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Avatar m tn I have a severe sore throat, my neck hurts and is stiff. I also have a head ache and body aches. My jaw and ear hurts. What is it?
Avatar m tn July 31, i had oral surgery i had broken teeth leaving barely no tooth its been 9 days i still have a ear ache ,sore throat and my right gland hurts i have been taking pain meds like candy one day this week ii cried all day !i went to get my new denture for the top the dentist said everything look good ......
Avatar n tn I went to a pulmonologist for asthma. She was giving me the once over and I told her I had this weird sore throat on the right side of my throat. She asked me if I had a tooth ache. I said yes. The conversation stopped. I need to call her and ask her what she was thinking. Weird stuff. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Lower right jaw pain & sore throat</a>.
Avatar m tn My symptoms are; Ear ache (gone today), Throbing pain for a couple of mins in neck, ache in jaw, kind of a heavyness of the throat, once or twice ive had pain swallowing.
Avatar f tn Over the last few weeks I have had a continual sore throat, intermittant ear ache and jaw pain that is now constant. Dr put me on antibiotics for ten days but that didn't work, so wondering if this could be related to Epstein Barr. Has anyone else experienced the jaw pain and ongoing sore throat? Thanks. I am concerned because I had breast cancer four years ago, so hoping my current problems are just Epstein Barr.
Avatar n tn The other issue has also happened a few days ago. I woke up with a bad ache like pain in the right side of my jaw, seems to be under the cheek bone. Again it varies from day to day but it does annoy when I move my mouth and eat. The thing is I was fine then all of a sudden I have these two odd pains in my neck and jaw which I have never had before.
Avatar n tn Throat discomfort, jaw ache, chest pains are all classic angina symptoms.
Avatar f tn I am desperate to get some ideas on what my problem might be caused by. My Dr, admits that he hasn't a clue. It started 8 months ago with a dry throat that wouldn't clear (often productive when it finally did) and went on to become a constant tickly cough in my throat. It's getting slowly worse and worseI avoid coughing or clearing my throat whenever possible because its almost impossible to stop once started.
Avatar f tn Sometimes I have a dull ache that feels like it is starting in my jaw, makes my throat feel tight, and causes a pain in my chest and rib cage area. I have tried to take antacids thinking it could be heart burn or something but it never does much. I am a 24 yo female that is very active and eats generally healthy. This usually occurs after eating and happens every few weeks.
Avatar m tn chest ache, spreads to throat, then jaw, then headache. been taking 3 advil which within 15 mins eliminates all pain.
Avatar n tn my mom is sick... she is having trouble breathing, a headache, jaw ache, sore throat and a running nose. we were thinking maybe pnemonia? any ideas besides going to Dr. because she doesnt have insurance.
Avatar m tn My glands in my neck (just under jaw bone and down side of neck) have had a dull ache for the last week or so. i havent acquired a sore throat and feel fine in myself although sometime have had headaches as well. Today the right side of my groin has started a dull ache as well...could these be connected due to the glands in the areas... no other glands appear to aching (armpit and stomach) I have just been taking ibuprofen for the time being.
Avatar f tn It feels as though its coming from the sides of my neck/jaw/throat. It started again Friday after I drank some sweet wine. It just started to ache and I switched to drinking water. I have drank wine (dry though) before and been fine. My nose was running also as I suffer with allergies and a friend had strong perfume on. I can't work out what is causing this acheing. If I press my neck near the glands it feels tender and aches. What could it be? Can reflux cause this?
Avatar f tn The neck muscles coming down from my ear are very hard and I have intense pain just below my jear/jaw. Often ear ache accompanies and in last 6 mos, severe tooth ache (top and bottom) and cheek pain. It lasts for 3-6 wks. Usually on right side but sometimes on left. It is one side or other, not both. I have been to 6 doctors-3 said there's nothing wrong, 2 said sinus infection and gave me antibiotics and the third said musculo-skeletal injury. The antibiotics helped a little, maybe 50%.
Avatar n tn My chest pain with the spasms and the angina have always been the same. Burning ache that radiates up to my jaw and at times as far as my cheek bones. It is always dead center in my chest. But the best way I can describe it is a burning ache. Not pain. I even have problems with upper back discomfort. I describe that as a pins and needles sensation with a back ache.
Avatar f tn I keep getting an on and off dull ache in my chest on the left side and on/off raw/sore feeling in throat that comes and goes and feels sensitive to air. 9. On and off dull pain in head near my temple. I don't have anymore spasms in my neck so the pressure/tension headache I was having has subsided. 9. Throughout the day, I feel the need to belch before I swallow. That's pretty much it. I do work on my computer and spend 8 hours or so sitting here.
Avatar f tn Also, I was upset a couple times recently and if I start to cry, I can feel the fluid in my ear and it will make my right ear and right side of my throat ache. Please, someone answer this. I'm freaking out!
Avatar n tn thanks for responding - I was also considering going to a md to check for ear infection or something, but I feel that it is dental related and I have no fever or anything. Does your ear ache with your jaw infection? Thanks for helping.
Avatar n tn I have a severe soar throat and my neck is stiff almost like i slept wrong however for 2 days now i also feel weak a have a head ache in the bck of my head. also both of my ears and jaw hurt.
Avatar n tn I my teeth hurt sometimes it feels like a tooth ache, and its not located in the same place ,also I havepain in my jaw, and neck for the past couple of months, I've had x-rays done a couple of times, they can't find anything, any advice would be appreciated
346570 tn?1267500027 Its kinda like having a sore throat but on the out side of my throat but still under my skin....does that make sense? Anyway has anyone else had this kinda of ache...what was it?? I don't feel bad otherwise although I had a cold a couple weeks ago and mono is going around. But I have no current symptoms right now other than maybe a runny nose.
Avatar f tn Try placing your forefinger on the floor of the mouth on that side, between last molar and the tongue; place the forefinger of the opp hand below the jaw and try to press the region between the two fingers. You are trying to feel your salivary gland in that region. Is it painful? In this event or also if you don't find anything unusual, meet an ENT surgeon. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I have been taking antibiotics and pain killers and the severe pain has dulled down but my jaw and facial muscles all still ache terribly. It is really horrible, constant discomfort that makes me feel sick and depressed. I can't bear the thought of having this pain indefinitely. What could it be? Is it possible that it is related to the tooth infection, or do I need to learn to relax my jaw? It's driving me literally crazy.
Avatar f tn my jaw aches and i keep pushing my bottom teeth up to my top teeth causing them to ache especially in the morning when i wake so god knows what i am doing in the night with my jaw. would this have anything to do with what is making me snore so bad. i dont have to be in a deep sleep either to snore, even when i am just dozing it is happening all the time. i dont smoke and i hardly drink.i am 48 yrs old. kind regards.
Avatar f tn s been about a week now) got a cold from my mother (started out as a scratchy throat then went on to a cough, stuffy nose - really stuffy) and about half way through the week my jaw started to ache. To describe the pain it almost feels as if I'd just removed my wisdom teeth (which I know the feeling quite well). It's not an intense pain but more a dull ache that also seems to be connected to my headaches as well.
Avatar f tn Now iv had my filling I no longer have the toothache but I am suffering from this face ache. It is really sore to touch and when I open my mouth my jaw hurts too. Anyone know what this could be? So painful!
Avatar f tn Then I staerted having pain in my loer jaw, throat and inner ear. The chips finally fell out this weekend but my ear is still very painful. I can not take antibiotics because it will negate my birth control. Will this clear up on its own now that the chips are gone? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/421521'>ear pressure tooth and sinus pain. Inner Infection? Wisdom teeth? Both?</a>.