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Avatar f tn Taraji Aaliyah Tarajikay Aaliyah
3093760 tn?1340926651 On June 7th 2012 I gave bith to my daugther Aaliyah. I was only 20 weeks pregnant with her when she was born. so 45 mins after giving birth to her she passed away. Due to not having her lungs developed. Me and my husband dont want to wait to give Aaliyah a brother or sister and want to try again. Now my question is can I get pregnant 3 weeks after giving birth to Aaliyah and losing her?
456090 tn?1259694837 We were able to get Aaliyah her H1N1 shot as well. Even though my immune system is not well I will have to wait to get my H1N1 shot when more is available.
4154844 tn?1351603363 Awr looks like I now have to talk my boyfriend round hehe maybee he will settle for Aaliyah and have grace as a middle name :)
Avatar f tn I have found the doctor and he gave me heart medicine but no real idea of what was wrong. I sure would like to know what chances I have to live a normal live. I am really into exercise, am now afraid to exercise and the doctor just states as tolorated. At 64 this is a disappointment and a half. Sure hope I am wrong about my ability to do even yard work.
10135748 tn?1412019177 My husband and I finally agreed on Allyiah for our little girl due in March, Ally for short. :) I love that you don't ever see it spelled that way.
1992766 tn?1327056854 Hi,I have a 6 year old niece that was diagnosed with an astro tumor at the back of her brain. She had surgery removing 90% of it. Now one year later it is growing back and the doctor wants to operate again! We are confused! Is there anyone that has been through this and if so what advice can you offer?
Avatar f tn My name is AaliYah, so of course I say Aaliyah.. But I like Maliyah too!!
869758 tn?1329522052 I heard my baby's heartbeat for the first time today. It was so loud and so fast and so strong! It was so amazing. It was the best sound I have ever heard. I can't believe how amazing it felt to hear her inside of me! I am in awe of the whole situation. Hearing my baby's heartbeat is the best feeling in the whole world!!!
187666 tn?1331173345 I know I had a bit of a cold last week and felt crummy but my heart just wouldn't settle down. Too much of that heavy thumping, lots of ectopics, bursts of tachy, day and night. I finally gave up and took a Diltiazem last evening. I slept so well with a much quieter heart. It felt like a vacation.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 36wks and my baby name is Going to be Aaliyah Nevaeh. I went through the the same thing in trying to find baby girl names. Well when it all boiled down to it he gave her that name. But the funny thing is now he can't pronounce it. Wow.
1668776 tn?1375485481 Here is a video I have made to express my feelings on what im going through....It is a youtube video. The direct link to the video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwheUKqf0dY Or you can visit my channel, and the video will automatically start : http://www.youtube.
Avatar f tn Amayah :) or Aaliyah
4670474 tn?1358221496 My daughter had a name for months before born. Then that wasn't going to be it. We went to the hospital with a could names and when she came she didn't look like any of them. So she got a completely different name that wasn't on our list. Went a couple days without a babe while hospital. Finally she got one and fits her.. Go with a couple names you like..
Avatar n tn I cannot decide between Aubrey Aaliyah or Alicia Elena.
7155150 tn?1392091954 After searching around we finally have my daughter's name AALIYAH JAZLEEN CORDOVA. ...
9156053 tn?1406059654 My fiancee passed away and I was thinking micah for a boy name my fiancee name was michael my 2nd daughter name is.
182884 tn?1259312906 April 2nd, 2008. Somewhat stressful day, though nothing extra stressful, just usual not enough time to do everything. Somewhere around 4;30 p.m. running errands, mailing packages, groceries then local video store to drop off video and pick out new one. Sudden intense, squeezing sensation, I have never felt before. Feels like all the breath is being squeezed out of my chest, mid chest area, high up.about 5 inches or so below collarbone level in middle of chest.
Avatar n tn Downloading love song god gave me u for his video to me7pm
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