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Avatar f tn It's normal for these things to start happening following menopause due to testosterone. You can get help with this, however, by visiting a doctor and being prescribed certain hormones.
Avatar m tn Puberty has been progressing smoothly in all areas except facial hair. I have body hair (except chest hair hah) so it seems facial hair is the only lacking aspect of pubertal development. The only place that hair is noticeable is on my upper lip, and even there it is weak. my other problem is that it seems during this growth spurt that my head did not grow with my body. I have a disproportionally small head for my body.
Avatar n tn I have some issues with my facial hair growth. I have dense hair growth on the sides of the face and neck, however the mustache is sparse. I don't think it is genetically inherited in my case. My father and all the brothers are having thick beard and thick mustache. I have read about Minoxidil, etc, I believe they are not effective for mustache growth. I have not tried using any testosterone gels in my life.
Avatar m tn hi my hair started fulling out in November i have lost a few big patches which is scary. I was advised to try Nourkrin tablets which are expenice but any price is worth my hair growing back. They take a couple on months to kick in they say. Ive been taking them for 5 weeks now and just now 5 weeks in i can see slight hair growth on my bald patches.
Avatar m tn hi i am a male of 20 yr old i have started gymmng and started taking mass gaining supplements for it bt with that i have noticed that with the use of supplement there is a increase in my body hair growth all over the hair on the head have become more thicker and when i discontinue it the hair growth stops what to do help?
Avatar n tn black female 46 with exessive hair growth (chest, chin, upperlip been tested all came back normal not sure what test was done only know it was a hormone levels test no sonogram i have been shaving for years because cant find the source of the problem i have develop hyperpigmentation and holes and my face what can i do to get rid of it and is it wise to keep searching for a solution to my problem i have seen a (endrocrinologist, gyn) i have not seen a dermatologist
393685 tn?1425812522 Hi Stella, well maybe I can shed some light on your extra unwanted hair growth or at least give you some info that might help you out. I am a Electrologist (retired) so I know a little about this issue. I'm not sure how old you are but most women do in fact have unwanted hair growth but it isn't something you'll hear them talking about at your local Tupperware party so don't think your alone. If all women live long enough they are destined to get some kind of unwanted hair.
Avatar m tn Hi I am a 22 yr male and have been on levothyroxine for about 5-6 years and none of my family has excessive hair growth, so doubt its genetic. I have been having excessive body hair growth and not so much growth in my scalp region. So is excessive body hair a side effect of levothyroxine?
Avatar f tn from the past 1 yr i have been experiencing alot of hair growth all over my body.i have facial hair and the hair on and under my chin(area just above neck) can get as long as 1 inch.they grow back really quickly,and they're very think too.they're hair as long as 1 inch on my abdomen too.i dont seem to loose weight i'm overweight.my appetite is quite low.i'm always tired from the past few months dont even have energy to exercise.
747152 tn?1240320709 Blood tests show I am low in human growth hormone, insulin growth factor, testosterone and DHEA. My Dr. thinks this is "nothing to worry about" but its quite obvious to me "this nothing to worry about" tumor is reaking havic in my body and causing the hormonal imbalance. My hair continues to thin and I have patches where you can see my scalp. I feel & look HORRIBLE and I'm just not myself, I look in the mirror and wonder who that person is looking back at me....
Avatar f tn Hello, I am not aware of L arginine and Lo orthinine causing any changes in testosterone levels which effect hair loss. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn How exactly should hair growth that is very severe under chin area be dealt with ?
Avatar f tn severe fatigue, difficulty losing weight, weight gain, memory loss, hair loss, muscle fatigue, hair growth, buffalo hump, and increased anxiety and depression. Doctor changed my thyroid medication from cytomel to synthroid. I have a 25 year history of psoriasis and recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis due to joint swelling in a left finger and left ankle. Endocrinologist did these test and here are the results. Any assistance in translating them would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn If a boy is age 16.5 with a height of 5'6" that hasn't changed in a very long time (and bone age that is normal to slightly advanced), can intervention with human growth hormone, aromatase inhibitors, and testosterone induce a growth spurt to 5'10" before fusion of growth plates? This case is an anomaly especially because rate of growth has been very slow throughout the lifespan, secondary sexual characteristics are delayed (i.e.
329165 tn?1515471990 The growth cycle of hair is in two phases, anagen or growth phase and telogen or resting phase. During telogen, the resting hair remains in the follicle until it is pushed out by growth of a new anagen hair. When hair enter the telogen phase, if it remains in this phase, it causes telogen effluvium. In telogen effluvium, a large number of hair enter telogen at one time. It appears as a diffuse thinning of hair on the scalp.
Avatar f tn I suggest u get ur testosterone checked. The #1 symptom is hair loss in women and hair growth in other unexpected places. I have really high testosterone I'm trying to lower, it has been making me lose a lot of hair and I'm only 29. I have high testosterone from PCOS. MAKE SURE UR DOCS LOOK INTO THAT. I started intense cardio, eating foods with little carbs and low sugar, and drinking spearmint tea. Also thinking about colon hydrotherapy.
Avatar n tn the range was 8-30 and my level was 13,i consulted a doctor he said your testosterone levels are ok,so what should i do now,increasing my testosterone would be of any benefit or it is just genetic?
Avatar f tn This is my second pregnancy and I know this may sound odd but does anyone else seem to have an increase in hair growth? I find week to week my hair seems to be getting long and like daily I have to shave my legs! Annoying! What I read online say its because I'm having a boy ( my first pregnancy i had boy, but I'm only 3 months atm) and its an increase of testosterone, but I'm not growing a beard or a penis haha just seems so silly to me!
Avatar n tn She may have inherited this trait or may be due to hormonal conditions that might be responsible for higher levels of testosterone. Excess testosterone can also stimulate excess hair. If it persists, have this evaluated for proper management. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn I have recently noticed a growth on my Foreskin, I am circumsized, It does not hurt or have any discharge and is slightly firm when squeezed...It almost looks like a small nipple.... I could send a picture to the MD who responds to my posting.... I'm 45 and married and don't fool around so I would doubt it could be a STD.... Thank You....
Avatar f tn Sometimes girls have too much testosterone which is what causes the hair growth. I'm not sure if there is anything medically that can be done to prevent the hair growth, but i would suggest facial waxing. It doesnt hurt and you can usually get a wax for under $15.
Avatar m tn Blocked sebaceous glands, swollen hair follicles and excessive testosterone production will cause such cysts. Generally no treatment is required but they become painful then it means they are infected,Then surgical excision by traditional wide excision, minimal excision, and punch biopsy excision may be required. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar m tn I was later told that I did not qualify for the trial because my Testosterone level was too high for the trial. For comparison, my Testosterone measures 590 ng/dL(nanograms per deciliters). Trial members will have a Testosterone cream to rub into their skin once a day for 30 days. I do not think any good things in life comes to us instantly. You should notice over time that your beard and hair will grow faster(about three-quarters of an inch a month).
1279495 tn?1271202376 Do you have weight gain in the middle (apple shaped, irregular periods, over weight, mail patterened facial hair growth and diamond shaped hair growth pattern on the chest between the breast? Check it out online @ pcossupport.org. I don't think it's related to your thyroid medication. (what about a possible tumor on the adrenial glands? - forgot what it is called, but it can cause excessive hair growth too as it can increase the level of testosterone in the body. Woman can get this!
Avatar f tn I have a total T3 in the upper end/top of the reference range due to using T4 and T3 for hypothyroidism. However, recently I developed moderate acne and noticed new hair growth at the corners of my mouth and in between my eyebrows. It turns out that i have a mildly elevated total testosterone level but normal SHBG. Could the elevated total testosterone be causing these symptoms and be enough to diagnose PCOS or is my elevated total testosterone in someway linked to my T3 use?