Heart attacks and prostate cancer

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Avatar m tn My family does not suffer heart attacks or strokes. My husband has low cholesterol, and has had heart attacks. Just about everyone in his family dies of them. Granted that is a small sample, but it illustrates the above.
Avatar n tn If your dog is neutered, it will stop the levels of testosterone, which could cause prostate swelling and prostate cancer too. It would take a while to max. effect because he'd still have SOME testosterone in his system for a bit. But it would be a quicker option than medication. But it would be a good option only if he's generally in good fitness and condition for his age. The anaesthetic might stress him if he has heart or lung problems, or some other health problem.
Avatar n tn Have they done any scans to see if it has spread outside the prostate? As stated, if the cancer is confined to the prostate, it usually grows slowly and can be monitored. Best wishes to you and your family.
524434 tn?1223815549 This July I started radiation for prostate cancer but had to suspend treatment while I had open heart surgery in August. After 4 weeks I was very depressed and had many anxiety attacks mostly in the mornigs. My question is are sweaty hands and feet a symptom of anxiety disorder? I wake each morning at 3:55 am with sweaty and clamy hands. This has been going on for 5 weeks. The doc started me on Zoloft 100mg but can't stand side effects so will try something different after I taper off.
Avatar n tn I got back some of my test results on my prostate this morning from one of my doctors. They say my prostate has cancer and my doctors want to meet with me next Thursday on how we need to treat it. But before they try to treat the prostate problem, they want to do some more tests on my bladder and possibly my kidneys as my urine test shows abnormal cells that are probably cancer.
Avatar n tn My father is 91 - is having silent heart attacks. He is unable to talk now, and is twitching more all over - near the end. They gave him Adavan? to relax the muscles, along with morphine under the tongue to relax the heart walls. My question is - is the twitching due to lack of potassium or lack of oxygen?
1616953 tn?1443835511 ve survived heart attack in my 30s, prostate cancer, this mid aortic syndrome and the list goes on but... It can all be resolved if you advocate for yourself loud and or long enough.
Avatar n tn The body takes some time to adjust and ace inhibitors and beta blockers can make a person feel very tired. Does he have heart damage from prior heart attacks? If so, this can add to the fatigue.
Avatar f tn If you go on you tube and enter non invasive procedures for prostate cancer detection or prostaye cancer biopsy needle tracking and you see videos fron universities and prostate research and other different type entries. Any doctor of urology will also tell you it is possible but rarely happens which is not the all together the truth ..I have been researching this and other prostate information for 6 plus years. But enough said ...
Avatar f tn Well, management protocol of prostate cancer is not as well defined as other cancers and largely depends on the stage of the cancer. For localized lesions, gamma knife may be a suitable option with results as good as surgery and better results for maintenance of urinary continence. It would be best to discuss the pros and cons and the expected prognosis in detail with your treating oncologist. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn He had a biopsy and he had Gleason 7 cancer and atypical cells in another area of the prostate. After his prostate removal surgery, the atypical cells turned out to be Gleason 6, or 3 + 3, which is slow growing cancer. This is what I have learned with our journey and what you need to remember.... 1). This is a highly curable cancer if it is present. And if it is present, you cannot change it but only deal with what is in front of you.
Avatar n tn Studies have shown that blocking both of these enzyme types dramatically reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer and can also shrink existing prostate cancers and prevent their spread. Curcumin, when added to quercetin, dramatically reduces the development, growth, and spread of both hormone dependent and nonhormone dependent prostate cancers. Both of these anti-cancer flavanoids can be purchased as supplements. Lycopene and indole-3 carbinol.
Avatar n tn You could probably think of people with breast cancer who had spouses with prostate cancer as both cancers are pretty common. Since prostate cancer is common, you may also hear of spouses with other cancers – uterine, cervical, etc. There is a good screening method for cervical cancer, talk about it with your doctor. This has reduced the number of cervical cancer cases substantially. This is much better than being scared.
Avatar n tn My uncle has advanced prostate cancer and his oxygen level is down to 83%, his blood pressure is 88/50, and his pulse rate is 83. Are these things normal in a cancer patient and should we be preparing ourselves for the worst?
Avatar n tn Now I have to have a biopsy on 9-18-08 to see if I have cancer or not. My question is this, I have had 2 heart attacks since April this year and I have coronary artery disease. If by some chance I do have cancer will I be able to do chemo? If not what will they have me do?
Avatar n tn Towards the end of last year I was diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer, gleason 10. My psa was 18.1. I have since had the DiVinci surgery (which I fully recommend) and I am not undergoing radiation. None of the existed before Spiriva!!!! I found out that if you are on Spiriva 2 years - 5 years your chances of getting prostate cancer is 50%. If you are over 60 (I am 62) the chances are 90%.
Avatar n tn In general it is believed that asymptomatic men (which would mean without any symptoms referable to the prostate, and indirectly probably have a smaller prostate size) would also harbor prostate cancer as they age. About a third of such men would, but majority may remain without symptoms and die of other things such as old age.
Avatar f tn Are there any worthwhile (effective and low risk) strategies to slow prostate growth (e.g., exercise, diet, etc.) in a 50 year old? Thank you.
Avatar m tn Roche and Inovio Pharmaceuticals partner on Inovio's prostate cancer and hepatitis B immunotherapy products Sep 10, 2013 BASEL, Switzerland and BLUE BELL, Pa., Sept. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Roche (SIX: RO, ROG; OTCQX: RHHBY) and Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Avatar m tn There is a book that came out last year discussing prostate surgery pros and cons...written by a doctor and a patient. very informative...sorry I forgot the title.
Avatar m tn http://www.labtestsonline.org.au/understanding/analytes/psa/test.html Test results beind positive when what is being suspected to be there is called false positive. This really depends on what condition you have been diagnosed with and the reason for getting these tests done. Depending on the diagnosis, these test can confirm it by their raised levels.
Avatar n tn - Prostate cancer. Prostate cancer cells in remaining prostate tissue or in other parts of your body can release PSA. Checking for signs of prostate cancer is the main reason men have PSA tests. - Recurrent benign prostate growth. Some prostate tissue remains even if your entire prostate is removed. This tissue may continue to grow, leading to increased PSA levels. - Inflammation of prostate tissue (prostatitis).