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1152046 tn?1305767488 so DH played his video games all night just about every night the entire weekend through last night-he even called outta work yesterday and we did nothing. Granted, I am sick-so im not much fun, but still- its been very hard to go to bed when you hear the game characters whistlin' and dogs barking, skreachy type sounds and whatever else was going on.
Avatar m tn No one seems to have a perfect story that matches mine. When I play video games for long periods(few hours, 2 or 3.) I get this numbness/tingling on the side of my face. It has gotten worse over the years now with a burning/pressure feeling.... I also get some sort of dizziness/light headedness. I'm very concerned.... In my family seizures from video games is in our genes.. Im very concerened Should I see a doctor??? Btw this has been happening for a few years now...
Avatar m tn is it bad to play playstation 3 on black ops 2 since people are shooting like a real life war because i want to get married and if i cant get married because the future wife sees me on the ps3 and divorces me its distracting. but i hear video games are bad for marriage and i was going to buy one but i dont want to now.
Avatar m tn The X box kinnect has a sensor bar ad this is where as you move--- you are actually in the game. They are active games. Fun things like sports games but also things like Jedi's with light sabers. My kids love kinnect and it keeps them moving.
Avatar n tn played video game with wife all day
Avatar f tn He may be able to wear the patch after school and on weekends, especially during detailed near activities such as reading, writing, computer use, and video games. Occluding the better eye will lead to improved vision in the weak (ambylopic) eye. Other therapy options are a dark contact lens worn over the good eye, or atropine drops in the good eye. These drops will dilate the pupil and blur the good eye.
Avatar m tn right now i currently have it in my head that i'm dying from bacterial menengitis, a brain tumor, and heart disease, i know i'm not, but i can't seem to shake it out of my head, does anyone have any tips to distract myself from these feelings of dying, because they are becoming more and more intolerable.
Avatar m tn ive had an ultrasound by the specialist himself and he said i had a good heart.... but when i play video games i get real nervouse lots and my heart will start pounding.. after this happens a few times for about 3-4 days later i can feel my heart beat a little more and it seems to be a little faster... say mid 70 beats per minute... but yeah my doctors say everything is could so im woundering what this could be thkss...
1015873 tn?1261271548 What are your favorite video games of all times? What System are they for, and why do you enjoy them?
Avatar f tn So I came down stairs and he was playing on my laptop playing stupid freaking video games. So I asked him if he called and he said yeah they said come anytime today. So I checked his phone... He didn't call at all he hasn't gotten or made a call at all since yesterday! He's always too busy with the damn video games to do what I ask him to do. He won't even lay with me at night because he's up until like 6 playing the stupid computer game!!!
Avatar n tn Hello, I recently aquired the internet and hope I can find some help. My 8 year old son will still not take the time to go to the toilet. I feel he is just lazy and it makes me angry, as I am truly tired of dealing with human feces. He does fine with urination ( except at night) but he still has a dirty rear end (and underwear) every day. I tried counseling, and he is very emotional with lots of behaviorial problems as well.
Avatar n tn In addition to my hand jerking sometimes some of my muscles also have been twitching. I do play a lot of video games so i was wondering if that could be what was causing these twitches. Also how would I be able to stop the twitching.
203342 tn?1328737207 yea every kid loves video games but the games have to be fun. if you can get those new technologies to work with games like halo or world of warcraft i can see it being a great help to many people, but other wise i don't see it working on kids above the age of 12.
454863 tn?1208306979 so i just got done playing video games. Ive been playing online for about 3 hours now until I got to a point of a little depression. I guess that can happen when you're sitting all day doing nothing. hmmm. so what have i learned? video games are cool. Theyre awesome, and I love em. But I cant spend hours on them. I get depressed and I just dont want to feel that way.
Avatar f tn Why can’t our wives and girlfriends understand that playing video games does not diminished our love for them? One of my coworkers answered this question this way: “Because girls and video games don’t mix”. Another one of my friends said that our women just want to be in control of the relationship, and that when we spend our time playing the game they are left alone without our attention, which at time can be indispensable to them.
Avatar n tn My 8year old son has been complaining about chest pains. Like someone punching him he says. It used to be once or twice a week but now it's a couple of times a day. Teachers are really concerned. What could be the cause of his chest pains. Took him to a doctor once n told me he must play video games a lot he needs to stretch.
Avatar n tn When I was a really little kid, I would sit and play video-games all day! Now I only play video-games like 3 times a week, and only for a hour or so. Is there an effect that video-games can have you, to thwart my progress as an athlete?
1015873 tn?1261271548 This is a group for anyone who loves to play any kinds of Video Games, and/or PC games. http://www.medhelp.
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Avatar f tn That's cool. May I ask how old your kids are? Do they enjoy video games? I'm 20 years old, and I love Nintendo Video Games. Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda ones are the best, in my opinion.
Avatar f tn Here is a game for those who enjoy any kind of games. Board Games, Video Games, T.V. Games, Computer Games, etc. Rules: The rules are very similar to the Song Titles: Alphabet Game, but instead of song titles you would list a game. Beginning at A, then when we reach Z the game would begin again at A. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's try to see how many we can list without repeating any.
Avatar f tn I am a 17 year old guy. I really enjoy doing things with family, but at the same time I really value my alone time. One of the things I do when I'm alone is play video games, but I often let my playing negatively effect my time management. When I play video games I kind of shut out the rest of the world. My mom and I have a close relationship, and have for forever. Right now she and my step father are having marital problems that are to the point that he isn't living with us.
13335980 tn?1433814733 I just found out Im pregnant last weekend, and this week, I've realized every time I try to play video games I get Morning sickness and throw up. I've only had Morning sickness two days, and Both times happened after playing video games. Is this normal or did anyone else experience this?
Avatar n tn Well I myself take depakote as well for seizures as a kid, I know that asprin cannot be taken with depakote, not sure if it causes the seizures tho or if it just has an interaction!! And as far as video games it says all over the games and systems that epileptics should use caution because it can cause seizures. Especially with the prolonged time that you spent playing!!! Does he have regular seizures in general? Has he been an epileptic long??