Thrombotic stroke signs and symptoms

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Avatar m tn Cutaneous symptoms (ischaemia, purpura, livedo reticularis, ecchymosis, ulcers, necrosis and gangrene) Sensitivity to cold, including itching, redness, swelling, or hives Poor circulation Arthralgia Nephritic syndrome Multinevritis Myalgia and muscle weakness Fever Arterial and/or venous thrombosis Pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs) Phlebitis (swelling caused by a blood clot, usually in the legs) Bleeding events Stroke Heart attack Thrombotic events occur in 25% of patients w
Avatar f tn I have been having major issues with my blood pressure and heart for well over a year. Not kidding when I say well over stroke categories (180/110). It all started when I was working during a heat wave. Immediately I felt palpitations, short of breath, sweating perfusely, nauseus etc. and I really was doing any major "work" yet. Just walking. (I am a photographer so I do run, walk, stand, kneel, climb etc that's not uncommon).
Avatar f tn Lulu, Please share what information you find about the TIAs and signs of same on an MRI. They claim some of my white spots are from possible TIAs. I would be very interested in what you find. Currrently, I am so tired, just woke up from a 17 hour sleep, I'm not sure when I'll have time to look but will share whatever I find. Dr. Kantor answered my questions (most) but left me with more .so...
Avatar m tn As an update for you with my story,my new cardiologist told me to stop measuring my BP and lock it away(the machine) somewhere(he thinks I'm a nut basically) and I have Exactly the same symptoms and tests! that you describe and have had,although I was positive(mildly)on a nuclear stress test.very frustrating!!! I know how you feel....:o( keep me posted. jon.
Avatar n tn I took interferon and ribavirin for six months from june 08 to dec 08. I was advised of feeling flu-like symptoms. I have had Hep C a long time. I was feeling fine before starting treatment. My doctor sort of pushed me into the treatment. I was not wild about doing it. So the treatment itself was very difficult. Could not work. Fuzzy vision. Mental confusion. Irritability. Fatigue. During treatment, I developed psoriasis on me left elbow. I did not know that's what it was.
Avatar f tn I would ask them to look at the images from 9 years ago and see if there was any signs of the blockage in his obtuse marginal 1 vessel. There is now a 60% blockage. If there was no sign, perhaps they will consider dealing with that one now.
Avatar n tn I've had break through bleeding for 3 of the 8 weeks and it isn't showing any signs of stopping. I've had period like symptons during the 8th week. I called the doctor and they keep telling me that it's just my body getting used to the pill. Has anyone else experience these type of symptoms?