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Avatar n tn I know it's common to get a lisp for a short period of time after a tongue piercing, but I don't want a lisp for the rest of my life. If I take good care of the wound it should heal well, but in the event that something happens I'm not going to be risky and keep the piercing. I would take the jewelry out immediately. I just need to know how well the tongue heals and scars before I flirt with the idea of actually getting it done.
Avatar n tn I never pierced my nipples, but I did have my navel pierced. I removed the ring as I started growing beacuse I was afraid that with a poochy belly, it was more of a risk of catching on something! My "hole" is healing up nicely, I just put alcohol in there the first few nights to keep it clean throughout and make sure that it didn't heal with debris inside. It is now pretty much closed up and it's been out for approx 4 months.
Avatar n tn I brush most of it off before going to bed - I gag if I go back too far - and it's actually not too bad when I wake up. But by the time I get home from work my tongue is almost completely orange again. I've also had a sore throat since I noticed it. My diet has not changed nor has any medication that I take. Not sure if I need to go to the doctor or a dentist.
Avatar n tn My intuition says there might an increased risk for a brief period, if a person were exposed in the few weeks after a piercing procedure, before complete healing. But after healing is complete, including enough time for normal skin to extend through the entire pierced area (like happens with pierced ears), I see no reason to suspect increased risk for any STD. In other words, after complete healing, a piercing is no longer a "hole in the skin"; skin lines the pierced hole.
Avatar n tn i still also have the same problem i can pull mine too i can feel it there it feels kind of tingly, i have seen the dentist since having it and they didnt mention a word i think im going to mention it to my dr next time i go, im pretty sure mine stemed from a tongue piercing and possible infection from that....
Avatar n tn Failing to properly sterilize the piercing equipment used, failing to clean and sterilize the wound , and failing to use proper piercing techniques are all causes of increased risk factors when getting your belly piercing. If you are contemplating a belly pierce, to minimize infection and other effects, it would be best to go to a certified body piercing shop for the procedure. Take care and keep us posted..
Avatar m tn So a few weeks ago i got my tongue pierced. On the 6th week during the healing process it became very irritable and painful to eat. The ball part on top of the piercing could practically be in my tongue because the whole had gotten so big. I didn't know what to do so i took it out. Soon i got little blisters and little bubble looking things on the inner bottom of my lip and hurtful little bumps on the tip of my tongue. (As if i had bit my tongue or burned it.
1222635 tn?1366399886 does anyone have a genital piercing? i got a hood piercing (piercing through the skin covering your clit) for me and dh to enjoy and its supposed to be a simple fast healing piercing but mine hurts like S H I T when i move the ring. its only been 2 days so i was wondering if anyone on here has an experience with these or knows anything about how much and how long they're supposed to hurt for?
Avatar f tn Yeah they made me take my tongue bar out with my two boys. This time I'll be prepared, I wanted my nipple piercing but I'm not sure.
637356 tn?1301928422 I had mine done years ago and I loved it, never had any problems, I used to joke that when I drove I would aim for the potholes. LOL but I had to take it out when I gave birth to my daughter and never put it back in. I know it can be dangerous if you get pierced in the wrong spot you can lose sensitivity. My husband who was not my husband at the time had his "who ha"pierced as well and I have a tongue piecing.
Avatar n tn I had my ears pierced the "old fashioned way" with a needle and an ice cube when I was 4 years old. They are still pierced today but I am unable to wear earrings now and have not been able to since I became pregnant the first time over 17 years ago. The funny thing about it is that the first baby and all of them since are also allergic and unable to wear earrings.
224256 tn?1212260623 i remember it being awful pain AFTER...the healing when my tongue got so swollen...I wanted to take it out the first night but 90$ later for nothing? lol I now have my tongue pierced and i think at one point i may take it out but i dont know feels odd when i do take it out...i didnt get it done for sexual purposes at all i just thought it looked nice..its been 3.
Avatar n tn I took them out when prego with my daughter. The whole time I had the piercing, I had that same white funk( If I twisted the rings to clean them). After I had taken them out I had a white discharge , if I squeezed them , as well. This only lasted for maybe 2 months after I took them out though.Are they soar??? Does your discharge have an odor?? If so, it never hurts to go get it checked out...just to rule out infection.
Avatar m tn 2 / enlarged lymph node on my left arm pit that recurred three times in three months , sweating around my neck and groin at night , which lasted about a week / chills / dry mouth / coated and sensitive tongue) , my concern is that I have developed a painful acne breakout on the back and I've been getting neck stiffness on and off , since a month. I tested negative at two weeks , which I know is not sufficient and is supposed to get tested after 3 months , which will be in a few weeks.
Avatar n tn when i pull my tongue into my mouth, backwards, (trying to get it flat and back near my back teeth) my ears and throat really hurt. what does that mean?
282524 tn?1348492612 She was in a pretty dark time during that time. She hasn't cut herself in a long time and all of the scars healed well except that one. She usually wears a bandaid over it but a couple of times she didn't during the summer when she was wearing a tank top and I saw how people were looking at her. It just really hurts. I don't want anyone to judge her. I'm her mom, you know? I just want to protect her.
Avatar n tn I usually feel like I have no energy whatsoever, even after getting a good nights sleep. Also, a few nights ago I experienced piercing chest pains for about an hour. I'm not sure what that was due to...could it have been from too much anxiety/stress? I've noticed that my anxiety occurs more in social situations than anything else. Although I don't have extreme social anxiety that hapmers my everyday life it is still somewhat bothersome at times.
Avatar n tn So I told my boyfriend to take me to a different clinic then the one I went to last time. When I got there, once again, they checked my oxygen level and blood pressure and it all came back normal. They also did another x-ray of my chest and an EKG. These tests also came back normal. The Dr. told me what I had were panic attacks. He gave me medicine for my panic attacks. A couple weeks have passed by and I felt better. I learned to control my attacks. The Dr.
Avatar n tn I didn't bite the whole end of it off... (Of-Course my brothers still tell me time to time that they wished I had of) .. I tell them it wouldn't matter, I could still nail them at 100 yards with a frozen chicken.... LoL.... So did ya get a nice little diamond to stick in that little piercing for a memento??? Ha! Honey... Shoot that was nothing.... I got a gazillion of those.
Avatar n tn This week I felt a few micro bumps like those (on the tongue) on my inner left labia. I'm not sure if it's been there all the while. However, I can't see it (any bumps) when I look into the mirror. Please could you help give me some insight on this?
Avatar m tn Yes, looking forward to healing over time and taking my life back. As it works out last peg night is 1st day of vacation for 2-3 weeks in Dec. Hope to begin/continue some post-tx and post-hcv lifestyle changes. HCV-TX, assuming heading to SVR, was a wake-up call that I will not ignore. Have a good holiday yourself and be well.
Avatar f tn Yes, she was definitely abused by her former owners and possibly that could be part of the problem. It took alot of time and patience for her to trust us. Now she does 100% but is leary of those she doesn't know, which is quite understandable. Thank God I walked into the shelter that day and saw her.She was such a basket case that I know she would have never found a home and if someone did adopt her, she would have been returned.
Avatar n tn As you see, we are all very similar, but at the same time very different, each takes their own time, some of us have recovered relatively quickly, others are still there in the middle of it. Every time you start feeling better, you have to expect another little worsening and then better again, up and down. Muscle pain and soreness is typical: I have always had that together with the tingling. For Iceskater: my neck and shoulder muscles ached like mad during the worst times!
Avatar n tn Probably b/c my nerves were still healing from the first time. I had no idea that such low levels of B6 would cause problems. And it effected my baby. He had terrible sleep issues, probably insomnia due to too much B6 in my milk. this time my blood levels were 125. I went off all vitamins three months ago. But, i am still having so much pain and sometimes weakness. It is difficult to sleep and lugging around my 23 pound one year old can be challenging.
Avatar n tn I suddenly have developed tiny bumps on my upper lip. A few months ago this happened in just one little patch but it went away, and I can't remember if I did anything. But just a few days ago they appeared again on both sides of my upper lip. Then, the next day they had spread and now go all the way along the ridge of my upper lip. They aren't particularly noticeable except they change the shape of my lip, making it look smaller than it was in the places where they are on the very edge.
Avatar n tn Has anyone else experienced this type of problem with something as menial as a piercing? I'll post again if I see any marked improvements over time.
Avatar n tn my doc has prescribed antibiotics every time, and although the ear clears it comes straight back again within a few days. it gets very uncomfortable and my ear swells and is painful. i would love a cure as i am reluctant to go back to my docs and have more antibiotics. at the moment it is sore, scaly and leaking. any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I am so glad I found this! I too am having a terrible time with people getting allergic reactions to me. It has been going on for about 4 years now. I think it has to do with my breath. People seem fine until I speak. Their noses turn red and some will scratch their nose, or grab their nose or cough or sneeze. They are always in a hurry to get away from me. I use mouth wash, use floss, brush after meals, and still I get this response. I never wear scents of any kind because I can't.
Avatar n tn Hi, I too have had this for 9yrs. now. I can actually tell what time it is by the itching. I itch all the time, but it gets worse at 6 pm & 1am for 2 hrs. What has helped me the most to stop the crawling & itching for a few hrs is applying Publix brand of Listerine on my skin. ( Gold color only ) The Publix brand doesn't leave a sticky film on your skin. A Dr. told me to use this just because of the germs it kills. But it really helped with all the other symptoms.