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1081864 tn?1257519948 and always tired, in pain (body aches, acne a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and more body and facial hair, weight gain which didnt change even with taking levothyroxine!, also headaches, swollen lymphnodes everywhere, had big painful swelling over right knee that i sometimes could walk or almost not, comes in flares, sometimes both legs, no energy, etc.) need any advise! thanks so much.
Avatar m tn Body fat contains aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogens, the female sex hormone in women. Having extra estrogens triggers your body to slow its production of testosterone. And the less testosterone you make, the more belly fat you accumulate and the more estrogens you have. Researchers have also targeted midriff weight as the strongest predictor of a condition called symptomatic androgen deficiency, or AD.
Avatar f tn Weight gain is a function or common when low on either and in your case BOTH, low thyroid and low Testosterone. Do not be fooled. Testosterone is extremely important for women, especially at your age! By volume women have 3 times more testosterone than estrogen. (Stall FAR less than a man) but this should still tell you how important testosterone is to healthy woman. Yet most doctors completely ignore it. High cholesterol is also associated with low testosterone, as well as low thyroid.
Avatar m tn Her Doctor could test her hormones and see if the testosterone level is in the normal female range. Weight gain, loss of energy and sex drive all sound like abnormally low testosterone levels. I'm reading between the lines but if you are concerned about the penis she probably is too. Some TS people simply can't afford the full procedure so I think you might want to look at insurance that covers it or setting up a savings plan.
Avatar f tn Obviously, anything that gives you side effects that bad is probably not the right treatment for you. Generally, women aren't given that treatment as it can cause acne, hair growth where women don't want it, and other male attributes. In your case, you had low testosterone and high SHBG, which might have been able to be treated by dietary changes. But people are different. A problem is, testosterone varies a whole lot in both men and women, by the day, hour, week, etc.
Avatar f tn It can be very easy to blame the weight gain on the hysterectomy but hysterectomies do not cause weight gain by themselves and thats a very true fact! If u have heard that they do well thats just a myth!! Look it up and do your research! Dont let the fear of gaining weight stop you from having a surgery that could change your way of life tremendously or it could even save your life!! Most women are very happy they had their hysterectomies.
Avatar f tn Higher doses of estrogen in birth control pills is known to cause weight gain in women due to fluid retention. Get your estrogen levels checked. For weight loss, apart from diet control, indulge in physical exercise daily for which you can even join a gym. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
317787 tn?1473358451 Were there no progesterone or testosterone tests done? Her symptoms and thyroid blood work, indicate hypothyroidism, in spite of the low TSH. With thyroid hormone levels as low as hers, we'd expect TSH to be higher than it is. Since it isn't, Central, or secondary hypothyroidism, could be a consideration.
Avatar m tn In any case, I would advise you to consult an endocrinologist, because low libido and increased fatigue can be associated not only with low testosterone production, but also with disorders in the thyroid gland. Take tests for thyroid hormones and perform an ultrasound exam.
1139187 tn?1355706647 Hi, My intuitive feeling is that low testosterone may cause lack of competitiveness in life, but not constant fatigue, but from another post of yours, I read that you also suffer from hypothyroidism, and it can definitely cause constant fatigue, weight gain, extreme irritability, mental confusion,low pulse rate, low sex drive etc. Your Dr. may put you on regular intake of Thyroxine tab. to improve the condition.
Avatar n tn I think he is very comfortable with a low sex drive and the minimal amout of sex. I am sure the low testosterone level and the working alot of hours doesn't help matters, but I think he was like this the WHOLE time you. He might have put more effort into having the amount of sex that you wanted WHILE you all were dating and even that DIP over time. Secondly, you KNEW this was an issue BEFORE you married the man too.
138239 tn?1239924924 my blood work showed my DHEA 78 & normal is between 102-1185, when asked doctor about this she didn't know why, thought there was a supplement for this. Asked Endocrinologist, he said it was nothing to be concerned about. So, whats up???? I've been battling weight gain for the past 3 years. Feel that there is really something wrong with my adrenal glands.they have tested me for Cushings (negative), scooped me from 1 end and the other.
1347434 tn?1282591778 I'm just burning up the forums today, LOL. And, I apologize in advance if this is the incorrect place to ask Endocrinological (sp?) questions, but there wasn't a specific forum for it that I was able to locate. Has any woman out there experienced a very low testosterone level combined with a major increase in male-pattern hair growth (chin, top of chest, between boobs, nipples).
Avatar m tn Hi, I have low testosterone level (400 ng/dl) and I have been struggling to gain muscle. Recently I was down with viral fever and lost almost 10 kgs of "muscle". I literally lost most of the weight from the upper body. Now I am trying to gain weight. Someone adviced me to takeup meal supplement like mass gainer which will provide high carb and protein to bulk up in couple of months and after that I can stop using it. I go to gym everyday.
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor because I was feeling blah, gained weight etc. They checked my hormones, thyroid & blood sugar. My hormones came back with my testosterone low, my thyroid test & blood sugar came back normal. The doctor put me on some testosterone pills (for women) - it seem to help a little but I still didn't feel great. I went back to doctor & ask to have an ultrasound on my thyroid (thyroid problems run in my family) just rule out 100% that it wasn't my thyroid.
583580 tn?1231136383 I do cardio and I try to lift weights but theres my problem. Everytime I start a lifting program even though its low weight more reps I gain mass. This frustrates me cause it doesnt go away. I dont lose inches or weight I get bigger. Whenever this happens I stop lifting cause I dont want to get bigger. I know they say that a woman cant get bigger because she just doesnt produce the same hormones as a man but why would I be gaining mass if this were so.
Avatar n tn there should be no reason for hormones, I dont believe the weight gain from hysterectomy should in theory affect you. Many women tend to gain weight post menopause. I would advise you to ask about HRT to your doctor but Im guessing he will say no need.perhaps low estrogen if anything at all/ best wishes,,,when is your surgery ?
Avatar m tn I know that my testosterone is low for my age. I plan on losing excess weight and see what happens from there. I know losing weight will lower my estradiol and raise my testosterone, but how much of a difference will it make? I would be willing to try TRT but I am scared of infertility.
Avatar f tn Well, not only have I not felt ANY benefits of it, I have actually felt worse than I have felt in months. Extreme fatigue, weight gain with no change in eating habits, water retention, depressed,just feeling like overall crap. I get blood work because I'm concerned and turns out I have extremely too much testosterone in my body, like male levels. She mentioned the number 500 something but I'm not sure what that means. This was via a phone call.
Avatar f tn I suggest u get ur testosterone checked. The #1 symptom is hair loss in women and hair growth in other unexpected places. I have really high testosterone I'm trying to lower, it has been making me lose a lot of hair and I'm only 29. I have high testosterone from PCOS. MAKE SURE UR DOCS LOOK INTO THAT. I started intense cardio, eating foods with little carbs and low sugar, and drinking spearmint tea. Also thinking about colon hydrotherapy.
Avatar f tn I feel completely exhausted and drained all the time, freezing cold, lower legs edema to the point that the contact of my clothing hurts, weight gain, weight gain, and some more weight gain. I dont have the energy to complete really important things. My hair started shedding. Changes in my vision and decreased ability to concentrate/focus.
Avatar n tn And also estrogen is the common hormone in boys and girls that is required for growth, in boys, it is produced by conversion of testosterone, so, I would expect it to be low in boys during growth period. If you have any contra information, please let me know. You could as well check this with your endo?. For various stages of puberty, you may refer the following link: http://en.wikipedia.