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Avatar f tn Ive had anxiety attacks through my whole pregnancy towards the end i figured out how to male them go away bt i didnt stop getting them i would jst turn up the radio n start singing the song slowly n it would start to go away it helped alot jst dnt thing about it take a deep breathe get a drink of water n get into the song it will go away
4204073 tn?1361831476 12 days to Christmas and I am looking forward to spending the day with family without pills! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not giving up on me.
1207048 tn?1282174304 I was just listening to the song that they played in Newfoundland so my friend would know who was calling her on her boyfriend's cell for her 50th birthday. It has been a favorite of both of ours for many years...
Avatar n tn Yes, this sounds like some,anxiety. Are you self medicating on this ssri? If so thats extremely dangerous and you should let a physician recommend dosages. Psych meds have alot of drug interactions and need a professional to review everything.
314833 tn?1263259499 (LOL) I used to have all those books with the golden bks on them you know the small ones cant remember all the names but you know the classics ones and I also loved the Babysitters Club Books What is your favorite board game? Scatagories What's your favorite heartbreak song?
Avatar f tn I started tearing up at a song the other day. Even thinking about it tempts the tears. I just want to sit down in someone's arms and cry my eyes out, but I know that would accomplish nothing. So instead I keep my mind occupied on other tasks, anything that can distract me long enough to step away from that fence.
Avatar m tn Budeprion XL is giving me extreme anxiety and racing heart. Have been on it for about a month.i am also on Escitraprolam. How can I taper off the budeprion XL. Was thinking of starting by 1 every other day for a while, then every third day and so on.
Avatar f tn I love that song the story behind it is so sad though
Avatar f tn If you were running from God, you could probably understand why the testings and severe trials keep coming on. If you were a down-and-out sinner who despised the things of God, you could bring yourself to believe you deserved to be hurt badly. But you are not running - you are not rejecting Him in any way. You long to do His perfect will. You yearn to serve Him with all that is in you. And that is why your hurting is so debilitating.
3232858 tn?1437130677 So you need to address the problem you KNOW you have, which is the hypochondria. And to do that, you need to get into some therapy. Once you have the hypochondria under control, your anxiety/panic will surely follow suit. Working with a good therapist will make sure both these issues are dealt with and you can move on to a much more peaceful life. Please discuss this with your doctor.
1925822 tn?1333705617 listened to this song and bursted into tears...and thought of my chiari family!!!! Its Anastacia with "Heavy on my heart" Here some lyrics and a link I am not sure you are able to open in the US:
Avatar f tn lately i get constant pain up and down my arms and into my shoulders then center of my chest hurts and it feels heavy but not real bad it kinda feels like heart burn. the pain in my arms will only be in one arm at a time. the past 2 days the pain in arm and chest comes and goes..and i've read that in women symptoms are different sometimes than in worried because the pain is becoming more frequent than it has been..
Avatar m tn I am a 48 year old white male, and I have already had a total of 5 heart attacks (all within the last 5 tears). At first my doctoer thought it was due to my low HDL, as it has been lower that 28 for the last 5 years. But after my last attack, about 3 months ago, the doctors are now thinking that my body is trying to reject the 3 stents the have pkaced in me. This last attack was pretty serious, and we are planning to have a defibri;ator implanted later this month.
2030769 tn?1343647674 ) I am sitting at my desk, on day 18 of NO vicodin and this amazing song comes on and it totally describes how my journey has been so far. Anyone looking for a mental boast should look up this song and just listen. It may be just what you need to hear right least it was for me.
645800 tn?1466860955 s lowest concentration level in the blood in the morning hours. I have heard that more heart attacks occur in the morning than any other time. AD could alter the expected norms but it could go any direction depending on if the sympathetic or parasympathic systems are being stimulated or depressed. I don't think your readings are all that erratic (20% fluctuations are common) but as Lulu noted the systolic does seem to lean toward being a little elevated in general.
Avatar n tn Whether someone survives depends on how much heart tissue is damaged from the attack and whether another heart attack follows soon after the first one. I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. It's always a shock. Sometimes we get warnings about heart problems and can take the proper medications and change things in our life. Other times it strikes without warning.