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Avatar f tn They will certainly investigate further as toruosity of the middle central artery can be associated with stroke. Your symptoms could be related to other things. The word slight is used at this time and it seems unclear what the severity of this situation. If you do indeed have toruosity of the M1 of the MCA, they will likely recommend treatment. Please let us know what your follow up with the neurologist is. We'll be following and wish you the best o health.
Avatar m tn According to new MRI report, the area of brain supplied by middle cerebral artery and posterior communicating artery shows small areas of poor blood supply not receiving oxygen. This means there is narrowing of MCA-PCA. Further occlusion can precipitate stroke. Also, if the BP is not monitored then a very high spike in BP can cause stroke. In addition your father probably has postural hypotension.
Avatar n tn Lalkumar Patel- Male- 56 Year (17/07/1960) – Pharmacy Assistant Dt. 20/11/2016 Paralysis on face, imbalancing, weakness Hospitalized: ( 20/11/2016 to 21/11/2016 )-1 Day BP: 130/80 , Wt: 70.3 Kg Dr Biren Nayak M.D (Med) Advice: 1. MRI Brain: • The MR finding show acute in right capsule-ganglionic & centrum semi ovale region. • Chronic Small vessel ischemic changes in bilateral fronto-parietal white matter. • Mild cerebral Atrophy. 2.
Avatar n tn Aneurysms develop slowly and over time, ussually in people who have chronic high blood pressure or some sort of weakness or defect in the artery wall. I don't think you should be worried.
435241 tn?1208575531 The included portions of the distal internal carotid arteries are patent to the point where they divide into anterior and middle cerebral artery A1 and M1 segments. The A1 and M1 segments are symmetric and patent to the point where they convert into higher-order branches in the interhemispheric and sylvian fissures, respectivle.
Avatar n tn Findings seen on this examination may be related to chronic ischemic change of the right parietal white matter with central atrophy. Finding may be related to chronic ischemic change of the right middle cerebral artery distribution. The presence of significant right carotid artery stenosis may be present. Correlation with duplex carotid ultrsound examination may be helpful. The remainder of the cerebral parenchyma is entirely unremarkable.
Avatar f tn Antegrade flow is noted in the distal internal, distal vertebral, posterior cerebral, middle cerebral, anterior cerebral arteries and their proximal branches without significant stenosis or occlusion. There is a 3mm wide neck aneurysm projecting posteriorly and superiorly from the ICA terminus on the right.
Avatar f tn I am 72. I had a mild hemorrhagic stroke in 2014. MRI revealed abnormal cerebral artery with Moyamoya-like vessels. ( Moyamoya disease has been ruled out) I suffered no effects from the stroke. For the first year, I felt slight burning sensations and quirks on the affected side in my head. These are gone and for the last 5 mo. I feel waves or flow on the affected side over my eye and across my head where this abnormality is. I have no pain. This continuous flow feeling is disturbing.
Avatar n tn intense, throbbing pain in left eye that moved to include her whole left side, confusion, loss of memory, motor impairment, and extreme fatigue and weakness. CT scan showed seizure activity, but MRA and MRA came back negative for stroke. She was sent home after 2 days and a physical therapist was sent to the house to help her recuperate her motor skills and strength. She did not improve in these areas, nor did her memory improve.
Avatar n tn Generally, a 50% blockage of a carotid and if you haven't had any signs or symptoms of a stroke, it is usually recommend that the condition be treated with lifestyle changes and medication. Eating healthy foods, exercising, losing weight and, in some cases, lowering the amount of sodium in your diet, may help slow the progression of carotid artery blockage (stenosis). Cigarette smoking is a risk factor for carotid artery disease and stroke. If you use tobacco, you should permanently stop.
Avatar m tn My father had in june an ischemic stroke in the area of the middle cerebral artery. 10 days after it a persistent hiccup started. He did a chest ct scan and a gastroscopy and there is nothing relevant on them. This hiccup often starts after meals, with an eructation, and sometimes he stops 1 or 2 hours after he falls asleep. Normally it lasts from 2 to 4/8 days. What can we do? Could it be a consequence of the stroke even if it didn't involve the brainstem and cerebellum part of the brain?
Avatar m tn Dear Alyag, welcome to the medhelp forum. Cerebral aneurysm is a weakness in the wall of a cerebral artery causing a localized ballooning of the blood vessel, which can rupture anytime leading to subarachnoid hemorrhage and hemorrhagic stroke. This is commonly encountered in the circle of willis, particularly the anterior communicating artery and is an incidental finding. If you are a hypertensive, a strict control is warranted.
Avatar n tn A 65% blockage of ICX should not produce the signs and symptoms you have provided. Generally, a blockage less than 70% is not considered appropriate for intervention according to the medical guidelines. The symptoms and signs indicate there is inadequate blood supply pumped into the system with each heart beat. You should get the numeric value of heart's pumping capacity expressed as EF (ejection fraction).
Avatar n tn To add to what I wrote above, I have had a severe 24/7 migraine since I had my carotid artery dissection stroke 3 years ago. It is mostly mild now with a lot of treatments and procedures, but it gets severe frequently if I do a little too much physically.