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Avatar f tn my mom had a severe stroke about 20 years ago and has recovered. however recently she has been having tias. sometimes once a month other times two in a day. What does this mean? What should I be looking for? Is her body shutting down? she has diab type 2 and needs quad bypass surgery but it is too risky.
Avatar n tn In summary however the effects of a CVA ( although the older term Stroke is now used in preference to CVA )partly depend on whether the person is right or left handed. regardless of handedness the opposites side of the body is affected in middle cerebral artery stroke, the most common type.
Avatar n tn They can precede a CVA (cerebrovascular accident) better known as a stroke. Some ppl can have TIAs for years and never experience a CVA. Other ppl have several TIAs and then experience a CVA. So please don't dismiss his symptoms. I am far from am expert and he may not be having TIA episodes. But at 88 please don't take the chance. I hope you will let us know how he is doing. I will look forward to your updates with interest.
Avatar n tn My husband, 54 yr ex-smoker presented with severe headache at base of skull after returning from camping trip to Keys, that lasting several hours, 4 days prior to grand mal seizure. EMS called, took him to ER, extremely combative and incoherent. CT scan WNL, no evidence of hemorrhage or stroke, tumor, repeated 24 hours later, still WNL, blood pressure mildly elevated.
Avatar n tn my daughter had a stroke (cva) in 1981, she is doing fairly well and is a long time patient there at the clinic. my question is, what is the diffrence between a Stroke, Cerebral vascular accident, cavernous malformation (cavernous angioma) & congenital blood vessel abnormalality ??? I was told my daughter had a stroke (cva) at the age of 3years old, no prevous health problems. She was comatose for 10 days. I telephoned her DR.
Avatar f tn Every forty-five minutes in our country somone suffers a stroke. Just keeping your blood pressure down and taking a brisk walk every day can prevent a stroke from happening to us. Don't skip that walk, walking is excellent for so many things and its the easiest exercise there is!
Avatar f tn He has not experienced any facial expression changes and has no obvious signs of CVA/TIA except the numbness. He has mild weakness in the right leg but not to the extent of any changes to his gait. I will check into any family history or possibility of diabetes and do some digging to see what I can find out. Thanks for your help and reassurance.
Avatar n tn htm The Merck Manual -- ISCHEMIC SYNDROMES -- STROKE IN EVOLUTION AND COMPLETED STROKE -- Symptoms, Signs, and Course I hope this is helpful.
Avatar n tn Numbness in your lip, cheek, arm, leg favoring one side are possible and serious signs of a pending TIA/stroke. TIA is the same thing as a stroke only difference is it doesn't leave permanent damage like a CVA/stroke. That numbness is your body telling you there is a blockage somewhere. My recommendation if your having numbness to your face and side to see your doctor immediately, if possible see a Cardiologist as there are many heart ailments that can lead to stroke.
Avatar m tn I am a 44yr old male living in Pacific NW. Had a right side CVA in 1987. Symptoms I had been experiencing sporadicaly for years have now all come together and are much more acute. These symptons include Ballistic movement; uncoordinated movement; foggy head; slurred speach; tremors and fatigue. New symptons that have appeared are neurogenic bladder (which I will be self catting) blurred vision; inability to bear down for BM and ED.
Avatar n tn I am 9 years post a Rt Sided CVA (42 yrs old at the time). Dx'd with a very large PFO- location left posterior atrium. I was treated and failed Coumadin therapy ( I was experiencing random frequent TIA's) and went on to have Open Heart Surgery in 2001 to close the 12mm opening. Over the years I believe that I continue to have TIA's...symptoms that minimally resemble the CVA.
Avatar f tn Hi Sorry to hear about your episode :( A TIA by defintion has all symptoms resolve within 24 hours. A TIA is a warning, I would also treat a minor stroke as a warning. Trust me you do not want to have a full blown stroke. Find out what caused the episode & do everything you can to prevent further ones.
Avatar m tn I am hopeful that there will be something that can ease your symptoms. I wish you the very best and hope you will keep in touch with us.
Avatar f tn Left hemisphere slowing is suggestive of potential structual lesion and need to rule out CVA. Sharply contoured delta activity over the left temporal region is suggestive of possible seigure and clinical correlation is warrented . He losing weight every day from not eating because of this Please help us iam very very worried . Thank You.
Avatar m tn I am 35 years old and had an ischemic stroke a few weeks back. We aren't sure when it happened only that it did. Came after bouts of daily headaches and stress. I have normal BP and my cholesterol was slightly elevated but nothing significant. I had every heart test and everything was fine. They have me on 325mg of aspirin a day as well as 80mg of Lipitor and a multivitamin. My question is - not that I plan to get drunk or anything, but is it ok to occasionally drink?
Avatar m tn Hi, I had a CVA Stroke when I was 58yrs, now 61yrs, in all this time i have never had an erection, and i have to have a catheter 24/7 changed every 10wks. Can any thing be done? Why cant the nerves that are not working be joind to the right side nerves, I have no sensation on my left side of face /right side of my body. Is this normal ?????
Avatar n tn First I'll start with my histroy. In september 2004 i had an episode where my speach was all jumbled. When i spoke my sentences came out mixed up, making some sense but the words were out of order. I had to really concentrate on what i wanted to say and speak slower than normal in order to get the sentence to come out correctly. Some words i could not pronounce correctly at all no matter how hard i tried.
Avatar f tn Make sure you and everyone that is around your dad know the signs of a stroke because acting quickly when a person has a stroke can save his life! Good luck to you!
Avatar f tn My 76 year old neighbor is 4 years post CVA and has seizures starting at about 2 years post stroke. He had 2 seizures earlier today and vomited also. Has not taken anything by mouth today including his meds. Is there reason for particular concern or is this just part of his post stroke life?