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Avatar n tn Hi, Sinusitis develops when the mucous membranes of your upper respiratory tract — the nose, pharynx, sinuses and throat — become inflamed. The swelling obstructs the sinus openings and prevents mucus from draining normally. This creates a moist environment conducive to infection. The symptoms are usually head ache,facial pain,nasal congestion.It does not cause blurred vision/speech or numbness.
Avatar m tn Like if an area of the brain is affected, it causes certain results peripherally. In the absence of this, it is difficult to say that the symptoms are due to TIA or stroke. Many times with TIAs the imaging studies do not pick up any positive findings. If your symptoms persist or recur consult your doctor. Regards.
Avatar n tn * A sudden, severe headache that is different from past headaches. Symptoms can vary depending on whether the stroke is caused by a blood clot (ischemic stroke) or bleeding (hemorrhagic stroke), where the stroke occurs in the brain, and how bad it is. A stroke usually happens suddenly but may occur over hours. For example, you may have mild weakness at first. Over time, you may not be able to move the arm and leg on one side of your body.
Avatar n tn Hi, my grandmother (82 year old) had an ischemic stroke on 3 May. The Dr said it was a massive stroke which affected her left hemisphere. She has just recently started opening her eyes but i dont think she sees us. Its almost been three weeks and there havent been many signs of improvement. She does however sqeeze our hands from time to time.
Avatar m tn The doc who first said he had a stroke and had the tia was now saying no signs of stroke and no reason to worry? The doc and nuro are the same from the 1st incident 10 years ago. They do want to do another mri, cat scan saying it has been 10 yrs but wtf. Tell a person they had a stroke, medicate them for ten years for it and then say nope, no stroke....... My dad has been unable to get any kind of decent health insurance because of this. I told him to find new doc for second opinion.....
469720 tn?1388149949 Stroke Risk Factors Some stroke risk factors are hereditary. Others are a function of natural processes. Still others result from a person's lifestyle. You can't change factors related to heredity or natural processes, but those resulting from lifestyle or environment can be modified with the help of a healthcare professional. Fortunately, most risk factors are under our control What risk factors for stroke can't be changed?
Avatar n tn Some time before a stroke, some people experience a few minutes of weakness on one side or part of the body, which is due to temporary lack of oxygen to the brain- called a transient ischemic attack.
Avatar m tn My girlfriend recently exhibited signs of a miniature stroke in the late afternoon. One experienced dizziness, numbness in the face, slurred speech, and some confusion/disorientation. She immediately called the hospital and the nurse on the line noted that she was slurring her speech, and that the symptoms described were similar to those of a miniature stroke. She left work and was admitted to the emergency room, where she had to wait until late evening until she was given a ct scan.
Avatar n tn This is essential because a single new ischemic event may treated differently from multiple new ischemic events, but differentiation between acute and chronic infarction cannot be easily determined from CT or T2WI. Diffusion-weighted imaging(DWI) has been shown to be useful in the early assessment of clinical stroke. The apparent diffusion coefficient(ADC) of acutely ischemic brain tissue is initially below normal and increase to above normal after a few days.
307874 tn?1242759398 I thought I had a stroke but, after seeing my mri my neuro at the time said it wasnt a stroke because it showed no signs of stroke. My mri showed lacunar foci within the right parietal white matter may reflect remote foci of ischemia. Its on the wrong side. I recently been diagnosed with BPPV. My face on the right side at times feels like I have a band stretching from the corner of my mouth accross my cheek to my ear.
2175879 tn?1338358628 I have had diagnosed stokes/T.I.A.s. Now I am being told none of it happened, and that some "trigger" has caused these stroke like symptoms to manifest themselfs. Any direction on where to go now? Or if anyone else out there has had this happen to them. I have served honorably in the military, and have never lied about what is happening to me and all my healthcare professionals believe that I am telling the truth and not lying to get attention, out of work, or a disability claim.
677292 tn?1226291236 At the time she exhibited some signs and symptoms that pointed towards stroke, but her story just didn't necessarily gel altogether (I'm an ex Paramedic). Unfortunately my Daughter at times struggles with the truth, she lives with my ex wife in another State. The end result that time after a battery of tests, including CT's and MRI's was that nothing showed up, my Daughter's symptoms resolved after 2-3 weeks and life progressed.
Avatar n tn My husband aged 54 had a (embolic) stoke in July, which affected his left side, he recovered quickly and was able to give a brilliant speech at our daughters wedding on august 9th 2008, then suddenly at the end of August his speech began to deteriorate, they detected another stroke which caused this. Now he has no other symptoms other than this speech slur, has anyone any advice. He has been referred to speach therapist, but as yet not seen anyone.
Avatar n tn My mother is 80 and just had a stroke 5 days ago. Unfortunately the dr. did not recognize her signs so she was not given any drugs for her stroke. She walked into the hospital and now has no ability to move her left side. She could move her right side after the stroke but the last couple of days she is saying her ability to do so is decreasing. We are at a small hospital. Do we get her out of here? Is this in any way "normal"?
Avatar n tn This is an episode when a person has stroke like symptoms for up to 2 hours, and signals that a true stroke may happen in future if adequate steps are not taken. This is caused by temporary disturbance of blood supply to an area of the brain which results in brief decrease in brain function called neurological deficit. This can be secondary to a blood clot in an artery of the brain, emboli from heart, irregular heart rhythm etc. this will not be seen on brain CT/ MRI.
Avatar n tn in the heart which can travel to the vessels of the brain and possibly cause a stroke. Have you seen a Neurologist? Some of the symptoms you describe sound like Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Also, when you mention symptoms of weakness, fatigue and "reflux" I begin to worry that you may have some severe stomach irritation, possibly even to the point where you may have an ulcer and/or intestinal bleeding.
Avatar m tn Strokes never do come with a warning and often just happen without any prior signs. If your dog is twitching on the floor or has fallen unconscious, the probability of a stroke is very high. In this case you must rush your dog to your vet as soon as you possibly can. Often stroke symptoms in dogs cannot be identified, unless it's been a slow and steady process.
Avatar f tn MRI without contrast injection is harmless there are no radiations. it could have been to early for stroke signs to appear on CT scan at the ER eventually they will be seen with MRI otherwise it will be a negative. good that your Doc. is having you do the necessary tests but to say it was a mini stroke you should at least double-check his opinion with a specialist, Neurologist. the medical term for "mini stroke" is Transient Ischemic Attack (TIS) look it up http://en.wikipedia.
296171 tn?1191954859 Having migraine headaches, vision trouble, fainting spells, vomiting, speaking and swallowing difficulties are signs and symptoms of Transient Ischemic attack. TIA is no longer a benign entity, but a critical harbinger of impending stroke, which eventually you have suffered.
Avatar n tn The second they think was caused when they lowered his blood pressure it was a Ischemic stroke. The first stroke is the most severe and originated in the Putamen ( a part of the basal ganglia). The second is on the right side and I've been told it controls spatial concepts. He has started to move more today and instead of only having posturing movements he has started to bring his arms up in a more normal response.
Avatar n tn as she describes it, coming over her during pas year or so. The left hand has little strength, but there's clear signs of her OA there. She has chronic edema in both lower legs, and is now using comp stockings, and has NOT been active or walking at all for more than that year. Does the impression #1 mean she's had a mini-stroke, or has MS, or that there is something progressive that's responsible for her heavy, weak leg/foot?
Avatar n tn I was recently in the hospital with stroke like symptoms. Every test that could be done was done including cat scan MRI blood work urinalysis and lumbar puncture. The diagnosis was a complicated migraine or tia. I have numbness on my left side that while some improvement has occurred it still remains numb and somewhat weak on the left side. I now walk with a cane to correct my off balance problem. My question is how much usage and feeling should I expect to have?
Avatar m tn With your history positive for clots, its likely to be an ischemic stroke. Sometimes you start with a clot, take anticoagulants and end up with a bleed. TIAs may not be picked up on MRI and if suspected therapy is with blood thinners. Its unfortunate that you had TIAs and progressed to a complete stroke. Some stroke patients do appear to have 100 percent recovery. And many retain a great deal of their abilities.
Avatar m tn I am requiring any help feedback, as to whether anyone else seems to have or have had recurring stroke like symptoms, 3years after a small stroke. With the help of my wife and others, I have compiled this. 8years ago, at the age of 39 yrs. I was a high flying energetic senior manager within a large uk-ftse. company, I had worked for many corporations in a senior position very successfully, however I suffered a massive nervous breakdown.
14963801 tn?1437600955 they stated that my medicine levels were within therapeutic range but that I was okay sent me home three days later had a super bad headache my right eye was twitching like crazy and started to drooping also my tounge was still numb and felt weird called the neurologist she sent me to the ER to be checked for stroke symptoms, they did a CT scan and it stated this below do these findings meant some point I have had a stroke....
147426 tn?1317269232 We here, who are just lacking sufficient MRI evidence are the one's most likely to benefit from use of the higher resolution machines. Final word (really??) If the signs and symptoms are suggestive and the MRI bafflingly negative - why not go for an image with a better resolution.
Avatar n tn I am 48 and I have a variety of symptoms which sound very much like CADASIL and/or transient ischemic attacks; however, one of my doctors also suspects an aneurysm. My spine surgeon says the symptoms can only be caused by a problem in the brain. My neurologist ordered MRIs of the brain (with/without dye), MRAs (intra and extra-cranial), echo-cardiogram, etc., which were conducted 10 days ago. I have yet to hear the results of any of these tests, though.
Avatar f tn I am needing any feedback, as to whether anyone else seems to have or have had recurring stroke like symptoms, 3years after a small stroke. 8years ago, att 39 yrs old I was a senior manager at a large uk ftse company, I had a massive nervous breakdown. This was due to 20years of 15hour day 6days a weeks workaholic lifestyle, in business management and also running my own parttime business as well as working for private and public companies.
1699061 tn?1306900918 Your doctor will need to investigate you for multiple sclerosis where the disease phase is characterized by active phase and remissions. It has multiple symptoms and signs and is a diagnosis of exclusion. The symptoms of multiple sclerosis are loss of balance, muscle spasms, numbness in any area, problems with walking and coordination, tremors in one or more arms and legs.
363110 tn?1340924019 Parkinsons Disease Foundation, google it and see if she is showing signs of any of the other symptoms.