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1139187 tn?1355706647 I'm not familiar with this particular one, but did a little research and from what I've read, it's main claim to fame is the HGH. HGH naturally declines as we age; my sister was given HGH as part of her leukemia treatment; it neither helped her skin, nor helped her lose weight. I've never been one to recommend products of this type. They're not approved by FDA and you have no idea what you're really getting.
Avatar f tn I suggest u get ur testosterone checked. The #1 symptom is hair loss in women and hair growth in other unexpected places. I have really high testosterone I'm trying to lower, it has been making me lose a lot of hair and I'm only 29. I have high testosterone from PCOS. MAKE SURE UR DOCS LOOK INTO THAT. I started intense cardio, eating foods with little carbs and low sugar, and drinking spearmint tea. Also thinking about colon hydrotherapy.
Avatar f tn The endo indicated that low testosterone in women is a good thing and isn’t the source of my problems. She suspected PCOS and ordered her own battery of tests. I’ll provide the abnormal results below for you (normal range in parenthesis): Cortisol – LOW at 0.6 (6.2-19.4) Dhea Sulfate – LOW at 32.3 (57.3-279.2) Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy – LOW at 29.1 (30-100) In addition, this time total testosterone was normal at 13.6 (10-55), as was free testosterone at 0.5 (0.0-4.2). TSH was normal at 0.
Avatar f tn It all began about 2 years ago when I initially switched up my diet and lost weight quite rapidly. I lost my period for about 6 months and my hair shed. I had blood work done then, and no irregularities were present. My hair loss eventually subsidized (although my hair never fully grew back), and my period returned. However, in June I missed my period, and my hair loss returned. I got bloodwork done, and my endocrinologist diagnosed me with having high testosterone levels.
Avatar n tn Metformin may contribute to weight loss in some diabetics.(11) However, weight loss does not appear to be one of its primary benefits. Glucophage may also be of some value improving success with in vitro fertilization, lowering cholesterol, and improving energy.
393685 tn?1425812522 Androgens secreted by the adrenals provide the majority of DHEA for both men and women. For women, the adrenal glands are the major source of testosterone. Imbalances in the adrenal system can contribute to problems with the nervous and immune systems, body composition difficulties, blood sugar irregularities, and high androgen levels.
1208452 tn?1266336929 could it have any thing to do w rapid weight loss?,it feels like a hormrone inbalance, is there any over the counter remedies to balance out female hormones?
583580 tn?1231136383 Would you happen to know how many calories you're eating every day? It is true that it's difficult for women to build muscle mass and get bulky, and is just about impossible if you're consuming limited calories and are creating a defecit. Regular resistence or strength straining will build a little muscle, but it shouldnt be bulking you up. If you think you're bulking up that much, theres a good chance you're consuming too many calories.
Avatar f tn It would certainly make sense that we would need testosterone since post-menopausal ovaries produce much more androgens (testosterone and androstenedione) than estrogen. These androgens actually reach pre-menopausal levels in intact women in their 70's. These androgens are then converted into estrogen, as needed by the body. It would be great if exogenous testosterone worked the same way but I do not think it works quite like our innate body / endocrine system.
Avatar m tn I know that my testosterone is low for my age. I plan on losing excess weight and see what happens from there. I know losing weight will lower my estradiol and raise my testosterone, but how much of a difference will it make? I would be willing to try TRT but I am scared of infertility. Could my testosterone level be causing my ed?
Avatar m tn Do you guys have any explanation for the weight loss and reduction in testosterone levels? The loss in testosterone and weight is very large given the time span. What are some suggestions? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
Avatar n tn Due to 8 day periods acne ,weight and hair loss the Physician ordered some labs. Her TSH was 4.9 and testosterone 98. What should we do next? Is there a relationship between the two? She was a soy formula baby due to colic. She had alot of ear infections as a child and had a T&A at 4. She has had sinus infections every year. Also over the years she has complained of pain behind her knees and pain in her fingers. This year she had a short duration which appeared like trigger finger.
Avatar f tn For as long as I can remember I have struggled with my weight and have had hair grow on my chin to the point where I’m shaving every other day, it’s really embarrassing and makes me so self conscious. I’ve had blood tests at the doctors and the results state my hormones are apparently normal, I have very irregular periods, minimum gap between being 6 months and maximum so far being a year.
Avatar m tn Her Doctor could test her hormones and see if the testosterone level is in the normal female range. Weight gain, loss of energy and sex drive all sound like abnormally low testosterone levels. I'm reading between the lines but if you are concerned about the penis she probably is too. Some TS people simply can't afford the full procedure so I think you might want to look at insurance that covers it or setting up a savings plan.
Avatar m tn Your testosterone is apparently in the normal range. How do you know that this is low for your age? Also, losing weight only benefits can bring to you if you have it in excess. So, you mean here that you have 100 pounds more than normal for your age and height? That sounds to be a lot, especially combined with a sedentary job. Regardless of testosterone considerations, losing weight is a no-brainer in your case.
Avatar f tn Metabolism tends to be sluggish -- but not due to the thyroid. Metformin usually induces 5-7 pound weight loss in these cases, but I have not dealt with this issue for many years so there may be more up to date data. If thyroid levels normal, looks like thyroid is ok at this point.
Avatar n tn I would have never guessed. The only HCG I have had is to find out I was pregnant. Being pregnant was not good for weight loss :).
Avatar f tn Also I just got married and iv been in a better life situation since may ivory been noticing regular weight loss with out really trying could being stressed out for so long and then finally being happy cause weight loss?
Avatar f tn Beth has been feeling absolutely horrible for the past 6 months, showing many symptoms, fatigue, no sleep, hair loss, irritability, constipation, hoarseness, intolerance to cold, weight gain, muscle weakness, loss of balance. Beth went to an endocrinologist and had full blood work done. Beth received the following results. High level Anti-Microsomal Ab (Thy. PEROX) 83 High <35 Estradiol, Serum 7.07. Testosterone Free + Total w/ SHBG, Albium. Albium 5.0 within range. Testosterone, TOT.
Avatar f tn severe fatigue, difficulty losing weight, weight gain, memory loss, hair loss, muscle fatigue, hair growth, buffalo hump, and increased anxiety and depression. Doctor changed my thyroid medication from cytomel to synthroid. I have a 25 year history of psoriasis and recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis due to joint swelling in a left finger and left ankle. Endocrinologist did these test and here are the results. Any assistance in translating them would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn The more I researched about the possibility of weight loss and HCV treatment meds, I knew it would be the kind of weight loss I did not want if it happened to me. So far, I am not responding to the meds as well (virologically) as I would like- but I still have the sides. As we all know - a lot of sides will happen no matter what. Try a Google search on amino acid Glutamine (L-Glutamine).