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Avatar f tn today my mom is coming since im not feeking wek now a days i have an appointment with my dr also me n dh is very exited to see the little baby n the heart beat.
Avatar f tn I sure would like to know what chances I have to live a normal live. I am really into exercise, am now afraid to exercise and the doctor just states as tolorated. At 64 this is a disappointment and a half. Sure hope I am wrong about my ability to do even yard work.
863467 tn?1254014981 ok. so this is so very weird my heart skips all the time. I see shiny spots and my heartbeat in my vision and i just feel all this pressure from my chest up to the top of my head. It feels very weird and it scares me. My ablations work and i believe i passed my stress test. But how to you live again after having a major SVT attack? I get scared all the time cause I don't want to die. Am I the only one that feels this way?
Avatar f tn gave in to my cravings after feeling much better.i thought i was getting somewhere, but just went back to the same place i was 4 days one so disappointed.
428506 tn?1296557399 fell short, choked, ran dry. However you want to phrase it. I've made it through various professional obligations since getting sick, and though I feel like a fraud, I've managed thus far (though my professional future is a gray area....) This past weekend I traveled to be in a wedding. I didn't think it was a big deal, if anything I thought it'd be like a mini-vacay. But it unexpectedly tripped me up.
Avatar f tn today was hard i went to the obgyn n still no heart beat so i guess im gettin the dnc i dont want to i love my baby its so hard i dont understand how r y does this happen like i feel more n more depressed i dont want to do nothin but think about my lil bby arcangel n cry sometimes i think y cant i be wit my bby i love u arcangel please lord is there any thing that helps i cant even think no more my angel my heart n soul i love my kids i made mistakes n i sry for saying wat i said i really jus wa
4614494 tn?1368356385 You know with all that being said In my latest journal entry I know that my heart and what's inside is truly what makes a person beautiful. That's one thing I didn't know as a kid growing up. I heard it but never really cared or believed it. Now I know it and want my insides to be beautiful again. I want His love to home through me again. I don't want to be filled w resentment towards my jack ash of a brother for trying to destroy me.
1679243 tn?1307674938 d seen, even when I was pushing my heart rate upwards to 130 bpms. I was feeling confident that my heart would recover from the inductions during the EP study and for 5 times ( at least according to the short printout I was provided, I have no idea if he tried more times than that or not) at trying to induce arrhythmia, my heart recovered. Until V fib was induced by the Dr and I was shocked back to life.
545400 tn?1279740026 I broke down in tears last night, after months of worries and keeping my chin up, I gave in. I always thought I would be letting myself and everyone I care about, down if I cried, but I feel so much better! I have felt for so long that I needed to be strong for everyone else, that if I was weak & cried, then they would too, so in a way by me being strong, I was keeping them strong FOR me. (I'm sure that makes no sence at all.
2144644 tn?1338258329 7/7/12 How do I explain these feelings I feel This can't be happening, these feelings too real I am confused, thoughts running through my mind The crystals on my face are leaving me blind You are paying no attention to my feelings nor me So why is my heart so blind, that it cannot see See that you do not feel the same way For the stupidy of my heart, I have a price to pay The pain and misery of having my heart break in two From somebody that, from the beginning, was never mine One-sided h
1124147 tn?1319061886 But the nurse was very helpful by comforting as best as she could. I was able to see and hold my son it felt great but my heart dropped when I realized I wasn't going home with him. I blamed myself everyday because I thought it was something I did wrong or it was something I could have prevented. I went through so much to have gotten that far to have him ripped from my arms. I cry all the time when I see his picture I keep in by my bedside and hold it until I fall asleep.
959621 tn?1291246952 I am taking my vicodin. I don't want to, but I can't tolerate the pain anymore. I am calling my doctor tomorrow to see if I can get a refill. If for some reason she won't I will go get the percocets filled....I am sick of this. I am waiting to see if the pain eases off when my period stops.
193905 tn?1325397189 i gave the money to my wife and told her I was craving bad. I spent 2 days craving and thinking. I have been prayfull non stop 2 days asking God to handle this for me because I cant on my knees (take it away) Mind games bigtime. I CANT USE! I feel so good. I woke 4 am smiling as though its solved. I feel good, God made self will only God can cure self will ( hand it over) I can't do it he can so I'm giving up. The Big guy is now in charge.
657423 tn?1227280657 I had to take one since they do cause seizures! But I just took one b/c I felt like ****!! So today hopefully none!
495284 tn?1333894042 I so want to fix everything for you but i cant and that is what kills me the most. I am supposed to be able to do that as i am your momma. All i can do is listen at this point. You have some big changes coming and i will be right by your side. I know you are so scared to face the world again by yourself but you are stronger than you realize. You are just as stubborn as i am and that will eventually take you places.
219241 tn?1413537765 I start the Tambocor as it is known here, on the Thursday morning. NO wait! I start it at midday, I have to take my thyroxine four hours before. 2 hours later, I feel funny.....not ha ha either. Racing heart.....hmmm...ok, no biggie. But my tongue feels numb and my lips kind of as well. Number 4 warning bell. Friday, Heart plays up most of day, ask pharmacist who basically says, Hmm I dunno. Thanks, thanks for your intelligent conversation to ease my mind.
961612 tn?1250642671 I am even confined to bed for a few days to let my heart rest(H/R hit over 300). They gave the one that starts with a D to stop the attack, good drug, don't like the effects, then 4 shots of Ativan, to stop the shaking and bring the heart rate down a little further, then a pain-shot stop the pain that this attack caused in my chest and other parts of my body. But I am alive and to me that is all that counts.
446156 tn?1275859576 I have to go to the ER today becouse I was throwing up everything. Even water. They gave me fluids an meds to make that make me stop throwing up. That sucked. But I got to hear the babys heart beat. My mother in law got to hear it too. I was able to eat tonight an I'm feeling much better now.
371980 tn?1276740809 AT least right now its warm out when I was going threw WD’s it was December and so cold..i hate the cold. I got all bundled up, I actually resembled the little kid Randy from The Christmas Story, and took that walk. I will tell you what, when I got back home I did feel a little better and it also kept my mind off of how crappy I was feeling. You will eventually find what works best for you and when you do stick with it.
1041303 tn?1421387341 My Grandpa passed away yesterday in my arms. I happened to be there at the time he decided to go to heaven. It was the hardest thing I ever had to witness!! Not being able to do anything as he stopped breathing, just holding him in my arms crying. I am very happy that he is no longer suffering, but at the same time I want him here with me. He lived a long happy life and passed away at age 93.
187666 tn?1331173345 I know I had a bit of a cold last week and felt crummy but my heart just wouldn't settle down. Too much of that heavy thumping, lots of ectopics, bursts of tachy, day and night. I finally gave up and took a Diltiazem last evening. I slept so well with a much quieter heart. It felt like a vacation.
1183190 tn?1326108934 Hi Well its been 7 years since my last STD test, i have a 5 year son and a very kind wife. Though i never went back to complete normalcy, i moved on with my life My wife wanted a second child and i have been having blurry visions.. My Optomologist changed my glasses prescription and advised a diabetic test which was within the range. I have given a STD panel today , results will be in tomorrow. Really stressed out...
1316708 tn?1310916182 As I let my heart open up and feel all the Good and the Bad..I find that the feelings get better each and every day. I find myself able to write something down and start to just let it lay there. Don't pick it up and carry it any more. Let my inner self come out and let me sing my song.. I'm learning to speak up.. as I learn how to speak up for myself , I also learn how to say it with Grace.
Avatar f tn So...the love of my life left me..... Im sitting here trying to get his words out of my head...."i love you ..but im not inlove with you" can that be.. For almost a year i treated him n his kids as my family....i never gave him a reason not to love me....not only that ...i have herpes... He claimed he couldent have given it to me....but ive been screened multipl times even while i was with him (keep in mind i was 100% faithfull)...i belive he gave it to me....
Avatar f tn I can not believe it's been a year; my sweet little Logan is one. My heart hurts. I wish he could stay small forever....Knowing that we probable won’t be having anymore babies, is just killing me. I don’t think I can not, not have another one. I am so sad. To think this is my last 1st birthday I will ever get to throw. Knowing that all of he’s 1st were my lasts. Its heart braking….
636562 tn?1223667445 but they almost immediately went away. I felt my heart a lump in my chest...maybe I was just feeling my heart beating fast? Or is that palpitations?
414192 tn?1202798171 well i finely gave in i didnt last longer the 2 days cold turkey i gave in and found some mepergans i bout only 8 to try to take them when im realy hurting i got back to the doc on the 15 for moe shots in my back and to get all my scips but the hard part is that i have to try to not take them im trying so hard to get off this **** and i just dont think i cann fight much more i mean i know im only 25 and i have 3 butiful lil girls one 7,2and 3 months im trying to do this 4 them but it seems likei
Avatar f tn I am not sure really what I hope to accomplish by writing this but I had to put my dog to sleep Friday. The grief is totally overwhelming I loved her so much. I have been sober a very long time but this grief is taking me to my knees. She was only 6 I wasn't prepared for her to go. In 2 weeks time she went from a healthy dog to being blind and eaten up with disease, I cant seem to stop crying I keep looking for her.
784558 tn?1276007829 Instead of losing I gained ~ yet again. But, I'm not too concerned about it. I can live without any anxiety about weight. Life's going well & I'm not letting setbacks as trivial as this concern me. I'm often told I'm 'skinny' but that just ain't true. Have learned to relax & enjoy so many other things. For anyone else that's truly overweight don't take any notice of my ramblings. If your health's at stake you need to be serious.