Throat and jaw cancer

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Avatar f tn I have a lump at the under side of mouth. between my chin and throat. my jaw is sore and i feel like i have a lump in my throat when i swallow.
Avatar f tn There are many medical articles that demonstrate a link between HPV in the throat and throat cancer. I have had a large number of unprotected oral sex partners, and I wonder if there is a chance that I have developed cancer in my throat. The first doctor assured me that I didn't have cancer, since my symptoms have been going on for so long and I haven't developed night sweats or weight loss.
Avatar m tn So I went back to my doctor again today and she took a throat culture and blood test. My doctor is confused, so please if anyone knows why this is happeneing pleae tell me.
Avatar f tn The reason I am concerned is that my father passed away from throat cancer that had gone into his jaw. His was a very disfiguring, 3 years of more aggressive surgeries. I have not made a Drs appt yet, but intend to soon.
14726666 tn?1448779692 I am still in constant pain with no relief and the pain now seems to be more on the lower jaw and at the back of my throat. I have a constant sore throat only on the left side. My dentist did a cat scan and said that I have an extra tooth under the gum on my lower left side. He has recommended me to an oral surgeon to have the extra tooth cut out. First how do they know that the dark spot is an extra tooth under the gum and not something in my bone?
Avatar m tn i went to my doctors for about 3 weeks before he did anything? i had blood tests done on my thyroid and other stuff?? im worried about cancer all the time as i lost a friend through it!!! can my bloods rule out cancer of the throat??
Avatar m tn A couple of months ago i began to experience a sore throat. It was a low level (as far as pain) but persistent. After a few tests for strep, and round of antibiotics etc I was sent for an ultrasound. They found a lymph node in my neck that is 3cm in size. I am scheduled for a biopsy. Presently, the throat issue has been on and off for 2-3 months. At times it feels as if my throat is "hot" around the roof of my mouth as well as at times feeling that there is a lump or bump in the back.
Avatar f tn t know if thats the reason for the enlarged lymph node! The thing is that 6 days ago my neck and tongue are sore but not like a regular sore throat its weird! It bothers me even when I move my tongue to the side and only the left side even my jaw hurts its unexplainable it only goes away when I take ibuprofen and after researching about my symptoms I'm scared! Now I'm panicking about it being throat cancer or something like that what can it be is it the thyroid? Cancer? I'm scared!!
Avatar m tn i recently found a marble sized lump under the skin on my throat, between my jaw line and voicebox. to be honest i haven't really thought much of it until i coupled it with a few other symptoms I've felt the past 2 months or so, mainly headaches, loss of appetite and when i do eat, feeling ill after wards. because of this I've lost a lot of weight, feel lethargic and rarely sleep well. I'm 20 year old guy, non smoker, occasional drinker but as far as I know generally healthy.
Avatar m tn So, a few days ago I noticed a little ball in the side/lower back of my neck, and the lynph node under the right side of my jaw is swollen. I've have a fever, mildly sore throat, and have been feeling kinda shotty, but I'm not really "sick" (no flu symptoms). I'm thinking about going to a doctor, because I'm scared I might have thyroid cancer. Any help? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Lump in throat feeling, a lump on my gum, fever and itchy burning throat, my throat gets scratchy to where my voice changes.. My jaw pops and clicks when I open my mouth my face and jaw was hurting so bad I could barley open my mouth I had night and day sweats and a couple of days where I'm not hungry and headaches.. Does anyone have any advice could this really be oral cancer?
Avatar f tn Sorry if this seems lengthy but I need some feedback! 4 weeks ago, I was fine and in good health. I make it a point to visit my doctor regularly b/c I do suffer from OCD, anxiety, and I can be a bit of a hyperchondriac. My problems all started 3 weeks ago when I ate some spicy food. I had burning in my chest and throat. I was told it was probably acid reflux and was given Prilosec. All of the symptoms went away on day 2 of taking Prilosec and I was OK until day 4.
Avatar m tn I have a history of hypochondria, and identifying pains with no cause, and was begining to worry about having pancreatic cancer or some bowl problems before, but this certainly seems real. Pain comes and goes. It basically began when I read about Hitchens getting throat cancer some days ago, but that doesnt make the pain or worry less real. I've felt my neck and can feel tons of little lumps and bumps, none seem unusual to me... but I wouldnt know. What sould I do? is it cancer?
Avatar m tn So I have a lump or inflammation of what I presume is a gland between my large neck muscle and under the back of my jaw line. Last week I was ok but developed a sore throat and headaches late last week and by the weekend I had a sore throat, vomited once and developed a sore neck and this lump all in the space of a day. I dunno what it is but if I turn my neck now it's not that painful but before it felt like I had strained a muscle in my neck and the lump itself is quite tender to touch.
Avatar m tn she just said everything looked normal in my mouth and there where no swollen lymph nodes anywhere and she looked in my nose and ears and said everything looked normal there too, but my jaw still hurts and so does my tongue im so worried this coukd be cancer i feel crazy and everyone thinks im being irrational but idk what else this all is. could anyone tell me if i could get head/ neck cancer at this age even though i dont use tobacco, or what these symptoms could be.
Avatar f tn It is good to know that the imaging studies done were okay and did not show any form of mass or malignancy. Cancer of the throat usually presents with abnormal breathing sounds, coughing up blood, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness that does not get better in 1 - 2 weeks, neck pain, sore throat that does not get better in 1 - 2 weeks, even with antibiotics, swelling or lumps in the neck and unintentional weight loss.
Avatar n tn I used to chew tobacco and now I am nervous that this could be a throat cancer issue, although the symptoms of this don't add up. I have my yearly physical coming this month and I hope to get some answers. I am extremely nervous and this is hampering my daily life activities.
Avatar m tn A month and a half after still have chest, back and arm tightness along with tightness in right neck and jaw and have had persistent throat clearing. I also have issue with small yellow spots in sputem and occassionally darker streak/dots (could be blood) when I force a deep cough.
Avatar f tn I have swollen nodes in my jaw and neck. Been to thedoctors they did blood work altrasound on my neck they said nothin was wrong. I also have had pain in jaw and ear for six months. Doctor said my ear looks fine. Don't know what to do. Do not have insurance so can not go see diff doctors. Hope you can answer!
Avatar f tn For the past 3-4 months I have a pain between my ear and my jaw, my glands in my throat are swollen and ive started getting headaches on that side. Ive previously had skin cancer and im terrified that there is something sinister going on in this area. Ive visited a GP who had a look at my throat and said it was a viral infection (however ive had it now for a long long time!
Avatar f tn Its not your regular sore throat its like the left side of my jaw throat and tongue! When I move my tounge to either side it hurts! I read about these symptoms and I'm scared!!! I also have an enlarged lymph node on right side of my neck for about 2 months now!! It only stops hurting when I take 800 mg of ibuprofen!!!!! What test can I get to rule out any kind of cancer?!?!?!
1415174 tn?1453243103 The GP thought so too at first. Later he referred me to a ear nose and throat doctor to have them check for sure. The Ear , nose and throat doctor/surgeon thought it could be a clogged salivary glad so he asked for at CT scan to see. The CT scan was negative and he said it was a muscle knot. In my case since i have myofasical pain syndrome it fits. So it isn't always a lymph node and could also be cancer but luckily for me it wasn't.
484932 tn?1226513291 I had a half of a root canal a week ago, the detist gave me no antibioticsor pain killers, but I had pre anitbiotics, after the novicane wore off my tooth still hurt , although not quite the same , more like pressure on it , then my jaw swelled up and I called and got some antibiotics the selling went down but now I have three very painful lumps in my throat , one under my jaw, one where your glands get swollen with a cold, etc and one way down on the side of my adams apple.
Avatar m tn In the last 3 months been having sore throat on and off on regular basis and lately and now some upper jaw pain and ear pain on and off and been having some lips feel like burning a bit may be from looking so much in my mouth for something been strecting them so so worried of oral hpv went to two different ent and dentist and my general doctor told me could not find any thing one the ent with a scope visual said lpr acid reflux.
Avatar m tn am waiting to go and see a specialist out of town . but my problems is getting worse my voice has changed very horce and my jaw and face is num most of the time the pain is terrible what do you think i might have could it be cancer of the throat all the signs or their.