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Avatar n tn I have a growth on my tongue that doesn't hurt. It is located about 1 inch from the tip on the left side. Looks kind of like a taste flat, same color as the tongue, and does not hurt. Round, about 1/16" in diameter. I also have another one further back that is smaller that is kind of like a flap that is not painless. How do I know if these could be cancerous or not? Should I have them looked at or are they normal.
794366 tn?1418012995 I have a white growth on the underside of my tongue, it is on the right side. At night, while I am in a deep sleep, an electrical zap (that's the only way I know how to put it) hits that white growth and sometimes the lower jaw on the same side. I wake up with pain that lasts only for a moment. I am taking Advair, Seroquel, Levothryroxine, and an antibiotic for my sinusitis. Does anyone know what this is?
Avatar m tn I took my 18yr old son to dentist about 2wks ago because he was having pain on the bottom side of his tongue. He is still having pain & is scared. The dentist said he didn't see anything at all. He thought could be my son is going through a growth spurt, which can cause discomfort on the tongue. I don't see anything abnormal either. My son says it sometimes feels as though he has bitten himself, but he has not. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn My mother has a growth about he size of a marble on the side of her mouth ( between her teeth and cheek). It is hard, like a bone. It does not hurt when touched with the tongue, but is sensitive when touched with the finger. This growth occurred after having she had surgery on a molar on the opposite side of her mouth. I am wondering if you can tell me what this growth may be or if it should be surgercally removed.
Avatar n tn Hello. my tongue deviates to the left side. Almost like it is longer on the right side and sits diagonally in my mouth. It don't know if it happened from a surgical intubation. I have had it for awhile. The problem is I think it is causing tmj becasue its almost like I have clench to pull it back in to position and breathing discomfort. Is there surgery available to correct the asymmetry.?
Avatar f tn a bad taste in my mouth and the back side of my tongue is very dark. I Googled it and it lists antibiotic use as a cause. Apparently its a combination of yeast and bacteria overgrowth. Anybody have this befoe? Anything I can do for it?
Avatar m tn This is my first time posting here, but I need to ask someone about this particular problem before I see a doctor (due to the cost of seeing a doctor and not having any health insurance). I've recently been afflicted with a painful tongue issue. The surface of my tongue is a whitish color with red spots interspersed. It's mild looking, but can be clearly seen in high resolution photographs as a sort of white, velvety coating. The red bumps aren't painful.
Avatar m tn Hi, On the 15th of Januray I have noticed that I have this white tongue, usually I have a nice pink tongue. I noticed this white tongue because one moning when I woke up I had vey dry mouth so I went to check it in the mirror. Later on I started to have 37.
Avatar n tn Are there fungal cultures that can put a name to this tongue over growth? Are Fluconazole and Nystatin wide spectrum enough to kill any oral fungal infection?
Avatar n tn and is larger than normal causing it difficult for me to swallow with my mouth shut and teeth together because the space for my tongue is less than normal because of the bone growth on either side..said that bone usually grows outward, but mine is growing inward - each side toward the other. cant remember the name of the condition that he said it is, but said it is RARE. please help.
Avatar m tn Hi, Just noticed yesterday a small white growth on the side but towards the front of my tongue. It appears like small pingpoles on the side of my tongue and is painfulf if touched. How can I tell if this is not cancerous.
Avatar m tn Later, there were sores in my mouth- from inner side of cheeks to tongue. My doctor said that it can be because of Vitamin deficiency. I am taking vitamin tables. But, I have red & white spots on back way of tongue, there is also some whitish layer on my inner side of cheeks, there are sores on tonsils & inner side of cheeks too but they are not painful. Today morning, I brush my tongue as usual but I saw small blood in spat. I am scared now. What can be reason.
Avatar m tn Bacteria accumulation on tongue can cause bacterial infections and fungal growth called oral thrush. A yellow coated tongue can also be an early sign of black, hairy tongue a harmless condition seen when papillae grow long .A yellow coated tongue is also a side effect of liver or gallbladder problems. It is also aggravated by poor oral hygiene, fever, mouth breathing, dehydration, and some types of medications.It is suggested to see a doctor and get examined. Best luck and take care!
Avatar n tn If your son is crawling now, pulling himself up, this is normal growth. Good luck with your son. I would just like to thank MedHelp for adding this forum, I asked for it and here it is. I will be glad to post and answer any questions I can about Downs. I am a retired RN with a second degree in Developmental disorders. I spent 20 years working with this population and enjoyed every minute of it.
Avatar f tn I had a growth on my tongue for almost a year. My dentist said I have a fibroma and an appointment was set up with an oral surgeon to have it removed. My question: What is involved with this type of surgery? I was told my insurance would not allow me to be put to sleep, they only allow a local anesthetic. Will it require stitches? Also, will my tongue be sore after the surgery. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/421316'>spot on tongue</a>.
Avatar n tn What can the cause be for a small growth on the front right side of the tongue. It is hard and sore to the touch. The growth interfears with my speech because I end up bitting it.
Avatar n tn guys, i have a question, i know im negative tested way out window, but does anyone or rather do some experience a white tongue then slowly lessens, then returns. not necessarily creamy cottage cheesy but saliva appears whitish but rinses off leaving behind filiform papillae(longer taste buds white)almost furry like. keep in mind if i drink apink or red colored drink, it stains very easy, and appears normal throughout the day. any comments on that.
Avatar m tn Its been that way for as long as i can remember.on one side of my tongue right side there like a white half circle and as of yesterday theres a place on the right side of my tongue that the white moss like stuff has just come off of for some reason.I had my dentsit check this a few weeks ago and he looked at it and told me its not oral cancer and not to worry about it.since then i was using orajel anticeptic mouth wash it said use it for only 7 days i used it for 2 weeks guess i used it to long.
Avatar f tn I have a damaged pituitary and Hashi's. My Growth Hormone blood test is 0.03 [0.01-8.00] I'm a 49yr old female, abnormal on all sex hormones. What is the normal for someone my age? I asked the doc if I need replacement GH and he says he doesn't know. When I called the ins. company about coverage, they asked for a diagnosis and treatment code, and I don't know these. Are there tests that you have to take in order to prove that your pituitary can't be stimulated to make this?
1765684 tn?1333822768 I just posted about one of my side effects being a sore tongue. It's been sore for maybe 10 - 14 days or so. I just noticed that it is now WHITE! Down the center at the back... I saw a post recently saying this is something to be concerned about. What is it?
Avatar n tn There's one at the back of my throat, two on the side of my tongue, one on my lip (that looks more like a blood blister) and two on the right side of my mouth. I've only experieced a canker sore once before. I went to the school nurse yesterday for some pain reliever for my headaches and asked her about the sores. She claimed that they could very well be from my "oral trauma" and the blood vessels in my gums and mouth getting ruptured and irritated. Is that true? I don't know.
Avatar n tn I can't feel a similar growth on the other side though I can't reach back as far with my tongue on that side, it's only because I have an abnormally large tongue that I can feel that far back on the right side. It's hard to say if it's any bigger than when I first noticed it, I'm increasingly aware of it when I feel in that area, though that might be psychosomatic. The reason I describe it as a 'strange' growth is its shape.
Avatar f tn I am always trying to 'pop' my own neck to relieve pain/stiffness at the base of my skull...on the left side... Now, my tongue... I guess about 10 days ago, I started biting my tongue.. You don't really consider that a symptom of anything, but it happened 3 or 4 times in a week. I went in the bathroom to see if it might be swollen...upon saying 'ahhhh', I discover that my tongue 'pulls to the left' coming out of my mouth. I can straighten it if I focus, but part of it... in the middle...
Avatar m tn Hello, Today I looked at the under side of my tongue for the first time in I don't know how long. Maybe forever. And I noticed the presence of quite a few fleshy painless skin growths. Could this be warts or skin tags, or . . . ? Is it something to be concerned about?
Avatar n tn I do have 2 teeth with cavities in the back of my mouth, which I think I have had for a while (one on each side, actually below where the lumps are) but the dentist didn't think either of them were THAT bad, but should be filled as soon as possible, though due to me not having any insurance he didn't see any reason that with proper personal dental care it couldn't be taken care of a little bit later when things were more financially stable and I had my insurance issue settled..
Avatar f tn So after i was done eating, underneath my tongue was hurt/sore almost felt like it was bruised...when i look underneath my tongue, on the right side i have a bump w/a white head. Is it food that's stuck?..that's what i thought until i realized i have like two more little bumps on my web part under neath my tongue. Just to let u know also, i had all for of my wisdom teeth took en out a month ago and since i have had probably w/my throat.
Avatar n tn at Children's Mercy in Kansas City is going to re-evaluate his growth next month and tell us what she thinks we should do considering growth hormones. What would your recommendation be on giving a child with CdLS growth hormones? Do you think they would help? He is high functioning with his syndrome (mild to moderately affected), with speech being his biggest struggle. I had heard somthing about growth hormones helping speech (specifically tongue coordination). Is this true?
Avatar m tn But today theres a spot on the middle of my tongue that has no white on it at all seems kinda strange theres no whitish tongue thesers just no white moss in the middle of my tongue and on one side of my tongue its just the tongue color redish. this is the first time i ever saw this.but it seems like i have a slight sore throat on that side to when i swallow.what do you think this is?what would cause the white coat to come off my tongue in 2 spots?
Avatar n tn My tongue has also began to feel rough, and today I noticed small little red dots, no bigger than a pin head, scattered on my tongue. Most of them were on the left side, while there were a few scattered on the top of my tongue. My tongue feels very rough, and hurts, and more and more throughout the day, the harder it is for me to talk because of my lips and tongue. My throat is still paining me as well. If anybody could help me, I'd appreciate it a whole lot!