Testosterone and hair loss in women

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Avatar f tn I suggest u get ur testosterone checked. The #1 symptom is hair loss in women and hair growth in other unexpected places. I have really high testosterone I'm trying to lower, it has been making me lose a lot of hair and I'm only 29. I have high testosterone from PCOS. MAKE SURE UR DOCS LOOK INTO THAT. I started intense cardio, eating foods with little carbs and low sugar, and drinking spearmint tea. Also thinking about colon hydrotherapy.
1081864 tn?1257519948 and always tired, in pain (body aches, acne a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and more body and facial hair, weight gain which didnt change even with taking levothyroxine!, also headaches, swollen lymphnodes everywhere, had big painful swelling over right knee that i sometimes could walk or almost not, comes in flares, sometimes both legs, no energy, etc.) need any advise! thanks so much.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had hair loss post tx, like 1 yr. later. I am having alot of hair loss in the past 3 weeks. I am also wondering if it is o.k. to take hair vitamins. Not currently on tx. I take fish oil, garlic, vit D and calcium. I think since I am not on tx. that this is O.K. Am I wrong?
Avatar f tn A problem is, testosterone varies a whole lot in both men and women, by the day, hour, week, etc. and even more in women than men, so the only true way to know if you had abnormally low levels would have been to test you a lot, not just twice. You did have the same levels twice, so it might be a problem. A question would be, how's your sexual desire? How's your stamina? How's your ability to build muscle? How's your energy levels?
1281181 tn?1271688273 Hello, I recommend testing for both Ferritin and Vitamin D Hydroxy 25; deficiencies in both of these can cause hair loss and are common in people w/ Hashi's.
Avatar f tn Common symptoms of Cushings are weight gain and fatty tissue deposits especially in upper back and face (moon face) and between the shoulders (buffalo hump), excessive hair growth in women, purple stretch marks on the skin of the stomach, breasts, thighs, arms, fragile skin that bruises easily. You don't have to have all of these symptoms to have the condition. Testing for Cushings can be complicated and requires late night cortisol, urine free cortisol and dexamethasone suppression.
Avatar f tn ve had no prior history of hormone imbalances, PCOS, etc. No increase in growth of body or facial hair. My IgG and IgA have been low for approximately 3 months consistently. My cortisol was high as of 2 months ago but hasn't been retested. The last month or so the fatigue has increasingly gotten worse to the point its hard to get out of bed and function properly. I've also been having issues with gaining weight and chronic UTI's.
Avatar f tn I know that the testosterone could be the culpret with hair loss, but the suddenness of the hair loss makes me question whether it is the cause. I have an appointment in a few weeks with my GYN to discuss my October lab work. I am in my late 50's and I don't think that many women in their 50's and 60's know how much better testosterone can make you feel - energy and sense of well being. I hope that I don't have to give it up.
Avatar n tn 2 years ago, we saw a doctor about her 3week to 3mth long periods and was told her that her eggs were turning to cysts on her overies and they were so bad that she will never have children, but the doctor never told us what we should do or how to fix it? now her face hair is out of control and she is going bald. can anyone just point us in the right direction.
747152 tn?1240320709 Again the DHT production and hair loss was also visable again along with saw palmetto and Diinolmethane assisting in reducing those levels and balancing out the testosterone and estrogens. It sounds as though getting the liver to filter better is the way to release the cycling testosterone to block the DHT to start restoring the hair. One thing that bothered me was the link between high testosterone and Ovarian Cancer.
467959 tn?1207086251 In May 2007 I had I-131 done. I am currently on Levothyroxine 100 MCG daily. My most recent lab work was in Feb. 2008 showing Total T4 at 9.7 TSH at 2.077 Free T4 at 1.7 Since December 2007 I started breaking out with acne on my cheeks. I never had a problem before with acne. I am also suffering from hair loss (like many of you out there). According to my dr. this should have stopped by now.
Avatar f tn My testosterone seemed fine - I became very upset and took my shower hair ball to my doc in a ziplock bad (I have a lot of hair and doc seemed dismissive of my hair loss) she was shocked and ordered labs....my testosterone came back high. I am taking 100mg of spironolactone and liquid rogaine. It has been almost 5 months and my hair loss stopped at month 2 and my hair is regrowing now, I have 2 inch long fairly dense hair growing in my balding spots.
Avatar n tn I have seen a local Derm who said there was no scarring on my scalp and no real skin issues associated with my hair loss. In 2004 I took a course of Roaccutane for acne and noticed some thinning after the course finished. I was told that this was a known side effect, but that the hair would grow back. It has been over four years!!! My hair is uniformly thinned out across the entire scalp.
Avatar m tn Masturbation in men causes loss of Testosterone and and also adds stress which converts the testosterone in blood to Di Hydro Testosterone (DHT) by a process called 5-alpha reductase. This has been found to be the major factor contributing to hair loss in 95% of the people suffering from Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). The other factors may include low quantity or a deficiency of vitamins, minerals, etc. that are required for hair growth and other functions to preserve healthy hair.
Avatar n tn Due to 8 day periods acne ,weight and hair loss the Physician ordered some labs. Her TSH was 4.9 and testosterone 98. What should we do next? Is there a relationship between the two? She was a soy formula baby due to colic. She had alot of ear infections as a child and had a T&A at 4. She has had sinus infections every year. Also over the years she has complained of pain behind her knees and pain in her fingers. This year she had a short duration which appeared like trigger finger.
Avatar f tn I am an 18 year old female and have excess body and facial hair. I have hair in my toes, my lower back, my stomach, my arms and fingers, my butt, my upper lip and chin hair grow very fast, and even in my breasts. My family is not hairy and my mom and sister barely have any body or facial hair. My period is normal, but I did grow very fast and stopped growing at a young age. I do not know what I have but I want to know. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Research has shown that a large proportion of women reporting hair loss had low ferritin levels, compared with the levels generally found in women without hair loss, and interestingly in men. The main reason for this difference is due to the loss of blood during menstruation, which is just enough to cause a gradual depletion of iron stores, particularly in women who eat little or no red meat.
1139187 tn?1355706647 I'm not familiar with this particular one, but did a little research and from what I've read, it's main claim to fame is the HGH. HGH naturally declines as we age; my sister was given HGH as part of her leukemia treatment; it neither helped her skin, nor helped her lose weight. I've never been one to recommend products of this type. They're not approved by FDA and you have no idea what you're really getting.
Avatar n tn Most doctors have just left it alone with followup U/S but I have had thinning hair and pain in the ovary, and now pain in my back on that side. I have also had irregular periods that is always treated with birth control. Any hope? It is frustrating to live with these annoying symptoms. My elevated testosterone level seems weird, maybe I have a third ovary and not a cyst?
Avatar m tn I was put on Cabergoline to treat a pituitary micoradenoma. It worked great; my prolactin level went way down and my testosterone shot up. I felt great! I'm about to have my 6 month follow up, and I just had my blood tested. My prolactin is down, but my testosterone is now down to pre-treatment levels. Explanation? I am going to ask my endocrinologist to put me on testosterone. Pre-treatment: Prolactin: 37.2 ug/L Testosterone: 12.1 nmo/L 2 months after starting Cabergoline: Prolactin: 18.