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Avatar m tn I usually feel lethargis and drained AFTER a PA. I always call it my panic "hangover", DURING a PA, it's just full blown fight or flight for me..heart pounding, racing thoughts, sweaty, you name it.
615350 tn?1272598969 I have been having more panic attacks in my sleep recently. I have told my psycologist about this. We are having a very difficult time with my anxiety and panic because we cannot seem to find a trigger fro them and she says that normally people do not have panic attacks in their sleep. I just wake up with palipitations and extreme fear. My flight respons is on all cylinders and all I want is to get away. I often go outside to get freash air.
Avatar m tn Panic attacks, along with the sense of impending doom, walls closing in, shortness of breath, and chest pressure, also include palpitations, which is due to the excessive sympathetic response (flight or fight) due to adrenaline in the blood. The palpitations can be just due to the heart beating stronger from the increased stimulation, or can actually be abnormal beats caused by the adrenaline over stimulating heart cells which then activate early or abnormally.
Avatar n tn I am going on a 8 hour overseas flight in 3 days and cannot get in to a cardiologist in the interim. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Should I be cancelling my travel plans? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I have been in the hospital for 2 weeks with blood clots in my lungs. Since returing home I have had these attacks and thought I was going to pass out and die. My regular doctor told me I was having anxiety attacks. It makes me feel better knowing I 'm not going to pass out and die. Never had any pronblems before...
Avatar f tn But last time I flew, due to depression I have 3 oanic attacks on a 30 minute flight. My heart was racing like crazy and everytime I looked out of the window I felt dizzy. I was sooo relieved when the plane landed!! So due to this bad experience I am terrified of flying and am already nervous about it. I want to take start taking something the day before I fly and then the whole day for the journey which will be 7 hrs. I have tried xanax 0.5 mg at home just to see how I will feel.
Avatar f tn t sleep I was up late and my left arm had been sore like a sort of dull pain for maybe the full day and I started thinking it was to do with my heart, as soon as I got that in my head my heart rate shot through the roof again it was racing for like an hour then I calmed down, these past few nights I can't sleep because I feel like I can hear my heart beating so hard and feels like I have a pain in my chest, I went to the doctors today and she didn't really help me she gave me some anxiet
14991338 tn?1447193706 I suffered severe anxiety which is now cooling off. I mainly had my worst attacks during or shortly after exercise. I noticed the pattern and now know its the exercise causing them. ive had all my heart tests done etc and nothing was found. I was told to carry on and ignore certain stress related symptoms. what I want to find out is if fight or flight DURING exercise only, is dangerous?
Avatar f tn Our body goes through a fight or flight response when faced with fear or we are in danger. Anxiety works on this system in an overload effect. It stays in a constant fight or flight state pumping adrenaline into your system and leaving behind the terrible uncomfortable symptoms such as racing heart, sweating, dizziness. When your body is flooded with adrenaline your breathing pattern can change and your oxygen saturation to your body is depleted.
Avatar n tn I do have a family history of heart issues in fact my both of my cousins had heart attacks before 40. I have had a cardio work up 6 months ago and they said pacs pvcs and bradiacardia at night was all. Told me to lose weight and eat right see ya next year. I am very concerned and would love some feed back on what i should do.... I am thinking on a second opinion!
Avatar m tn Hello I'm 17 and I have been going through panic attacks for around 4 months now and it has been taking over my life. When I have panic attacks it feels like I'm going to die / have a heart attack and when I think about them they get worse. I have panic attacks everyday and I just can't take it anymore. I went to the doctors about it and they did a ekg and said I was healthy and then they took some blood tests but I didn't get the results back so I'm guessing I'm ok.
Avatar f tn Doctors were no help at first, then I was medicated with a Beta blocker for an entirely different problem (blood pressure and heart rate issues) and wow.....the anxiety attacks calmed almost immediately, MD said it was being caused by the beta blocker slowing the "flight or fight" response coming with the anxiety attack, slowing the a"push" and responding with the nor epinephrine faster....slowing the heart rate, lowering the BP, etc.
Avatar f tn The vast majority of people who suffer with anxiety or panic have made many, many trips to the ER believing they are having heart attacks. The usual diagnosis? Anxiety. When we become anxious, our brain dumps a boat load of adrenaline into our system. Adrenaline is known as the "fight or flight" hormone that will help us deal with a REAL threat by causing a release of glucose (energy) to deal with the perceived threat.
Avatar m tn People who have full-blown, repeated panic attacks can become very disabled by their condition and should seek treatment before they start to avoid places or situations where panic attacks have occurred. Panic attacks are not dangerous, but they can be terrifying, largely because it feels crazy and out of control. Panic disorder is frightening because of the complications such as phobias, depression, substance abuse, medical complications, even suicide.
Avatar m tn It is a drop in blood sugar that brings on the fight or flight response.....rapid heart rate, feelings of doom and distress etc. It is not a panic attack. It is the body releasing adrenaline to raise your blood sugar. It can come on after high intensity exercise and is often the result of overtraining syndrome. If it ever happens again drink 6oz of orange juice followed by some peanut butter crackers.
429209 tn?1224166589 t been discovered, the thing is I have had many, many test done and everything is perfectly normal with my heart. So I just wonder is it all in my head, or is this true physical symptoms from the anxiety? Anyone who can help I would so greatly appreciate it!!
Avatar n tn I have heart pounding mostly after eating. Lots of burping even when I haven't eaten in hours. Chewing gum helps a little bit with it. Tried everything from Prilosec to HCl to Estrogen gel. Tried bland diets and normal. Nothing works for more than a few days....EKGs normal. Holter monitor says nothing special wrong. Could it be anxiety? Could it be Barrets? Does that cause heart pounding?
Avatar f tn my anxiety attacks won't stop when i'm in an airplane. is there anything i can do?
Avatar n tn something we perceive as abnormal and then we start the anxiety which in turn WILL affect our hearts which then gives us even more reason to believe it was our heart in the first place then the anxiety soon becomes panic and our heart reacts to the dump of adrenaline like it's suppose to by beating harder and faster and then we KNOW we're having a heart attack so we then start to sweat and our fingers get numb and then we feel pain in our chest and our heart gets even more wonky and....
Avatar f tn My youngest was on imipromine (sp) for anxiety but only experienced the classic sx of anxiety/panic attack (heart racing, sweat running, feeling of impending doom, fearful with out a point of origin etc) after he was put on the meds, he was seeing a professor in psychiatry who stated he was having panic attacks due to high anxiety levels.
1308882 tn?1273541171 I was a sufferer of Panic Attacks back in the late 90's and before i was diagnosed, i had no idea what my ailment was. The symptoms are horrifying and can become overbearing and crippling. I have learned how to manage the attacks by deep breathing and staying calm because once you give in to them, they will become worse and unmanageable. sometimes med's are needed to initially control the symptoms and depending on the serverity.
237152 tn?1206651036 Does anybody know if opiates, more specifically painkillers, can cause problems with the heart? I was addicted for 2 years and have been clean for over a month, but it seems like I get winded easily now, and my heart starts pounding at times with the slightest exercise.
1769252 tn?1313856240 I know all about the fight or flight but it seems most times I get anxiety attacks my heart never races I get no chest pains or ne other pains . My health anxiety is all heart related btw; the thought of it stopping starts a panic with out the panicing if that makes sense?
Avatar f tn I know that you have probably heard this before but what you are experiencing is panic attacks.Trust me,I speak from years of the same exact symptoms.The anxiety causes a 'flight or fight response" which feels especially horrible when you are in the quiet with no distractions and everybody else is asleep at 2 am.Have you spoke with your Dr about it? I was always afraid to take meds.I finally decided that nothing could be as bad as what I felt,no matter what the pills did.
9521221 tn?1550501196 So I have come to a conclusion that my daily tachycardia is mostly confused by my anxiety. I didn't know that even being slightly anxious causes the release of epinephrine and cause rapid heart rate. But it still seems that I'm having symptoms of Inappropriate sinus Tachycardia. The real problem is neurological because I'm anxious all the time when I'm really not. Its like I'm stuck in flight or fight mode 24/7 and because of this my heart is taking pounding everyday.
Avatar f tn You have to learn how to do this wherever you are, otherwise, you start to live your life in ways to accomodate your problem (in this case panic attacks), and as a result, your life becomes narrower and narrower until you're unable to leave the house or function.