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1468681 tn?1286515175 I have a very sore, sensitive, hurt, red tongue - in the very middle. I've been told by a nurse friend that they use Milk of Magnesia to swish in your mouth. I have been doing that but it is not going away. Can you help me?
682206 tn?1226895715 I am having a tongue biopsy and I am very afraid of the procedure. How much pain will I be in? How long is the healing time for this?
Avatar f tn i got my tongue peirced and trust me.. wait atleast 4 weeks.
Avatar f tn Hello I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed Tuesday October 7th and it is now Saturday October 11th and my right side of my tongue is completely numb and I also have some burning. How long will this last? I'm driving myself crazy over it! Thank you in adabance!
Avatar m tn bit a small portion of my tongue off a few days ago. It bled a decent amount at the time but stopped shortly after. Now, though it is healing there seems to be a vein that was close to being bit and is visible with only the tiniest bit of tongue covering it. Am I at risk for infection or a larger injury? What should I do? Home advice would be nice as I wouldn't like to go see a doctor I am very busy. Thank you.
Avatar m tn My peridontist said he removed it and believed it will not come back. My tongue is still healing, was two weeks ago, and there’s a bump where stitches we placed, not sure if it’s thick skin that developed from the surgery or if it’s still a wart. Question: How do I know when it’s safe to kiss my partner? Is this easily transmitted by kissing or do I have to visually have the wart to pass it on?
1474604 tn?1287031729 I have been getting big sores on my tongue that realy hurt and sometimes bleed a little. I haven't tried anything much to fix them, but I would like some advise.
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Avatar n tn SO NOW WHAT !!! LOL... I so was not prepared for this long of a healing process it really 6-8 weeks? AM I going AGE faster or NO because I have my ovaries and do I still need pap smears. As you can tell I am pretty overwhelmed. Beleive it or not I am actually pretty educated on Womens health as I had worked for Planned Parenthood for over 2 years, But 8 months ago I was Diag with Oral cancer of the tongue and have been going through that since Feb then I had 2 strokes in August.
11318065 tn?1462988079 The symptoms of detox and flu are similar, so is the process of healing. I think your tongue is healing and replacing numb cells, programed to opiates, but that is simply my own theory. I know my nose itchy and numb when I started opiates, then it was irritated and sensitive as I quit, my tongue was numb in early use and was hyper sensitive in detox.
Avatar n tn I have had Geographical Tongue for 3 years now. I was a 22 yrs old when I first noticed it. Around 5 months after I noticed it I went to the doctor to get it checked out. At the time, I explained to him that it would come and go every 3-4 weeks. He ran some blood tests to make sure I didn't have any sort of immune defficiency and all the tests came back fine. I heard about candida and how it can cause Geographical Tongue.
Avatar m tn For the last 10-12 days, I seem to have developed 1/2 inch long cut/groove/fissure near the tip of my tongue which are not healing. I dont have any other issues or problem in my mouth (no canker sores) or body such as fever or anything like that. I am also not taking any antibiotics or use any denture etc. The only thing that I can thing of if eating some spicy food a few days before the cuts developed. What is also strange is that the cuts dont pain, though there is a tingling like sensation.
Avatar n tn It will swell and you will lisp for a couple days but with a healthy peircing and if you take care of it to stay clean it all should go ok. The fastest healing part of the body is your tongue. If you do take it out during the first year make sure that you do not want the peircing at all because it will heal that fast.
1744544 tn?1311303462 I chew my tongue, excessively, and I cant control it. This has been going on for almost 2 years now. I've been seen at several hospitals, I've switched my Primary Care Physician 4 times now, and I've done research, and I still can not find any answers to what has become a very painful annoyance in my life. The Hospitals and PCP's have all told me that this is not related to me having Vaginal Herpes, but I dont understand what else it could be.
Avatar n tn The couging has subsided, but there's still phelm in my throat. Yesterday I noticed that my tongue was coated in an yellowy/orange color!! I scraped it, and brushed it, but to no avail. Is this a common ailment? Anybody??? Thanks.
Avatar m tn I tried to touch it with a q-tip but id doesnt want to detach that easily. What is it? Is it a normal healing process of the gum or is it a dead tissue or a scab? Im seeing my dentist next week, just wanted to be sure that it is not an urgent problem.
Avatar n tn What is the best thing to do to promote healing. Repacking delays the healing process according to my dentist. I am managing the pain with Advil 800 mg every 4 hours. I have Multifple sclerosis and am a slow healer with a great risk of infection. Small infection when the tooth was pulled, but the dentist said it looked good and no infection. My antibiotics have ended on Wednesday. Please tell me any tips to heal sooner.
Avatar n tn But I can see them slowly healing. I, too are constantly checking them out with my tongue but its only natural. Were recommended to use savacol? Because i got told to use savacol to rinse out my mouth and I know that kills my taste buds and I get a funny taste in my mouth in the morning before I brush my teeth. I think you should double check with ur surgeon, but it may be due to the salt water rinse?
Avatar n tn Hello folks, I don't yet know if have cancer or not but I have some strange white spots on my tongue, a scratchy throat and 1 1/2-inch long thin, grey or whitish line on the top sides at the front of the tongue. Also see a small, white patch. Does this sound familiar or too hard to tell? I'm seeing a periodontist very soon. It's all been there for about 3-4 weeks but looks worse than it did. Not much in the way of pain at this point but my mouth feels kind of raw.
Avatar n tn I need advice on what this is, how to treat it and especially if anything can be put on it to speed healing - i've already been keeping my tongue out of my mouth most of the time to dry/heal/hurt less. Please help me out... jessk(at) ... Help would be extremely appreciated!
Avatar m tn I met a man online yesterday who said his status was negative and I always play safe we had oral with condoms on and mutually masturbated with deep kissing, no anal, no rimming.
Avatar n tn I have always gotten canker sores very easily from stress/acidic food/cuts turning into sores. My dad has always been the same way. I bit my tongue pretty hard several days ago and it turned into huge canker sores (one on each side). It is so painful I cant talk correctly because it hurts when my teeth touch them and of course it is hindering my eating. I am using over the counter numbing medicine by KANKA. It helps temporarily and then I am in pain all over again.
Avatar n tn I have had what looks like a taste bud on the tip of my tongue become inflamed and puff up into a painful hard nodule. There are usually only 1 but sometimes there are 2 righ next to eachother. They are about 2 or 3mm in diamter and are normal colored with whitish edges. After about 2-4 days, they fall off like a scab with raw tissue underneath, leaving a pain similar to how an ulcer feels. This area turns white and flaky until healing over.
Avatar n tn I have these recurring sores that show up on my tongue every once in a while. They used to be rare but within the past year and specifically within the past month they have become very common. One just showed up a couple days ago, making this the third to show up within this month. This one is on the very edge of my tongue and appears slightly raised, sort of like a pimple. They are very painful and make it very difficult to speak, eat, or even drink any liquids.
Avatar f tn Rinse a few times a day with warm salted water. It can coat the ulcer and aid in healing. There are also over the counter peroxide rinses that you can try. These are available in most drug stores. If the lump is not open, or does not appear white if you look at it, and does not clear up in the next couple of days, you might want to have it checked out by a doctor. Sometimes a lump like that can indicate an infection or a blocked saliva duct.
Avatar m tn I told the dentist this and he gave me at least 3 more shots, as that's how many I felt and they really hurt. One in particular felt like a shot in my tongue and immediately I felt like freezing water sprayed on my tongue. I didn't think much about it since there were some issues removing the tooth. On my way home my tongue was burning so bad I had too pull over and look at it, and it looked burned? I dont know how to describe it. I thought this was a reaction to a shot.
Avatar m tn I met a man online yesterday who said his status was negative and I always play safe we had oral with condoms on and mutually masturbated with deep kissing, no anal, no rimming.
Avatar n tn The Sunday after my surgery I had to get a dressing placed, and since then I have had dressings replaced every two days or so. The Thursday after my surgery my tongue began to hurt - the tip and the sides felt like they had been burned, or were being burned perpetually. My taste buds are swollen, and it looks quite unnatural and really kind of ugly.