Throat problems after surgery

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Avatar n tn I had alot of mucous in my throat too and it went away after awhile.Do they know what the shortness of breath is from? If you have a sore throat and the choking difficulty drinking ,eating soft foods ect. it could be from that stupid breathing tube!!!!! I had more TROUBLE from that than the surgery!! My throat was sore as hell for 4 days that is what I needed the pain meds for two days for!! HAHA! I had lobectomy on 9/8/09 with possible second surgery - look at uh-oh nodule in Italy! post.
Avatar n tn After a couple of months post surgery she was able to breath and eat on her own and the doctor decide that it was time to remove her feeding tube and close the incision in her neck. Three days after the surgery (to close the incision) she started having difficulty breathing. Her doctor had to do an emergency tracheotomy because there was an inflammation (not cancerous) in her throat. It’s been 6 months and the inflammation is still there.
Avatar f tn I heard people say they could feel it when the food went down their throat. Also problems of it not dislodging after the two day period. Ugh, not looking forward to any of this at all. My thyroid surgery was a piece of cake, no stitches, staples or pain. Just the glue. Yesterday at my preop he said no signs of cancer and I was healing well. He said not to take off the glue as I was still quite swollen. I sure miss soaking in the tub.
Avatar f tn Anyway I know people have breathing problems after thyroid surgery I just wanted someone else to tell me I will be able to run 3miles again and not sound like a pig .. When I take a deep breath. Its been 3mths since the 2nd surgery and I am still at 50% in one of my vocal cords and the other one is not moving. Any feed back would be nice..
Avatar n tn ll probably find that your vocal chords are slightly bruised from the intubation tube they put down your throat from surgery. It can happen often. It can take up to 3 months or more in some cases to have the swelling go down. I had two surgeries for thyroid and had no trouble at all. Just a little dryness in the vocal chords that made me cough a fair bit. Often steam can help relieve the chords. Good luck!
Avatar f tn i have suffering 4 years was told i had acid reflux i have flem 24/7 in my throat and throat pain .... i have m.s. had surgery last thursday no nose pain / just throat pain .. its better since surgery its just changes ......
Avatar n tn I had a total Thyroidectomy yesterday afternoon to remove a 5cm benign mass that was on my left Thyroid. After waking up from the surgery and one day later my voice is completely ruined. I can't speak above a whisper, I can't clear my throat, when I try to drink water, some of it leaks down the wrong tube on the left side of my throat it's like the left side of my throat is paralyzed or something.
483623 tn?1256093569 s just a little it may be that your throat was scratched a bit and is getting irritated after you eat something. In any event, I would definitely call the doctor asap to make sure it isn't something serious. Leave a message for him to call you back with the on-call service.
Avatar n tn I had a ct scan done and showed a mass of irritated tissue. My PS performed a second surgery 3 months after the first to remove the permanent sutures. It helped considerably but several months later after it seemed resolved there were 2 lumps that seemed like perhaps a suture or fragment of a suture left inside. It was itchy and irritating. One of them worked its way to the surface of the skin near the suture scar and opened up and looked like a staph infection.
Avatar n tn You also did not mention how long after the surgery it has been. Sometimes a pre-existing problem has not been addressed or eliminated at the time of the original surgery. Sometimes it is a result of a bleed or small hematoma. The reaction to fillers and subsequent scarring is also an issue. I cannot give you a specific recommendation based on lack of information, but advise you work with your physician in resolving your problems.
Avatar f tn t have any complications but about six months after the surgery I started having chronic throat clearing. It has been constant ever since. I went to a gastroenterologist because I thought it could be acid reflux but she told me it was a throat issue. Then I went to an ETN and he said it was a gastro issue. I've had my throat scoped three times and he said nothing is wrong with my throat and put me on reflux meds. I tried three different kinds an none of them worked.
Avatar m tn I recently visit an ENT because i was having problems with phelgm clearing, horseness with my throat. ENT said i have a few vocal cord noduls and my throat looked a little sore. He has me on prilosec, because he figures it GERD. Med seem to help a little, but still having phelgm and horseness. Will visit ENT again in a few weeks. Another problem is my neck is begining to cause pain on bith left and right sides.
Avatar f tn I have problems with my voice and have for about 30 yrs.I got hit in the throat causing a bone that controls one side of my voice box. I don't know about that type of surgery, but if you were put to sleep they insert a tube down your airway and inflat a balloon to hold it in place. If it is not properly deflated before removing, it can also break those bones. That would give you air instead of sound.
Avatar f tn s any other way to help it other than remove it through surgery, and like Pegasus, surgery is the last thing i want. Especially considering im only 18.
Avatar f tn I had a my tonsil removed about 3 months ago. About 7 weeks after surgery I statred feeling something hanging back of throat. I feel that this is a kind of mucos something. Even though try to swallow it, was in vain. And while I am sleeping, I feel dry throat. What causes this discomfort and how can I ger rid of this.
1098999 tn?1276787267 granted i'm not even a week out of surgery but still.did anyone have issues with swallowing and opening their mouth after surgery? I'm having that issue now and it's like I can't open it too far to put food in my mouth and then it hurts to swallow anything...and i never had any pain in my throat after surgery from the tube being down. it's almost as if it's muscular but not muscular. i don't know how else to describe it.
Avatar m tn After having dcr surgery there was problems with the recovery after local anaesthetic. After 6 weeks it was decided to take tube out. Unfortunately it had to be tried without local anaesthetic. Thed opthalmologist was unable to remove tube. It was released from the eyelid. I have been told to blow my nose repeatedly and hope the tube comes down..Also he said I may have swallowed it. I feel I would know if it had gone down tghe back of the throat. Has anyone any experience of this situation.
Avatar n tn I was fortunate enough to not have thyroid cancer, though they were quite surprised I did not based upon all the pre-surgery labs and tests. After the surgery, there will be some time spent trying to get your husband’s thyroid replacement medication just right. During the period they are trying to get the meds right, he needs to remain patient. Every time they adjust the dosage, it takes about 6 weeks for the body to adjust.
Avatar f tn But I have pain in whole body, specially breast region, arms, neck, jaws, ears, throat. All muscles are pulling. The lips and face are burning.The throat is often choked. On 17th July morning I had chest pain spreading from the left chest to the left arms and fingers. Upon ringigng they told me to come to the emergency. I took one Nitroglycerin tab at home, and got another in hospital. After EKG, blodd tests etc.and 4 hrs. observation they said that it was muscle pain, not heart pain.
Avatar f tn It was during this revision surgery that I suffered damage to my right vocal cord, which is permanently paralyzed and I was informed that they had a great deal of trouble with the intubation for my surgery. When I woke up after surgery, I knew something was wrong as not only could I not speak but I could not swallow either. The loss of my voice q a month and through swallow therapy, I was able to swallow a little better without choking quite as much.