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Avatar n tn In the past members noted above have discussed the potential for Testosterone Replacement Therapy for their low testosterone after doing tx. I just got test results back showing I am at the borderline of low normal, and low....about 300 ng/dl. After doing a LOT of reading about T ranges, and replacement, symptoms from low 'T', etc. I am beginning to think this may be a major part of my post-tx problems. The sx for low Testosterone are plentiful, and can be overwhelming.
Avatar n tn There is a testosterone patch that can be placed on the male buttock. It is used for hormone replacement in men with low testosterone.
Avatar m tn He may have Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome. A trial of testosterone replacement therapy would be worth while. He should do this without having his blood testosterone levels checked because they tell you very little.
Avatar n tn My testo numbers were very low--I started testosterone replacement just a few weeks ago--now I am really starting to feel much better. It should be a few more weeks before my testo level gets to the normal range, but right now it is the very best thing I have done!
Avatar n tn I have been going through a very similar situation and recently came across some information about chronic blepharitis and low testosterone levels. (Yes, even women need a certain level of testosterone.) It would make sense in your case that the pregnancy/difficult labor could worsen hormone imbalance, as could other stressful situations. Have you ever had your hormone levels checked, including testosterone? If not, do it! Mine, like so many other women, was totally in the toilet.
Avatar m tn It is also vital that you check your levels of testosterone, which is an important substance for a variety of reasons. Make sure you get tested for both free and bound testosterone. Over 50% of testosterone is bound in the plasma (the fluid portion of blood, in which cells are suspended) by both sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and albumin. In fact, only 2% exists as free testosterone.
Avatar n tn Topicals typically are more of a problem for men than women. This is true for testosterone cream etc. Men also need very little progesterone so I would tend to recommend you ask your Dr about a compounded cream to apply to scrotum. This may achieve best what you are looking to achieve.
Avatar n tn You need a trial of testosterone replacement therapy. It does not matter what your testosterone "levels" as this tells you nothing.
Avatar n tn How do I get TRT This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Mens-Health/-When-should-I-take-testosterone-replacement/show/2791200"> When should I take testosterone replacement?</a>.
484508 tn?1290010544 I have been feeling depressed, but mostly anxious now for a few years. I have tried several SSRI's and even St John's Wort and became very hypomanic- not pleasant at all. I had to stop them. Even tried benzos and they work but I don't want to become a benzo addict! Stopped them too. I finally went to my family doctor, who stated that my testosterone level is low--170, and told me to make an appt to come in.
1713674 tn?1308576562 how do men after the menopause manage this lack of sex how do husbands handle not having sex for the rest of there lives, im talking about women choosing not to have sex after menopâuse
Avatar m tn I'm not sure there is something as a 'testosterone clinic' which only treats low testosterone. Your doc gave you a prescription for testosterone and you've been taking it? What symptoms do you have from the low level? Did they do blood work to see if the level is rising from the script?
Avatar m tn //www.medhelp.org/posts/Hepatitis-Social/Testosterone-Replacement-For-Men-With-Low-Testosterone-Improves-Liver-Function--Metabolic-Syndrome/show/1117931 http://www.natap.org/2005/HCV/062005_02.htm http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Hepatitis-C/Testosterone-Supplementation--HR-and-Others/show/96584 http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Hepatitis-C/Post-TX-and-Testosterone-Level-Please-Read/show/1101729 http://www.medhelp.
1139187 tn?1355706647 dont use that stuff its been altered so they can patent it meaning its not bioidentical to your own bodies T so there for its alien to your body it might be agressive enough to force itself to work for you. but just think progestines for women increase the chances of certain cancers. they are altered and not bioidentical to progesterone which is the body's number one hormone.
Avatar f tn It would certainly make sense that we would need testosterone since post-menopausal ovaries produce much more androgens (testosterone and androstenedione) than estrogen. These androgens actually reach pre-menopausal levels in intact women in their 70's. These androgens are then converted into estrogen, as needed by the body. It would be great if exogenous testosterone worked the same way but I do not think it works quite like our innate body / endocrine system.
Avatar n tn i had a partial hysterectmy in 1992 i still have both my ovaries i have been to the dr and had a hormone test done and it was normal but i have all the symptoms of menopause except for the exctreme hotflases i have them but they are very very mild and not often, could i be going thru menopause?
Avatar m tn 7 if I am not mistaken, the thing is I guess now I will be patient a hormone replacement therapy for increase my testosterone and let me know what to expect, experiences or something that can help me with this new experience , thanks.
Avatar n tn , it is at the low end of normal and certainly low for my age according to my research. At what point should I ask for testosterone replacement therapy? Should I just be within normal range or shoot for optimum levels. Thanks.
919239 tn?1269394658 Most people who are treated for depression have their testosterone, thyroid function, blood glucose, and vitamin / mineral levels checked before starting on anti-depressants. The vast majority of cases of depression are not caused by these things.
Avatar n tn My husband had 2 semen analysis done and both came back with NO sperm, 0.5 ml volume and lower than normal 6.4 ph level. His hormones were fine except testosterone was a bit low and during his physical the doc said everything seemed fine. They want him to do a testicular biopsy to determine if he has a blockage or just isn't producing. Didn't give him any meds for lil bit low testosterone. Anyone have similar analysis results and what was your diagnosis?