Throat problems after surgery

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Avatar n tn I had alot of mucous in my throat too and it went away after awhile.Do they know what the shortness of breath is from? If you have a sore throat and the choking difficulty drinking ,eating soft foods ect. it could be from that stupid breathing tube!!!!! I had more TROUBLE from that than the surgery!! My throat was sore as hell for 4 days that is what I needed the pain meds for two days for!! HAHA! I had lobectomy on 9/8/09 with possible second surgery - look at uh-oh nodule in Italy! post.
1696759 tn?1306621237 I am 50 years old, quit smoking almost 5 years ago don't drink maybe one drink every other year and I was recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer. I have started chemoradiation treatments and I am in the middle of those treatments, I'm suppose to have a month after these treatments of rest and no treatments then I go in for surgery. The surgeon has told me the types of surgeries i may get including complete removal of the stomach and half the esophagus.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had problems with the vagus nerve after partial thyroid surgery? Having problems swallowing, lump in throat?
Avatar m tn 1 week following surgery I was told that I had thyroid cancer. Before the surgery I had been having problems swallowing and a feeling of constant fullness in my throat. My primary care physician sent me for an ultrasound and I was told that I had several nodules which led to the removal of my thyroid. About a month ago I started having the same feeling of fullness and also have been having problems swallowing when eating.
Avatar n tn After a couple of months post surgery she was able to breath and eat on her own and the doctor decide that it was time to remove her feeding tube and close the incision in her neck. Three days after the surgery (to close the incision) she started having difficulty breathing. Her doctor had to do an emergency tracheotomy because there was an inflammation (not cancerous) in her throat. It’s been 6 months and the inflammation is still there.
Avatar f tn It is normal to have a sore throat after surgery even days later. Mine was actually worse a few days after surgery and i also had a straining sensation in my chest that lasted a while. I'm sure that everyone recooperates differently, however you shall consult the surgeon if it gets worse....
Avatar f tn Unfortunately, a fair number of people seem to have problems after GB surgery, and the symptoms often seem to be closely related to acid reflux - your symptoms sound a bit like those. They may or may not be, but some of the 'early' irritation of the stomach could be due to bile-related issues. If that problem can be calmed down a bit, the symptoms may resolve. You might want to take a look at a GERD diet - which includes limiting fats - to see if it will help the problems.
Avatar n tn I have been wearing contacts for about 15 years without problems, but suddenly I was ordered to stop due to inflamed corneas. The doctor thought this might be related to the sinus problems. A week after the sinus surgery I developed an excruciating headache that lasted for 3 days. My ENT prescribed a steroid and more pain meds. I continued to get these headaches (I'm pretty sure they are migraines - something I never experienced before).
Avatar n tn I had major surgery 8 weeks ago and while I was in recovery I had problems breathing. Since ive been home I find that at times it feels like there is something stuck in my throat or windpipe and I have to take deep breaths it feels like I have cotton in my throat what could this be?
Avatar n tn If these symptoms developed after the gall bladder was removed, I would speculate that the symptoms are the result of the continued circulation of bile. These problems are quite common after surgery and usually subside without needing treatment. You could try PeptoBismol. Increased fiber in your diet may also be beneficial. This information is presented for educational purposes only. Always consult your personal physician for specific medical questions. HFHSM.D.
Avatar f tn After about a year I started having a lot of neck, and throat pain along with hoarsness, painful swallowing and breathing problems. My most recent MRI shows that the plate is impinging on my esophogas. I have a lot of pain in the front of my neck as well. Especiall if I look up. It feels like something is going to pierce through my throat. I have an appointment with a Neurosurgeon next week and am wondering what to expect. What kind of alternatives might I expect to correct this issue?
Avatar f tn Anyway I know people have breathing problems after thyroid surgery I just wanted someone else to tell me I will be able to run 3miles again and not sound like a pig .. When I take a deep breath. Its been 3mths since the 2nd surgery and I am still at 50% in one of my vocal cords and the other one is not moving. Any feed back would be nice..
Avatar f tn Hi, I was wondering if anyone had gallbladder issues as well. Ever since I ws dx with chiari it's been one thing after the other. I never had any medical issues before then except a cold or streph throat. Anyway, I'm suppose to have decompression surgery jan 17 but I started having pain on my right side accompanied by nausea/ vomiting. I went to my primary and she thinks I have gallbladder infection.
Avatar n tn Posted By Marianna on August 27, 1998 at 18:08:00: Two weeks ago I had my gallbladder removed by lap surgery. Lately in the evening during sleep, I am awakened (2-3 times) by a sudden gag type reflex or feeling of something coming up into my throat. I also have an unpleasant taste in my mouth and wake up in the morning with indigestion and nausea. One opinion was hiatal hernia, but I didn't have any problems previous to the surgery.
Avatar n tn m thinking that after 2 months, I should not be experiencing either of these problems. I know the cause of the low blood calcium, but not the throat problem and I dont know the prognosis for either of them. Please give me a realistic idea when, if ever I might expect either problem to go away.
Avatar f tn I heard people say they could feel it when the food went down their throat. Also problems of it not dislodging after the two day period. Ugh, not looking forward to any of this at all. My thyroid surgery was a piece of cake, no stitches, staples or pain. Just the glue. Yesterday at my preop he said no signs of cancer and I was healing well. He said not to take off the glue as I was still quite swollen. I sure miss soaking in the tub.
Avatar n tn I had a total Thyroidectomy yesterday afternoon to remove a 5cm benign mass that was on my left Thyroid. After waking up from the surgery and one day later my voice is completely ruined. I can't speak above a whisper, I can't clear my throat, when I try to drink water, some of it leaks down the wrong tube on the left side of my throat it's like the left side of my throat is paralyzed or something.
Avatar n tn my dog has been quite chesty after being neutered, like she has a cold....why is this.
Avatar n tn i had hernia surgery about 10 days ago i am now have problems with my stomach itching and my throat closing and ear closing the area around the sites are also red. it as intenses itch.
Avatar f tn a month ago I had surgery on C4-C5 and C5-C6 with an incision in the front. My throat felt like it was swollen inside and like it was closing up so the Doctor put me on steroids the day after surgery and was on them for a week. Four days ago the pain came back worse than ever. I have a burning pain in the sternum that goes up to the throat. My throat feels like it is closing and the pressure above the chest area feels as if someone is standing on it. When i eat or drink anything it gets worse.
Avatar n tn ll probably find that your vocal chords are slightly bruised from the intubation tube they put down your throat from surgery. It can happen often. It can take up to 3 months or more in some cases to have the swelling go down. I had two surgeries for thyroid and had no trouble at all. Just a little dryness in the vocal chords that made me cough a fair bit. Often steam can help relieve the chords. Good luck!
Avatar f tn i have suffering 4 years was told i had acid reflux i have flem 24/7 in my throat and throat pain .... i have m.s. had surgery last thursday no nose pain / just throat pain .. its better since surgery its just changes ......
Avatar n tn Hi, I have the same problem. I have had throat problems for many years and in the end my tonsils were finally removed. I am still expereincing chronic throat irritation two months after surgery.
Avatar f tn I had a my tonsil removed about 3 months ago. About 7 weeks after surgery I statred feeling something hanging back of throat. I feel that this is a kind of mucos something. Even though try to swallow it, was in vain. And while I am sleeping, I feel dry throat. What causes this discomfort and how can I ger rid of this.