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535822 tn?1443976780 Salmon is amazing on the grill. Look into a cedar plank to grill it on. Or, chunk it and add to skewers with some peppers, red onion, and mushrooms and maybe marinate in a bit of italian dressing first (not long as the acid will cook the fish). You can also buy salmon burgers pre-done. Think about shrimp on skewers and do up lots of grilled veggies - you can do eggplant, peppers, onions, asparagus. And try grilling sliced pineapple (about 3/4"). It is to die for!
Avatar f tn I fell for the first time being pregnant last night, and my boyfriend, John almost had a heart attack. It was entirely because i wasnt thinking. I was sitting in one of the plastic chair things that we keep outside by the grill, and I pushed myself backwards, to get momentum to stand up. Only issue was, I pushed too far, and tipped the chair over.
Avatar f tn So my brother was cooking burgers, and accidentally set the grill on fire. My house almost caught on fire too. Now, since I'm leaving for the gym soon, I continue to think my house will burn down while I'm gone. What if the grill catches flame again? I'm so scared. Someone please calm me down. I'm having a panic attack.
Avatar n tn two month ago I have had a heart attack. During the heart attack I was delivered to hospital and have had all necessary manipulations done. As it was later explained by doctor - one of my coronary blood vessel was closed by cholesterine capsula. Luckily, the doctors managed to destroy the capsula and let the blood go along the vessel well. Later on I have had coronography done upon request of a doctor.
Avatar n tn When I had my first heart attack (age 41) I had all the symptoms described along with pain in my chest so bad that I could not take a deep breath. I did not go to the ER until my left arm starting going numb/tingling and my husband decided we had better see what was wrong. When my husband had a heart attack I took him when I noticed that he was holding/rubbing his jaw.
1742220 tn?1331356727 honestly medhelp Roberta was all up in my grill wanting me to hike with her ... but i dont usually hike in the mornings ... plus it was cold and rainy! not quite raining yet but still and i finally said no to her, which felt good. even in the non morning it is hard to hike with her and i have been trying to avoid it.
937826 tn?1261333879 after getting home from having my asthma attack I was rushed back in for chest pain.at hospital they took the oxygen out of my nose at 4 liters and put me on oxygen mask at 10 liters I was having so much trouble breathing my oxygen sat was 55 .
Avatar f tn t get exactly that there is no way in medicine science without bypass surgery as now i m living more hectic life befr heart. attack doing walk n exercises and no hard feelings then what are the measurement for such major surgery.how i can feel that now the bypass surgery is needed.A doctor asked me that if u r living normal life den no nees of surgery bcz surgery is also for ur normal life. what can i do for myself??
17567 tn?1276202029 So, awhile back I started getting left arm pain, which is generally a wake up sound for a heart attack? Rather than ignore it and hope it goes away I actually did something about it... and went to a cardiologist. After a few tests he tells me my heart is fine but by cholesterol is very high (260) and puts me on lipitor. Cardiologists are very big on driving blood pressure and cholesterol down towards zero needless to say.
378425 tn?1305628294 I am really worried and tired no sleep last night, My mum was life flighted out she has had a heart attack...My emotions of late have been so much of a roller coaster ride. I came on here to write and I am just so tired I cannot seem to concentrate.
967168 tn?1477584489 maybe maybe not? I know how quirky EKG/ECG machines are so I'm really hoping this time it's a false reading. My Primary found a new murmur and I've been so sick for about 5-6 months; not feeling right, more winded than normal, major headaches, different types of chest pain than before and ALOT more fainting spells even with my ICD.
Avatar f tn I think my husband had a mild heart attack early this morning (4 a.m.?). He had all the symptoms as I looked them up. He refused me to call 911 saying he thought he was ok. By 5:30 he felt well enough to rest, and sleep until 7. At 7 he said his chest was still hurting, but it was not a heart attack. He got dressed and left for work, saying he had a busy day and could not call in sick. I am freaking out b/c everything I read says you need treatment within 24 hours.
Avatar m tn I thought I had a mild heart attack after bending down to get kitty toys off floor. First felt nausea, pain in jaw. Heart thomping so bad that I had to lay down and not move. I also took aspirin.
Avatar f tn So do you just turn the box upside down and it scoops the waste away? Also, do you have to replace the grill thing each time it needs to be disposed? Or do you have to clean the grill thing on occassion?
Avatar n tn Last night I was playing video game on my laptop for about couple hours before I fell asleep. Right after a I fell asleep I had a sleep paralysis attack or some sort. I could not move my body, my heart was pounding and I felt like I was dying. Actually I had this problem since 04 since then I developed heart palpitations. This doesn't happen a lot, I would say once or twice every two months. All tests for heart came back normal. Test included EKG, ECG, event monitor, stress test.
Avatar n tn its possible for a cat to have asthma.I have included a site with a video that shows what an asthma attack looks like for a cat, page down to 'coughing' and click on the video link.... http://www.fritzthebrave.com/gallery/inhaled.php however symptoms such as you describe could also be from a hairball lodged in his throat. has your kitty ever coughed up a hairball? do you groom him regularly & use hairball treatment?
Avatar n tn Your best chance of finding out what is causing this would be to be observed by your doctor, while having an attack or, as an alternative, have a friend video you during an attack. It might also be helpful for your doctor to request fluoroscopic examination of your diaphragm, by a radiologist, both when having and when not having an attack.
Avatar n tn another panic attack ,mis afternoon.
Avatar m tn http://news.yahoo.com/video/sheriff-deputy-critical-condition-being-020028576.html Bad people doing bad things. The guy was in trouble for another attack on an officer. Hang him....
Avatar m tn what is difference between Heart attack and Angina pain
Avatar m tn Me being a pretty cautious dude, I searched the internet to try and solve my problems. But when I saw that it was a heart attack symptom my heart sank and I had a panic attack and felt like I was going to die. After I calmed myself down and walked home and told my mum about it. She said that i should I should wait a few days until I go to the doctor. During these days I developed very very minor chest pains, that was when I knew I needed to see a doctor.
649868 tn?1236709970 He wants only a opinion from a medical Dr. if these stressors could cause a massive heart attack, Only an opinion.... Not from my husbands medical history, just an opinion.. The judge repeated this several times. I would appreciate any opinion as to whether this could happen. Thank you very much..
Avatar n tn Today, I received a shock that I thought was a heart attack. Around 2pm today I was playing a video game and had just beaten a level. Suddenly the pain came on and I didn`t know what to do. It was so sudden and I felt like I was going to die. I went to the hospital and they checked me out declaring that nothing was wrong. Right now I feel like I`m going to vomit and the pain is still there. I`m on an antidepressant. Does that mean it`s not working? Can anyone provide me with advice?
1289804 tn?1271994946 and many others, that this COULD be the cause of his massive heart attack. SERVICE CONNECTED.....I am contacting the list of below in hopes I find that one opinion... As you know me, I am very dedicated to finish what Paul is entitled too. My five years has know time as his 40 years of mental and physical damage.. He was, as you know, 100% disabled through the VA.. Come on!!! I would love to get many opinions, not just one! Paul was a Military man.. and I am his rival...
Avatar n tn Hi, I think you are too young to have had a heart attack, but you should never ever rule it out and take a chance when it is your health that is concerend. I had chest pain last month while in a video store, and I knew it was pain that was something I had never felt before, and I was afraid and only wanted to go home to where my husband was. I also expereinced another classic symptom, denial, and did not call 911. I went to my dr.
1160520 tn?1402981076 Anxiety attack with heart palpitations on and off most of the day, had to try to sleep to relax and calm my heart down otherwise I would of had a heart attack - that's how severe my attacks/episodes are.