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Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 19 years old (female - non smoker/drinker, fit) and for the past month and a half I have had unexplained swollen glands. They will come up where my jaw and ear meet about once or twice a week, last for a day or two and then go back down and are always in the same place. The one under the left ear is tiny, mobile and painless, but the one on the right is fixed, painful and about 3cm in length and can be visibly seen.
1664961 tn?1303932576 I'm tired. Just completely exhausted about everything that's been going on with me the last couple years. At least finally we're 1/2 way through with figuring out what's wrong with me. For a while I thought I was becoming a hypochondriac and I'm sure my dr was too, probably why at first he didn't really give me the time or day but now, he's awesome :) It's just when you feel like crap and can't find anything that's going on with you, then well.. you begin to wonder ya know?
349463 tn?1333575176 The whole side of of my neck is these hard swollen lumps all the way up to under my chin. I'm 99% sure it's swollen glands, but I've never had anything like this before. Only on one side and from my collar bone to my jaw bone. My throat doesn't really hurt and my only other symptoms would be feeling a little tired and waking up with a little blister on my tounge. Anyone ever heard of this as a pregnancy thing or should I be worried about mumps or something like that??
Avatar n tn anyway, 3 days ago she gave me prednisone to help with the swelling along with biaxin. The prednisone helped my swollen tonsils, but the glands in my neck keep getting worse. No ibuprofen helps the pain of it, which is causing me a lack of sleep. Is there anything else I have possibly overlooked? I'm not exhausted all the time at all. my entire neck is killing me and behind my ears and head, occasionaly my jaw and armpits too.
1355431 tn?1369978906 Did the doctor check your adrenal glands? If they aren't functioning correctly they can make you extremely fatigued. Taking Chinese Ginseng or DHEA might help. But, you should ask your doctor about how much to take. It will take some time before you feel/see any results from these natural remedies. But they do work.
Avatar n tn ), asked how my neck was (SWOLLEN!!), told me i have a mulinodular goitre (KNOW THAT!!), told me my bloods were within normal range apart from antibodies (KNOW THAT!!) I asked him if it was usual for a letter to be marked urgent and was there anything i should be worried about? He said it was usual if undiagnosed lumps were found but said that as mine were all about 1.7cm and there were a few of them, the outlook was good, however i need to go for a FNA to make sure.
Avatar n tn Today, I had an abdominal CT Scan, and an Ultra Sound of my Carotid arteries. There are some swollen lymph glands in my neck just below my jaw line. It is almost like I have mumps again and again. The strangest symptom has been inability to eat meat lately. I have never been a vegetarian, however, the thought of meat makes me ill. I have also had moments that I felt like if I did not get a glass of water I was going to die. Sounds strange I know, anyone else with these symptoms?
Avatar f tn After 5 days my symptoms worsened - very red sore throat, dry cough, swollen glands so went back to doctor and he said to stop the amoxyl and start clarithromycin 250mg BD. I then started to feel even worse 4 days later and wasn't tolerating the clarithromycin very well - tummy upsets and "racy" feeling. Throat felt better when swallowing but I felt extreme fatigue, very blocked sinuses, and the swollen glands. No fever at all but feeling utterly exhausted and flu-like.
1463533 tn?1286059154 When my doc was punching around inside my mouth, he found that lymph node was swollen, but didn't know what to do. He said it's swollen, but he doesn't know WHY. I'm hoping that someone here might have an idea & where I should turn next. It is really bothering me (and scaring me). Thanks for any suggestions.
1543628 tn?1293397729 Hi.I have swollen lymph nodes my left and right side of my neck right above my collar bone. (subclavian area) They just recently showed up and are large.. Also, since this happened, my breast are hurting. (I don't show any signs of being ill w a cold/ infection) I also have swollen lymph nodes in my neck along the right side for quite some time now. Dr. has been watching this but now with the ones on my subclavicular area, I am being sent to an ENT dr.
Avatar m tn My symptoms have progressed a little. I now have swollen glands in my collar bone, under my arms and slightly in my groin area. So it appears that the penicillin isn't working...can't say I'm surprised. Anther symptom that I've been having for just a couple of days now is my urine is smelling odd...like when after you eat asparagus...not sure if that's worth mentioning to my doctor quite yet as I'm sure she's got enough other symptoms to deal with.
Avatar f tn I have had a swollen clitoris for about one week. At first it was because I masturbated and it was a little swollen, then it gradually got bigger and bigger about the size of a couple of grapes. Moslty on one side of my clitoris. It is now very uncomfortable and accompanied by a yeast infection. I always get small yeast infections by my birth control pills (Errin) but now this is still swelling even more even after my doctor prescribed Diflucan yesterday.
Avatar n tn When I do not take them my mind is confused and I can barely concentrate - I make a lot of mistakes and I am totally exhausted. Accompanying these symptoms are tender spots on my gums, raised bumps inside on the mouth and side of tongue; some type of facial bumps that are not acne, same bumps on arms under chin and inside thighs. When treated with Clobex it does not go away, but it keeps it from getting worse.
Avatar n tn I saw an allergist who did not think allergies were to blame for my throat condition and also verified no swollen glands or thyroid. Can anyone please help me? I am just having the hardest time even making it through the day always feeling like I'm going to choke. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Dear Hashimoto-survivors, I'm asking myself this question for a long time but couldn't figure this out yet. How come that your face/cheeks/eyes/hands is swollen/puffy when you have hashimoto's disease? I'm sure it has something to do with to overall functions/metabolism of the patient and the fact that everything is slowing down but there must be a better explanation...
1310035 tn?1305625242 hi i have swollen gland as well it really hurts.. did you get any thing for it.
611570 tn?1221713186 m 22 yrs old gal.. m hypothyroid patient.. i have swollen lymph glands in my body i.e behind ears, armpits and groin n causing so much pain..... Is these swollen nodes r because of hypothyroid or i need some other tests???
Avatar m tn This lasted until at least the 5th august. I was tired, had headaches, swollen glands and fever. I assumed it was Glandular Fever but tested negative. After a few trips to the doctors and the hospital the doctor assumed do to my high levels of infection in blood that it was most likely a bacterial infection of an unknown cause so I was prescribed antibiotics. After a couple of days on antibiotics my fever and headaches went away although I was still tired for a few days.
Avatar n tn so i have had the folowing symptoms 1 swollen lymph glands in neck 2 an upset stomach 3a sore throat 4 like random nerve pains not bad ones but still idk a tingly everyonce in a while 5 my tongue got pale not sure what it is yet lol 6 my knuckles hurt and i cant remember why its not bad and its going away i woke up at a party next to a girl and have been freaking out for the last month the im not exhausted or having diarea
349463 tn?1333575176 I'm fighting some kind of infection because I've never had glands this swollen. I called my ob because I would normaly wait it out and see if it clears on it's own, but they said it could be a sign of a serious infection and I needed to get into my regular dr today. So now waiting for my 3:15 appointment to see my GP. On top of all that and taking care of a very grumpy toddler I am having bad cramps today.
1926359 tn?1331591739 I am going to see my family doc on Thursday and I am going to get a referral and blood work and go from there. I always feel better with a plan. I am exhausted. I fell asleep in the ferry line up and slept for four hours in the car (I NEVER SLEEP IN CARS) then I got home and slept 12 hours last night and I am still exhausted. I have not been able to eat a meal in over a week, and my guts are all messed up.
Avatar f tn Also I had glandular fever and ever since all my glands are sore and swollen most of the time. So I went to my doctor and had the tsh and ft4 tests with the following results- TSH 5.090 and FT4 11.1. I don't really understand from what I read on the internet are these conflicting results? Also while my doctor has now recommended me to get further tests, I did have to I push him, as they were both deemed normal range.
Avatar f tn I'd also like to say I'm exhausted ALL the time. I have swollen glands but no pain in them. My joints constantly ache and my bones hurt. I have horrible night sweats and migraines so bad I vomit and they last for weeks. I've also lost 15lbs in a month without trying. Somebody help...I'm worried!!!
Avatar f tn I started getting white spots on my throat, swollen glands, and a bright red throat. I just assumed i had a sore throat and head ache, but then i started getting really flemmy, my ears starter hurting, and i have neck aches. do you have an idea of whats wrong with me?
Avatar f tn I had a physical done mid oct. Everything checked out no swollen glands or anything blood work to test for immunization to measles and chicken pox for a new job. I have been reading up on ars symptoms . My stomach has been making these growling noises for 2 days diarrrhea started sun and ended mon but I wanted to know how can u tell ars diarrhea from regular stomach issue diarrhea and I had no nausea or vomitting no rash no fever and no night sweats.
Avatar f tn The pain in my hands and burning eyes are my only symptoms so far. No dry mouth unless I'm sick or exhausted. No swollen glands at the back of my jaw. So I can have peace where it is so far. You can be a nervous wreck watching the numbers. Best wishes and rest to stay strong.
Avatar m tn For the last week I still have had a scratchy throat and feeling exhausted, no fever, no swollen glands and have had a bad headache. I have had a loss in appetite as well. I know that symptoms alone do not constitute a diagnosis so my question is does it sound like I may have had a risk or low risk? I'm just worried.
Avatar m tn Sorry, you need to work with your doctor to sort out the casue of your swollen glands. Some illness make glands in distant parts of the body swell and in some people there are swollen glands presnt as a normal finding. There are jst too many possible explanations to deal with in this setting. Good luck.