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1474604 tn?1287028129 I have been getting big sores on my tongue that realy hurt and sometimes bleed a little. I haven't tried anything much to fix them, but I would like some advise.
Avatar m tn ve been tested back in January and June for oral herpes, and both times came back negative. I keep getting what seems to be a canker sore on the side of my tongue, and it appears in the same spot. It's happened 3 times in the past 4 months. I'm afraid it's herpes, what do you think? Is it typical to see recurrent herpes IN the mouth/throat as opposed to the lips/face? Please help!
Avatar f tn Hi there, I'd be careful using L-Lysine ointment on your tongue. It's meant for sores and ulcers. How long have you had the sore on your tongue? Is the sore on top of your tongue or underneath your tongue? Just wondering.
Avatar n tn I went to my dentist 4 days ago and he did a mouth exam and looked at my mouth neck jaw under my tongue and the roof of my mouth and when he was done said mouth sores, canker sores but why are they so slow healing I have used salt water and anything you can think of. PS help what should I do I have also been to two doctors and they said the same thing.
Avatar m tn The only other contact was me briefly (15 seconds) licking his testicles and the skin just behind them. Tip of tongue only. Can this activity transmit syphilis to my mouth? Two days ago I did notice a small cut inside my lower tip and my dentist (teeth cleaning) said it looked like I had bitten it. It is healing up already. What sort of sore and its evolution would I notice in the mouth if syphilis was indeed possible in this scenario? How long would it last before healing up? Thank you!
1763337 tn?1313439655 ve had fever blisters on both sides of my mouth, sores in both nostrils and my tongue is raw and burning, I can hardly eat or drink anything. I go to see my dr. this Friday, but has anyone else had these problems and what did you do to treat it? Thanks to everyone in this community. I've found lots of helpful posts.
Avatar f tn Also, do not use the same toothbrush for longer than one month. When canker sores on the gum are healing, it is best to use a very soft toothbrush. The drug Zilactin is a gel-like ointment that is applied directly to the ulcer. It sticks to the canker sore and gives relief from irritating foods. * All the Considerations are from the book I quoted. I know I have shared a lot of information with you. I hope you find it helpful in finding out what is causing the recurrent canker sores.
Avatar f tn I've been getting ulcers or canker sores in my mouth. I've never had them before. What can I do to speed healing time. What can I do for pain at home?... It's on my tongue...., ANY CLUE HOW aggravating?!!
Avatar m tn IS there anything else other than hand/foot/mouth that can cause painful white sores all over the whole mouth (gums, tongue, roof of mouth, back of tongue)? He also told me he wouldn't test me until next week, after the doxy.
Avatar m tn the canker sore on my tongue is already healed after 3 or 4 days but there is another sore just between my tongue and the lower jaw bone teeth ( i dont know how to describe) And i also want to add that the sores on my mouth happened in the past too and i dont have a good dental health. its almost 25 days now after my protected exposure with the pro and i was just wondering if those sores are in anyway related to the early symptoms of HIV/STD or it is only related to my dental health?
Avatar m tn ok i have had large white sores on the inside of my bottom lip and also on the bottom of my tounge on both sides. the ones on the bottom of my tounge are long and extend the length of my tounge from bottom to top and look puss filled... these hurt very badly and i havnt been able to eat much in the last 2 weeks... what could it be? how can i treat it?
Avatar n tn I have these recurring sores that show up on my tongue every once in a while. They used to be rare but within the past year and specifically within the past month they have become very common. One just showed up a couple days ago, making this the third to show up within this month. This one is on the very edge of my tongue and appears slightly raised, sort of like a pimple. They are very painful and make it very difficult to speak, eat, or even drink any liquids.
Avatar n tn Dog gets kissed by someone with herpes mouth sores or healing sores. Dog was kissed on the fur or any of the other places mentioned above. Is it possible that this dog is now "carrying" on TOP of its skin, fur, lips, nose, mouth or tongue the HERPES virus and if it is pet or kissed by another human, in the same areas of the dog that the HERPES infected person's sores came into contact with, the dog could pass the HUMAN HERPES to the receiving human?
Avatar f tn The other night I was making out with this guy who I like, and I noticed that he had something that felt like a sore on his lip. Later on that night, I gave him oral sex... The next morning I woke up and found that I had a sore on each side of my tongue (they rub against my bottom molars). They hurt and look a little bit like canker sores, but I've never gotten a canker sore on my tongue, so I'm trying to find out if it's something I should be worried about...
Avatar n tn The following day she noticed what looked like canker sores in the roof of her mouth so she went to the dentist. The dentist ruled it out as canker sores and the tongue as nothing. When I looked at it, there were 5 or 6 sores in the roof of her mouth. Those healed in a couple of days and she has been fine now for a few days (Just after two weeks since the possible exposure). On to me: 4 days after she started with the burning tongue, mine did the EXACT same thing.
Avatar f tn all the blisters are gone. the sores i had on the outside of my vagina have already scabbed and are almost completely gone. on the other hand.. the sores that i have on the inside of my vagina are taking much longer and are still causing me a great amount of pain. urinating is still extremely painful.
Avatar n tn Just diagnosis, cat scratch fever, MRSA, Scabbies, OCD, Extrocation of skin into sores. Hidadenitisis Supprativia, Contact Dermititis. 1 year later, I have Scars, sores, cloudy mouth mucus, nose,died on outer ears, scalp, eyes, face lips ,shoulders back, butt, thighs, legs, arms. Ugh... I'm exhausted, my skin is rough,rack flaky and in pain, edema all over. Hurts alot to eat foods,I eat ice to calm down my mouth.
Avatar m tn Its an inflammatory response on the tongue in which the red/white patches of the tongue move around and sometimes results in a burning sensation. It could also be a side effect of one of your medications.
Avatar m tn For the last 10-12 days, I seem to have developed 1/2 inch long cut/groove/fissure near the tip of my tongue which are not healing. I dont have any other issues or problem in my mouth (no canker sores) or body such as fever or anything like that. I am also not taking any antibiotics or use any denture etc. The only thing that I can thing of if eating some spicy food a few days before the cuts developed. What is also strange is that the cuts dont pain, though there is a tingling like sensation.
407029 tn?1253992623 I have had an awful time with mouth sores! (also little blisters in my nose, ears, and now on my hands...) For the mouth sores I mix equal parts children's liquid Benedryl and Mylanta (you can squeeze in some OraGel also, if you'd like) and SWISH. I won't lie- it tastes as bad as it sounds- but it DOES work. It coats the mouth, eases the ulcers, and for whatever reason helps the healing. I have also mixed it, and then soaked a Q-tip in the mix to hold on specific sores.
461010 tn?1208482459 Sorry under my tongue in the very back side
Avatar f tn Have i just bit my tongue in the night or have i now got herpes? I dont have any other sores on my lips or anything only a cut on my tongue. Also i asked her if she has any std or herpes and she strongly told me no.
Avatar f tn Katester- I had sores in my mouth & tongue during tx. My Dr prescribed stalin, it worked. It would clear it up within a couple of days. Avoid eating mushrooms. they're a fungus & it will make it worse. Good luck!
Avatar m tn Is it not possible to have syphillis, gonoreah or chlamydia in the mouth that then transmits to a person through kissing? was thinking of this when i had the sores on my tongue. thanks again for your help.
Avatar n tn I should also mention that there was no open sore and I could only see slight red bumps (probably healing stage ?) Is 3 days enough for my body to produce anti-bodies to avoid infection during second exposure ? 3) If I don't get any symptoms for 2 weeks (oral or genital), can I assume I am in the clear ? Thanks again!
Avatar m tn After your cold sore is on the healing stage and turns into a big yellowish scab on your lip, what can you do to speed the healing process so its not there for 2 weeks?