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Avatar n tn s cause is that the middle cerebral artery is blocked with plaque. Even though the stroke was large we are blessed that there is no paralysis. We are concerned however that because the blockage is still there that his risk is quite high for another potentially more damaging stroke to occur. He has quit smoking and we have totally changed his diet,( no sodium, low or no fats or saturated or trans fats).
Avatar f tn However, from her MIR, it shows no blood flow on her left side of the middle cerebral artery and reduced blood flow on her ugly side of the middle cerebral artery. It also shoes two old artery blockages and one newer blockage on the righ side. She has no high blood pressure, no diabetes. Her overall health is good. I want to ask in her situation is it necessary to do the surgery to open the right side or using medication to control the blockage getting worse.
Avatar n tn is a superficial temporal to middle cerebral artery anastomosis, which would only be performed if a stroke was impending. There are a number of websites that explain blood flow to the brain, including Wikipedia. Best of luck.
Avatar n tn is a 12mm aneurysm at the bifurcation of the middle cerebral artery considered large?
Avatar n tn There are so many helpful readers and I just wonder if anyone has had family who suffered from a massive stroke caused by a right internal carotid artery and rt. middle cerebral artery. The right side of his brain is shut down and swollen. My brother is 69 years old and very active (skees, rides horses). The Drs. say the next 72 hours are crucial and there is nothing they can do to stop the stroke from happening again.
Avatar f tn I have been having vision issues, ringing/static in both ears, forgetfulness, clumsiness, and painful eye movements. Neuro-ophthalmologist ordered the CT angiogram. I got my Cat Scan report of the vascular components in my brain and I am a bit confused and concerned. It states I have congenital hypoplastic (narrowing) of the basilar artery and narrowing of the P1 segment of my left posterior cerebral artery.
Avatar m tn Probable fenestration at the top of the very proximal M1 segement of the left middle cerebral artery versus an early middle cerebral artery branch with a sharp hairpin turn. LESS likely is an aneurysum in this location. They recommend a CT-A test for better anatomic detail.
Avatar m tn I had a stroke in November 2009. MRI showed infarc in the back of my brain at lower right. An angigram was done this month that showed that the right cerbral artery was completely blocked while the left cerebral artery was 'almost' blocked. My carotid arteries were open and didn't show any stenosis. My basal artery is 'unusually' small, the radiologist declared. My questions are: 1. Could the blocked cerebral artery be opened up? 2.
Avatar f tn A TIA is a temporary interruption of blood flow to a part of your brain. A TIA is also a sign of an impending Stroke . The signs and symptoms of TIA are the same as for a stroke, but they last for a shorter period — several minutes to 24 hours — and then disappear, without leaving apparent permanent effects. A TIA may indicate that you're at risk of a full-blown stroke. People who have had a TIA are much more likely to have a stroke than those who haven't had a TIA.
Avatar n tn Also occlusion of the basilar artery. Other findings; abnormality in right middle cerebral artery, bilateral stenosis of superior cerebellar arteries, marked tortuosity of cervical carotid arteries, and mild tortuosity of the upper vertebral arteries. They could not rule out fibromuscular dysplasia. They also discovered a left hydronephrosis consistent with uretopelvic junction obstruction.
Avatar n tn Had TCD results were Right Ant cerebal //66cm p sec...L middle cerebral 71 cm psec..right ant cerebral 40 cm per sec....right vertebral 59 cm per sec..Basilar 59 cm per sec...........those are the only ones i have ..plus ..all blood work and CSF...wee done...for MS..LUpus and all that...may also have positve babinski on left foot...the team was discussing weather toe was truley going up? Stroke Neurologist said to get C spine mri.....
Avatar n tn MRA of posterior circulation demonstrates dominant left with hypoplastic right vertebral artery. The posterior cerebral, basilar artery and its branches are normal caliber. Minimal Mucosal thickening of the ethmoid sinuses are seen, representing mild sinusitic infection. Mild deviation of the nasal septum to the left is seen anteriorly. Hypertrophied left middle and inferior turbantes.
Avatar f tn Recently I had a mild stroke. Many tests were run during hospital stay. Can you give me a general idea of what all this means? "MRI & MRA showed small foci of recent ischernia/right hemisphere. Several areas of chronic ischemia. Abnormal intracranial MRI demonstrating occlusion of the distal right posterior cerebral artery & attenuation of distal left posterior cerebral artery." Also, ".....
Avatar f tn My husband had a stroke in the left middle cerebral artery and subsequently had brain bypass surgery. He has continued to drink beer, usually six a day, and smoke cigarettes. Since the surgery he has had numbness in his head, but in the past year he has gradually developed intermittent numbness in his feet/legs and hands/arms. There have been times when he does not feel anything below his knees.
Avatar n tn I have no left veterbal artery flow. The left vertebral artery is not connected to the basaliar artery. does this pose future problems. This means I have only 3 arteries carrying oxygen to my brain. My Doctor says it cannot be repaired. Do you agree and what am I facing? Thank you!!
Avatar f tn they did another ct scan which showed an infarct in the right brain.. Middle cerebral artery region.. Then they did a decompressive craniectomy on the right side.. Since then he was.put on a.ventilator and a.tracheotomy was done and he developed pneumonia.. He was in the icu for 25 days and then he came out of ventilator support.. Now he's breathing on his own.. He's on PEG feeding.. We've started physical therapy.. But he now can understand what we speak..