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Avatar n tn I will speak with someone tomorrow about this and let you know. Do you have any other diseases such as HIV, Tuberculosis, Syphillis etc? And do you have ANY other symptoms or problems? Any at all, even ones not in the mouth?
Avatar n tn in ALS, do the symptoms preclude the atrophy of the tongue, or do the symptoms come after atrophy is evident. Also, the dividing line separating the two halves of my tongue is not centered and slightly favors the smaller side. Everything I read says the tongue should be symmpetrical in a healthy person. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn Now, I have started slight tingling again in my fingertips (both hands) and my tongue. It is on and off. I have had no major anxiety or stress. Nothing additional in my life to cause this as far as I know. I am wondering if this reoccurance, even though it is so mild, could be related to something neurological. I have been told very clearly by neuros that it is not. But, I want to know your opinions.
Avatar m tn I have been tested three times for HIV (after six weeks, five months and seven months) and all three tests were negative. Swabs have been taken of the back of the throat and tongue and nothing has been found. I have been on fungilin and every antibiotic known to man in the last 15 months and they don't work. All my blood tests are normal.
1391518 tn?1280003994 I asked 2 dentist and tey said the same thing that it was geographic tongue and they see it a good bit and one even called in his hygenist to tell me her husband had it to relax me about it. It also seems to make my mouth more dry and breath not that great or maybe thats something else.
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Avatar n tn The swelling and blisters usually last a week or two and then go to a different area of the tongue. In the past 2.5 months the symptoms are almost always there on the tongue with the exception of a few weeks but the symptoms have never been absent for more than a week. From what I have read this is not the normal herpes hsv1 oral symptoms. I have had 3 cultures all at different times - 1 was about 2.
Avatar f tn Liz - your burning tongue is a total PH imblance right now. go to and google burning tongue you will find a ton of information on how to rid that awful feeling - I lived with it for tow years and I thought I was going to cut my tongue right out- Thank goodness I found the answer!
Avatar n tn I have had an orange tongue since October. Initially my doctor thought it was a fungal infection, however the symptoms did not subside after being treated with an anti-fungal medication. Then I was sent to an Ear, Nose, Throat Specialist. He did not have any answers either. He suggested that I use a tongue scraper and he prescribed an antimicrobial rinse. He said it's just something that I have to learn to live with. I still have an orange tongue though.
Avatar m tn white tongue teeths mark in the border (swollen tongue) raised taste buds in the tip/border of the tongue (with random pain) excessive saliva I have these symptoms since June 2012. I am writing this in March 2013. No improvement in any of these 4 things. I have been tested for HIV 5 times. Also tested for several other things (read my journal for more info) All this is very suspicious and I think my tongue problems are related to that sex encounter.
Avatar n tn Hi, Your symptoms could be due to 'geographic tongue'. The top side of the tongue is covered in small protrusions called papillae. In a tongue affected by geographic tongue, there are red patches on the surface of the tongue bordered by grayish white. The papillae are missing from the reddish areas and overcrowded in the grayish white borders. The small patches may disappear and reappear in a short period of time (hours or days), and change in shape or size.
1391518 tn?1280003994 I asked 2 dentist and tey said the same thing that it was geographic tongue and they see it a good bit and one even called in his hygenist to tell me her husband had it to relax me about it. It also seems to make my mouth more dry and breath not that great or maybe thats something else.
Avatar m tn Now I begin to see white tongue as described above. I went and test for sexual and HIV diseases. It all came out Negative. Its only been three weeks after the exposure to sex. Medication for my tongue did'nt seem to help. Scare!!
Avatar f tn Suddenly her voice became slurred, and her face and tongue became numb. She found it hard to swallow. I took her B/P and it was 240/135. Pulse 120. Took her to the hospital and they left her lying on a trolley from 1030 to 1700 when they gave her a tablet to bring down the B/P and let her come home. They kept saying it was a migraine even though she had absoutely no pain. I became one of those ex nurses that start to question how they reach their diagnosis.
Avatar n tn If I do test positive due to presence of antibodies, aren't there other tests that actually screen for the hiv virus itself or can distinguish between different types of antibodies for different diseases? Is this what the western blot and pcr tests do? I don't want to wait for 6 months.
Avatar n tn Autoimmune diseases can have all the symptoms of any other illnesses or diseases and yes they can and do cause fevers and rashes in some. As with HIV, you cannot rely on symptoms to diagnose autoimmune diseases, only extensive testing can give you a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease.
Avatar f tn Im thinking of oral cancer but when i slept with my GF her tongue turned white after awhile ! And she's so sick at the moment and so tired aswell and sleep all the time ! So if iys cancer i will not be able to give it to my Gf ! What is ur advice please .
Avatar n tn So, let's play pretend - Let's say that the spots on my brain are completely normal and not MS related. Are there any other diseases or conditions that cause abnormal obands to show up in the spinal fluid other than the ones listed below?
Avatar f tn Brittle nails may occur due to medical problems like thyroid problems, tuberculosis, Sjögren syndrome, and malnutrition. Skin diseases like lichen planus and psoriasis are other possibilities. Scaling of scalp could possibly be due to seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis. A clinical evaluation is important for correct diagnosis and management. I hope it helps. Best wishes and kind regards!
Avatar m tn on the internet there are so many different diseases that deal with his symptoms, even HIV... so its scary! If anyone can offer some feedback, we'd appreciate it.. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Hi, I have had internal tremors for 2 years now (like an annoying vibrating feeling inside which is more noticable when I am resting) but 2 months ago I noticed my tongue was twitching all over. I wasn't worried at first until I googled twitching tongue and now I'm terrified I have ALS. I have other annoying symptoms but no muscle weakness. I have an appointment in a months time with a neurologist but cannot sleep with fear. I guess I'm hoping for reassurance?
Avatar n tn First I would suggest you have your B12 levels checked although sometimes tests are not accurate. The tongue symptoms plus neuro symptoms indicate a possible b vitamin deficiency. Often B12 shots are required weekly for a period of 10 weeks or more. Hubby had symptoms of mild dizziness and fatigue only. Another possibility with muscle twitches or tremors is Lyme disease. Go to and click on Flash Discussion and then Medical. Best Wishes.
Avatar n tn Nov 28 I get a weird matallic taste on the sides of my tongue. Nov 29, the sides of my tongue start to feel a slight burning sensation and I notice that there are white patches starting to form. By night time, there are white patches on both sides of my tongue. Its almost as if they were burnt because it starts to peel off with some scratching. Not sure if its thrush because it peels like dead skin, but definitely sore in some spots. Dec 1, I begin to feel like I'm getting the flu.
Avatar f tn Sexually transmitted diseases, cancer and allergic reactions are some medical conditions that can present symptoms of white bumps on the lips. One common cause for white bumps on tongue is yeast infection. In this condition white bumps may appear more like white patches that are painful when touched. White little bumps can also be caused by an inflammatory condition called oral lichen planus.
Avatar n tn He just prescribed Doxy based upon symptoms. Pretty weak ones too as you noted earlier. I'm not sure that I had anything. My tongue (and mouth too now) continue with the mild burning sensation. Is there any STD that can cause this type of symptom? By the way, it began before the antibiotic. Last thing -- I have noticed that several posters ask for Dr. Handsfield specifically. I haven't seen a post which referenced you in the same way. Seems strange.
Avatar f tn I have mild symptoms like nausea and fatigue. But lately I am extremely thirsty and my tongue is yellow. My eyes are white - no yellowing. I hate to bother my Dr for every little thing....but is this an indication of jaundice?
Avatar n tn At this point, I can talk and no one has commented that anything sounds different, however the tongue tightness/stinging/burning and tight throat occurs all the time when I talk and is sometimes a struggle to keep talking. It also feels like I have a lump in my throat and I seem to wake up every morning trying to swallow the phlegm stuck in my throat. When I stop talking and/or eat something, it gradually relieves the discomfort.
Avatar n tn Benign fasciculation syndrome, which I will abbreviate as BFS, is a condition in which there are involuntary twitches of various muscle groups, most commonly the legs but also the face, arms, eyes, and tongue. If the diagnosis is confirmed and other causes are excluded, it can be safely said that the likelihood of progression or occurrence of a serious neurologic condition is low. When BFS is present but not particularly bothersome or disabling, treatment is not necessary.
Avatar n tn however, if you go into the dentistry forum, the date is 2/28 about a geographic tongue, and plus if you post in there any 'odd' symptoms you could ask, I think a Dr. is in there? Anyways, if that gives you any insight...
Avatar n tn From a quick check online a yellow tongue is a common symptoms of HIV and drug users. It can also be caused by Jaundince. You should see an ENT about this or go to your regular doctor for a referal.