to be geographic tongue, the recurring lesions are pink with yellowish to white borders and recur in different places on the the tongue. This is a harmless condition, but is very alarming to look at. Also there is no cure for this condition. I think I have been cursed.
Avatar f tn After few weeks i got fever and also swollen lymph nodes behind ear and groin and also unusual lesions on my tongue then after consultng doctor and taking medication i was perfectly fine. After exact 4 months i went for hiv test(ag/ab) and my test result shows up negative but I am still worried because after havng that protected sex unusual lesions appeared on my tongue and they are still on my tongue. Please guide me. I am quite worried.
Avatar n tn however, i know that white matter lesions are often observed as an indication of Multiple Sclerosis. with your other symptoms, it is a possibility. some people get lesions with age, others get them with genetic disorders that inhibit the absorbtion of proper nutrients, like Celiacs disease or Chrone's disease. the lesions could potentially be causing your other neurological symptoms, but finding the cause of the lesions themselves is imperative in your diagnosis.
Avatar m tn I just had another one done because I have a lot of new symptoms like no balance it shows I had more legions but they are all on the outer side of the brain so my neo said it can't be MS because the legions would be in a certain place. Now they want me to go back and have another MRI on my neck because I also had one of those and it showed I had arthritis. She is thinking more on the lines of a stenosis.
Avatar n tn My symptoms have mostly been cognitive, such as memory problems, speech difficulties (like tongue tied)and unable to get my thoughts spoken. I also tend to walk into doorways and sometimes I can stumble on a flat surface. I am taking Carbatrol now for the seizure issue. My main questions are, what exactly does the left high parietal do, and how significant is a negative LP in a diagnosis of MS?
209591 tn?1267418314 For any of you that have already been diagnosed, did you have lesions on your first MRI..If not, about how long before you start seeing lesions appear...I know that MS affects everyone differently, but I just needed to ask..
Avatar n tn I just came across this thread after searching the internet for Vaginal lesions - It's interesting to see so many people with the same symptoms as me. I also get the "paper cut" type sores on my vagina - normally they appear around the time of my period or after having I end up suffering with these quite a lot. I did have a full STD check a few months back...
Avatar m tn Still, chest pains due to aortic dilation, oral lesions including geographic tongue and papules, amyloid deposits, are all possible symptoms of reactive arthritis. I had severe myalgia but only for a couple of days during the first weeks of illness. Recently I've noticed some odd unexplained joint pain but it is very localized in the right hand. Let me know if you know of any tests that might help rule out Reiter's as a cause.
Avatar m tn Fasciculation’s and atrophy are signs of lower motor neuron lesions. Unilateral tongue weakness causes the tongue to deviate toward the weak side. Tongue weakness can result from lesions of the tongue muscles, the neuromuscular junction, the lower motor neurons of the nerve supplying the tongue (CN XII), or the upper motor neurons originating in the motor cortex. Lesions of the motor cortex cause opposite side tongue weakness.
Avatar f tn everyone one in my ms support groups is quite unique withe their particular symptoms, number of lesions and just where the lesions are .... not to mention the lesions not seen.
Avatar n tn MR showed 3 herniated cspine disks and a few small non-enhancing lesions. Recently developed intermittent tongue fasciculations as well. Had attributed symptoms to the neck damage until the neuro saw me and scheduled evoked potentials and a spinal tap 3 weeks from now. The wait is driving me crazy. He says he doubts ALS, and although he examined my tongue we did not talk directly about the tongue fasciculations. He is an MS expert. My internet research has me terrified I may have als.
237053 tn?1258832026 I have an episodic tingling on the front of my tongue that also seems to be coupled with redness and burning. I also have weird red patches that straddle both sides of the tongue that appear for a week or two at a time, and they may appear once every month or so. I've had weird issues with my tongue for several years at least. But the tingling started happening when my other tingling started about a year ago, so they are definitely correlated.
Avatar n tn In the past 2.5 months the symptoms are almost always there on the tongue with the exception of a few weeks but the symptoms have never been absent for more than a week. From what I have read this is not the normal herpes hsv1 oral symptoms. I have had 3 cultures all at different times - 1 was about 2.5 months ago on the back of the throat which was positive for HSV1 and I had 2 more cultures on the tongue one being negative for HSV1 and one being positive for HSV1.
Avatar n tn I too feel like my tongue and throat muscles are not working properly. I am a 25 year old female and my only symptoms are a slight weakness in my left hand, a sore tongue sometimes and some muscle and joint pain sporadically. I too have problems with anxiety so I really pray that all this stems from that. I don't have the courage to get the EMG done, because I am terrified of finding out I have this horrible disease.
Avatar m tn I had tongue numbness that lasted for a bit over a month, it was just there all the time, I did wonder in my case if it was caused by migraine headaches as I had a bad headache with it too but my neuro reckons that I have a lesion in my brainstem and this spot can cause the tongue symptoms I was describing. I found at the same time I had some facial numbness and tingling as well. My tongue tingled as well at times.
352007 tn?1372861481 Lisa, I guess I'm still not clear about your original question and what you are trying to figure out. Are you thinking that your MS specialist refused to diagnosis you because he couldn't match up your symptoms ("clinical lesions") with the location of lesions on your MRI? Is that what he told you? My memory is saying some doctor along the way told you your MRI was abnormal but didn't have a classic MS pattern of lesions. (Is that right?
Avatar n tn I have had an orange tongue since October. Initially my doctor thought it was a fungal infection, however the symptoms did not subside after being treated with an anti-fungal medication. Then I was sent to an Ear, Nose, Throat Specialist. He did not have any answers either. He suggested that I use a tongue scraper and he prescribed an antimicrobial rinse. He said it's just something that I have to learn to live with. I still have an orange tongue though.
Avatar n tn I had a MRI after complaining of multiple symptoms including chorea, starting to pass out when I stand up, muscle fatigue, including the jaws when chewing or tongue when talking, personality changes, cognitive difficulty, incessant tingling/internal "itch" in my neck and lumbar area and vision changes including double vision. The MRI showed "Multifocal T2 hyperintensities are seen within the white matter both cerebral hemispheres.
Avatar f tn I am a 48 yo female.I have had fatigue, dizziness and tongue numbness and the ED did an MRI. It showed "several supratentorial punctuate T2/FLAIR Hypertensities. . The report mentions possible migraines (never have had one) or micro vascular disease. My question is does this mean they can tell it is NOT MS? can they readily tell? Is the area not typical for MS? Today I had trouble walking for a short time. I felt like I had several drinks. I see a neurologist, but not for 2 months.
1166523 tn?1264368243 Are there any places online that describe lesions specific to MS? My MRI says 3mm focus of chronic white matter ischemic change within the right periatrial white matter tracts. I have looked it up and can't find anything other than ischemic change means a lesion. My MRI is so vague that I really can't figure anything out or find anything online either.
Avatar n tn I have lesions all over my body with crusty outside and crater dry area inside. Also black fiber-like material comes out of my skin when any anti-fungal medicine is applied. Also have grainy, sand particles come out of skin. There is also a small white organism that is too small for the eye to see. Have been to four Dermatologists have treated me for scabies to no avail. Pesticides seem to make it worse. Could this be protozoan infection? If so what kind of Doctor would I see?
Avatar m tn I began to get worried, and then began to get a soreness at the tip of the penis, with redness. She started having symptoms 2 days later, similar itching and burning. Neither of us had any blisters, and were both diagnosed with yeast infections. I did notice 3 peculiar paper cut like "scratches" on my inner thigh, about 6 inches down, each 1 inch in length.
Avatar f tn My main problem is chronic pain, docs say it is fibromyalgia but they don't know why the brain lesions. Can the brain lesions be related to pain. Could they be the causing factor? I live in a rural area in northern MN and am not really confident in the health care up here. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn I was treated with Nystatin but it did not cure me. A week later, my tongue looked better, but still not cured. The night sweats went away after the third week but I began to experience fatigue and my CBC results began to show irregularities (please see chart): After six weeks, my tongue is still tingling and numb and ulcerated.
Avatar n tn The past yr or so, it seems that the gum tissue on the sites where my 3rd molars were has been sore. Almost like what a sore throat feels like. Now, underneath my tongue on the left side got very sore. I saw an oral surgeon and I could tell he was clueless and he supposed that it was a "salivary stone". Well, it went away and about 4 days later I get a "bump" inside my lower lip on the RIGHT side.
Avatar n tn However, I kissed another girl this week and she now has a very sore tongue. I should mention that she burned her mouth and tongue from pizza on Monday so that could be her cause. Still, it is now Friday and I still have the burning and now she has a sore tongue that I am concerned that I caused. Out of concern that I might have contracted something back on Dec. 15 or 16, I am contacting you. Does this seem like an STD? What else could be causing it? Thanks again.
Avatar n tn If I have been exposed since childhood to Herpes I (cold sores, fever blisters) what is the likelihood that I can contract oral Herpes (on my tongue edge) from kissing? My BF contracted oral herpes from a girlfriend five years ago during oral sex. He has never had any symptoms of genital herpes - just white sore spots on the front edge of his tongue that last several days accompanied by tingling and feeling like tiny cuts.