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Avatar m tn Anxiety, excess stress, consciousness regarding your health can lead to panic attacks, that in turn leads to dizziness, lightheaded, state of confusion, trembling, vision changes, nausea.
Avatar m tn However, I am concerned after reading several recent articles that state that PVCs on a resting EKG, even in a normal heart can increase the risk of stroke, SCD, and mortality in general. Please help as I am very concerned and scared!
Avatar m tn This is what she said to me (the pain is so grate that I cant move, I feel the blood sudenly stop and then the pain comes, the pain is right on top of my heart, but this time it was strange the pain felt right bellow my heart) the thing about this is that she has had it since she was 17, and she gets these maybe a maximum of around 3 times per year and the attacks las around 1 to maybe 3 seconds. Question is ¿ Dose the heart have a reason to stop sudenly, then continue like this ??
Avatar n tn Hormones play a big tole in keeping our bodies and especially our heart in homeostasis (a happy state) If there is any increase or decrease of the MANY hormones in our body, than absolutely there could be electrical disturbances. No more "Google" for you:) It is true that you will only focus your reading on things that are scary, lethal, or rare events. The worst thing anybody can do is surf the internet and try to self diagnose themselves based on symptoms.
Avatar f tn I had a prescription for nitro due to silent heart attacks in past. I have run out of the $11.00 meds but due to cost of doctors visit and tests they would run, I can't afford to go. Is there something else I can use in place of nitro?
Avatar f tn Also the reason why your doctor prescribed you to go on lexapro is because he probably thought you were depressed due to seeing people having heart attacks and then thinking that you might one day have one too. My doctor prescribed me that too when I told him the same condition that you're having. Hint of advice stay off antidepressant they do not do anything but make things worst. Relax and destress yourself the natural way.
Avatar m tn Is you heart rate too high, can you give a number in beats-per-second? Is the heart rate irregular, do the beats feel like they have different strengths.(pounding)? Other feelings you can describe? Emotions can cause the heart rhythm to behave badly. In this case the heart isn't the problem.
Avatar f tn s creatures, varying from 2 beats per minute for a clam en repos to 20 for a clam in a state of extreme nervous excitement. Since the solar year consists of 525,948 minutes and 48 seconds, a quick calculation at the rate of 80 BPM gives us a ballpark figure of 42,075,904 beats per year, give or take a couple mill.
Avatar f tn Health insurance premiums for in individual can run as high as $800 (US) per month for access to good doctors and drugs. My employer here in the state of Massachusetts offers health insurance as part of the benefits package. They pick up 75% while I pick up the remaining 25%. My share costs me $65 (US) per week. That's $1126 per month to insure my wife and me. Family policies are even more.
Avatar n tn I have been having what I thought were anxiety attacks about once per week for the last two years. About a month ago, these attacks began greatly increase (1-2 times a day). It happened twice while driving on the highway which was so scary. My mind is fairly calm during the attacks, but the physical symptoms are intense. Very high heart rate (160+ per minute), high blood pressure (as high as 160/120- my BP is usually low/normal!
Avatar f tn ive written in before but im really starting to panic about my situation. Towards the end of the semester i started to feel really lethargic that was then followed by a rapid heart beat and shortness of breath. My parents took me to a doctor who suggested an multivitamin and gave me xanax for "supposed" panic attacks. But that was 2 months ago since then it hasnt let up my heart is still beating rapidly and im starting to have some tinges in my chest and pain in my arm.
Avatar m tn For the past couple of months, I've been getting many anxiety attacks. I get around 3 to 4 anxiety attacks everyday. I'm not really sure why I have been getting them, I get them for no actual reason. I don't really know what's going on. I'm going to see a therapist soon, but my mom just believes it's just a little nervousness and I'll get over it soon.
Avatar m tn My heart races, my throat kind of tightens, it feels like I cant breathe, I am afraid something is going wrong with me (medically) and I am afraid I am dying. (Having a heart attack, Cardiac Arrest, etc) I have no family history of Heart Attacks, or any heart issues. I do however have a family history of anxiety and panic attack issues. My mom has them, My sisters, and myself.
Avatar m tn I am a 48 year old white male, and I have already had a total of 5 heart attacks (all within the last 5 tears). At first my doctoer thought it was due to my low HDL, as it has been lower that 28 for the last 5 years. But after my last attack, about 3 months ago, the doctors are now thinking that my body is trying to reject the 3 stents the have pkaced in me. This last attack was pretty serious, and we are planning to have a defibri;ator implanted later this month.
Avatar f tn Hi all,the last couple of days I have been getting centre chest pains,sometimes out of the blue and other times when moving,bending,moving arms etc.also been getting pain in left and right arm,just now I all of a sudden just out of the blue felt like I couldn't swallow.every now and then I seem to be getting more and more different symptoms,I have also noted a while back that if I consume alcohol,I get skipped heart beat.
Avatar m tn nothing showed any abnormalities at all, perfectly normal heart/rhythm, except for tachycardia during panic attacks, go figure. Literally two days after I took the 30 day monitor off & returned it, I started having PVCs, which I once again thought were going to kill me. Doctor checked things out, caught one on a 12-second EKG rhythm strip & said nothing to worry about, and that my heart was probably just irritated at having to try & push blood through all the clots I had.
Avatar n tn I have been having what I thought were anxiety attacks about once per week for the last two years. About a month ago, these attacks began to occur 1-2 times per day. It happened twice while driving on the highway twice which was so scary. My mind is calm during the attacks, but the physical symptoms are intense. Very high heart rate (160+ per minute), high blood pressure (as high as 160/120), numbing/tingling of the feet and hands, and dizziness/feeling like I may pass out.
1194973 tn?1385503904 Is it possible to just get a anxiety attack out of nowhere? It's weird what I get and I'm not even sure if they are anxiety attacks. My chest starts to hurt really bad and it's like a stabbing pain, and I feel like I can't breathe. Whenever I try to it feels like there's huge bands around my chest that prevent me from taking in a breath. I also start to hyperventilate and shake and just overall feel weak--like I'm getting over a flu.
Avatar m tn t fully understand your post. What article are you quoting? Are they suggesting most fatal heart attacks occur at areas of the arteries with 20% blockage? Stress tests probably don't show wave changes in blockages of less than 50%. For a stress test to show a blockage, it has to show a reduction in the hearts need for blood flow.
Avatar m tn Since then, he has been experiencing panic attacks at least once per week, which included a very rapid heart beat, having trouble breathing and scewed sence of reality. I have been reading up on the topic, and I am not sure whether its flashbacks that he is experiencing or coming down from it. i do not think he had anything to eat on that day, and this was his first and only experience with any drug. how long does the effect of the mushroom last, if you had only taken it once?
148588 tn?1465778809 GUID=26295196 In a series of letters to be sent to state Medicaid directors starting today, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) President Michael Weinstein will ask the state directors to block Gilead Sciences’ new $1,000-per-pill Hepatitis C drug Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) from inclusion on their respective state Medicaid and other drug formularies. The drug was approved by the F.D.A.
4121556 tn?1350428560 With junctional rhythm, the electrical impulse of the heart begins lower down in the heart in something called the AV node (near the middle of the heart). When a heart beat orignated from the AV node, the heart will beat at a much slower rate (often about 40-60 beats per minute I think). Another reason a junctional rhythm is significant is that the heart loses some of its pumping ability (less effective) when the beat doesnt originate from the SA node (where it should begin).
Avatar m tn t yell then i felt somebody shaking me it was my sister i got out of it and i was breathing fast and my heart was beating fast and i asked my sister how did she know she told me i sounded like i was panicking and i was breathing fast . nd sometime my boyfriend did that in his sleep.
377012 tn?1283965435 Although anxiety/ panic attacks can be caused for seemingly no reason. You could try and get more tests done on your heart if you are concerned or ask for anxiety meds. I have meds that I take only on a need be basis (for anxiety) Hope this helped a bit.