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Avatar f tn Over the last few weeks I have had a continual sore throat, intermittant ear ache and jaw pain that is now constant. Dr put me on antibiotics for ten days but that didn't work, so wondering if this could be related to Epstein Barr. Has anyone else experienced the jaw pain and ongoing sore throat? Thanks. I am concerned because I had breast cancer four years ago, so hoping my current problems are just Epstein Barr.
Avatar f tn For about 2 weeks I have been having a low grade pain in my right jaw, seems to go into my neck at times. Ibuprophen does help. The reason I am concerned is that my father passed away from throat cancer that had gone into his jaw. His was a very disfiguring, 3 years of more aggressive surgeries. I have not made a Drs appt yet, but intend to soon.
Avatar f tn ve also been having swelling and throbbing pain on the left side from the base of my neck up to my jaw, under my jaw and all the way to my left ear which occasionally aches. Sometimes my throat feels thick, kind of like its closing and makes breathing difficult. I never feel a difference in size or anything from my left side to right but all of the symptoms are on the left and it gets very uncomfortable. It also hurts after I've been pushing on it to see if I can feel lumps.
Avatar m tn i been having sum pain in my jaw by my ear been having my lymph nodes swollen for over a month...went to the doctor but was told could be allergies...of wat i know of never really had allergies....also sum neck stiffness...
Avatar m tn For about a month now I have had jaw pain under the mandible. Lymph nodes are not swollen and the pain comes and goes. Driving me crazy. Starting to think salivary gland is blocked as my.mouth is a bit dry.
Avatar m tn Just to add that it's common to have a throat discomfort accompany jaw pain. When I had angina attacks, the lower jaw felt really stiff like it was difficult to move and all along under the lower back teeth ached. This always followed throat discomfort. The only way I can describe the throat discomfort is to ask you to imagine eating a lot of very strong mint sweets. Eating a whole packet very fast and then drinking cold water.
Avatar f tn I have been getting jaw pain over a few months, twice when I've felt a massive "click" and it hurt, and this morning it felt locked and has been sore since. My ears have also felt blocked. Anyone have any ideas? Don't really want to go to drs if I don't have to.
Avatar f tn I have had jaw pain for many days, only on one side, now i have ear and throat pain on the same side, and my jaw hurts so bad, like I had been punched (or so I assume) really har din the jaw. It hurts to eat, and I have pain in my ear and a sore throat.....can anyone give me advise? Bad sinuses? Time to go the Dr?
Avatar m tn s a very good idea to seek therapy ~ it can make a world of difference in your life! Regarding the jaw pain; clenching jaw muscles can affect your neck and jaw, it is actually a common symptom for many people who suffer from anxiety. If it is extreme, you can ask your dentist for a mouth guard, which can help reduce the pain and also save your teeth from any future damage ( use it at night while you sleep, or if you nap anytime)...
Avatar f tn pain meds they gave me went all down my lower jaw and throat causing huge pain.. still have the pain in jaw. Normal? due to this i am not going back for this cleaning again i have never experienced this sort of pain ever. Wondering if she hit a nerve when she was giving me the shot.
Avatar m tn I am a 21 year old non smoker, currently suffering a few days of neck pain, with occasional pain swallowing, sometimes minor ear ache (only on left side). I once had an inflamed lyph node (some months ago) but then nothing unil now. I have a history of hypochondria, and identifying pains with no cause, and was begining to worry about having pancreatic cancer or some bowl problems before, but this certainly seems real. Pain comes and goes.
Avatar n tn You know I may also be TMJ, that's what I have,the worst case. I get pain in my jaw, headaches, sometimes throat pain, and ear pain, and back pain, you'll know if you have it by pressure on your side jaw(both sides) Just my oppinion.
Avatar f tn I say that because i have had a few dental issues such as wisdom teeth coming through, dead tooth and even TMG where my jaw aches and causes pain side of the head, neck and throat.
Avatar m tn When the numbness wore off, I experienced jaw/throat pain in the back of my mouth on the right side with the pain centered below my ear. The pain is tolerable but is is difficult to swallow and chew. Now on Friday, the pain continues and it has remained the same since the first day. Since I am not experiencing tooth pain, should I call the dentist and schedule an appointment?
Avatar n tn I have severe throat pain on left side mainly underneath jaw and at bottom of throat. Seems to be set off by acidic foods, or swallowing bulky rough items. I have never had a sore throat like this before -- I have no other symptoms no cold, no runny nose, no cough etc. It has not gotten any better after a kind of 2 day onset 6 days ago. Yawning really hurts severely.
Avatar m tn chest ache, spreads to throat, then jaw, then headache. been taking 3 advil which within 15 mins eliminates all pain.
Avatar n tn I had a colonoscopy four days ago and the anesthesiologist told me I would be given Propofol to sedate me and only if there were problems there was a chance that I might be intubated which might chip my teeth. I was positioned on my left side and instructed to bring my knees up to my chest. She then put a mask over my nose and mouth. I woke up with the worst sore throat of my life. My throat was blood red and it hurt to talk, cough, breath and swallow.
Avatar f tn I started off having a verry bad headache now im having right throat pain and right ear pain my jaw is also swollen what can this be i'm in verry bad pain
Avatar n tn For about 4 days now i have had severe jaw pain, i seriously cant open my mouth without wanting to cry, brushing my teeth and eating have been a hard task. also it hurts just on the left side and just starting for 2 days its been affecting my ear. i recently have discovered jaw pain is a sign of heart disease. im not even sure if its true. im 20 years old and i have been diagnosed with tachycardia, hypertension, and high cholesterol. also i will add im 95 pounds.
Avatar n tn i just started getting a needle sharp pain in my neck below my ear extending to the jaw area when i swallow, what could cause this?
Avatar n tn I went for my routine cleaning at the dentist two days ago and expected a little soreness of my jaw and back gums around my wisdom teeth. However, the pain in my jaw is still present, and so bad that i can barely open my mouth halfway to eat, and when I swallow it feels like I have strep throat. The dentist did a lot of evaluating of my jaw bone during the appointment since i have minor TMJ disorder, but my TMJ disorder does not cause pain like I am experiencing now.
Avatar n tn Has been sick for seven weeks now. Started with strep throat and sinuitis, then the jaw pain and stiff neck which moved into shoulders. Test for lupus is negative, and negative for Fibromyalgia also. Any ideas would be welcomed.
Avatar m tn I have had chronic facial pain for the past 3 years. It started one morning and basically has lasted everyday since then. It starts in the am and lasts all day long. I have it on both sides of my face but never at the same time. It is constant throbbing and ripping feeling in my jaw, aching teeth, and burning throat. I have been to see so many specialists over the years and the closest i have gotten to a diagnosis is possible atypical neuralgia.
14726666 tn?1448779692 I am still in constant pain with no relief and the pain now seems to be more on the lower jaw and at the back of my throat. I have a constant sore throat only on the left side. My dentist did a cat scan and said that I have an extra tooth under the gum on my lower left side. He has recommended me to an oral surgeon to have the extra tooth cut out. First how do they know that the dark spot is an extra tooth under the gum and not something in my bone?