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Avatar f tn About 8 months ago I discovered that my dog had swollen glands in her neck. I went to two different vets who took a sample of the cells on THREE different occassions and each time is came up "Suspicious" but not definative. After 1 day of antibiotics the swelling went down by about 75% however never fully reduced. I notice again that the size has increased and she is not eating as normal and less active.
Avatar f tn A needle aspirate should be performed of the area and cytology to determine is the lymph nodes are up or a sialocoele which is when saliva leaks from the glands in the neck. If the diagnosis is still undetermined then a biopsy should be done. A second opinion is not a bad idea.
Avatar n tn do the bumps on your tounge have white circles or outlines around them. Have your swollen lymph glands under your neck resolved themselves or are they still kill you. I have the same thing I've been researching this for years! I'd love to talk more about this but there's so much to say. Do u have a screen name on AIM or yahoo? I need a friend in this!
Avatar f tn s more likely to be the lymph nodes in the genital area that are swollen than in the neck area. That said -sometimes you have more than one thing going on ( caught another illness that left your body susceptible to infection with herpes in the first place ). The best thing to do is to see your provider.
Avatar f tn They did eventually clear up all my symptoms and also the swelling in the neck throat glands and neck glands went away. Sortly after that about 2 weeks later I noticed I had swollen neck glands again but that only lasted a week then went away completely. Early decemeber I noticed my neck glands were swollen again. That followed by a dry throat and small cold that only lasted about 3 or 4 days those symptoms disappeared but my swollen neck glands continued to say.
Avatar f tn I initially thought it was a knot in my muscle, but now I have swollen neck glands with no sore throat.
Avatar m tn Hello. I'm becoming increasingly worried about swollen glands in my neck. The swelling is located on either side of my neck, roughly half an inch below the mastoid process (these might be the upper cervical lymph nodes but I'm not sure). They can't be seen, but when I feel my neck they feel hard. I've had them now for about three weeks. My only other symptoms: a slight sore throat that comes and goes, and a very infrequent cough.
Avatar f tn hi, was reading all letters, god , i going through the hell at the moment, i lost my husband just 16 month ago, to the cancer, now i m so scared of everything.
Avatar n tn She is not having any trouble drinking, eating or barking and is acting normal and is not squirming when we are feeling her neck to check the glands. This morning she is still swollen and I gave her another dose of benedryl but I am not sure what this could be caused by. Should we take her to the doctor to get antibiotics or see if the Benendryl takes it away completely? Has anyone heard of or experienced something similar with their dogs?
Avatar m tn I have 1 swollen gland on the left side of my neck.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm new to all this posting so excuse me if it doesn't make sense, I'm a 28yr old female and I've been suffering from swollen glands which is tender and slightly painful sometimes but not all the time in my neck for over a month now, but also my jaw and ears and behind my ears but no sore throat my doctor is sending me for blood tests but also advised me to see a dentist, I'm starting to worry it could something serious as I like to panic And over think think things since
Avatar m tn i assume swollen glands in the neck means inflamed lymph nodes? our 6 yr. old was seen today for a fever and sore throat complaint. the ped. said she has a throat infection and swollen glands and prescribed meds. she did check other areas of her body for glands (at least that is what i think she was feeling for). about 7 weeks ago she had the same thing (tho the whole family passed around a fever/infection). should we be overly concerned that she has been sick like this twice in two months?
Avatar n tn I have also had constantly swollen glands at the back left side of the neck and near my left armpit since fall. The upper part of my neck swells up a lot, too, sort of like a huge double-chin running from one end of the jaw to the other. My throat feels tight, like everything inside is swollen and pushing against each other. It doesn't feel like strep and doesn't really hurt. I have been on two different antibiotics -- cephalexin and ???
Avatar m tn The glands in my neck (under my jaw) have been swollen for about 4 months now. They have never really hurt. But i've been getting sick (mainly just symptoms of a cold. Runny nose, post nasal drip or a headache a few times. And once i had a sore throat) off and on the whole time. Though, when i do get better i still have mucus that i'm hawking up throughout the day (its usually clear or bright yellow).
Avatar f tn my dos glands are swollen in her neck, in her groin. and behind her front legs . she is breathing funny , but still eating just not moving around much.what can i do at home to help her , or do i need to get to a vet soon.
Avatar f tn Since he was the age of 11 months I have noticed a lump on the left side of his neck. It appears to be a swollen lymph node and is mobile. I have brought it to the attention of our family doctor, a walk-in clinic doctor and his pediatrician and they all have only ran a CBC (blood test) and shrugged it off. His results of the test came back within normal range all three times. The mass has not changed in size, but is still there. His doctors don't seem concerned, but as a mom I am.
Avatar n tn Unfourtnalty a swollen gland appeared under my neck 2 days ago. There is no pain when I touch it what so ever, I told my father about this and he said I had them as a child swollen glands appearing out of no where with no pain, could this be history repeating its self? Or could this be the first sign of a HIV infection? Please reply back Doc.
Avatar m tn The glands on my neck just under my jaw line are visibly pulsating on both sides. I have seen plenty of posts about swollen glands but not about pulsating ones. Would the pulsating possibly be a sign of infection like swollen glands are? Any help with this would be great.
1548905 tn?1303331009 These days, I found pain swollen glands in my neck, behind my ear and under groin. Today, I went to see the doctor, he confirmed the swollen glands. And he also found I have sore throat, I dont feel anything about it. All the swollen glands cannot be seen by appearance. I dont have fever, no diarrhea, no weight loss. I also did the normal blood test, which showed WBC, RBC and all others are good. I am still concered abou HIV infection. I am wondering the risk of being infected by HIV.
Avatar f tn People more knowledgeable than I will respond concerning your question (Did you mean swollen glands in his neck?) but my first thought was that this treatment can affect the thyroid. I hope you will get some answers soon, but I wouldn't worry, the worst seems to be over for him. All the best to you and your husband.
Avatar m tn ve woken up feeling like the gland in the left side of my neck is slightly swollen, tender to the touch. Last week i had swollen glands (or maybe just ingrown hairs?) in my armpit areas (both sides), but this occurs periodically over the past several years. I don't appear to have a cold or any kind of respiratory infection, or any other new symptoms. Is this something I should be concerned with because I don't have a cold or infection that i know of?
1626225 tn?1306459118 I have sharp pains like lighting on the left side of my head from bottom of my neck where the glands are to behind the ear and some times they are so sharp that it leaves the area kind of numb. They last about 2 seconds. My neck is very tender and the doctor thinks that it might be related to my acid reflux problems. can anyone help me.
Avatar f tn I was tested for STDs about 6 weeks after the incident (not HIV tested though) and all tests came back negative, Within the past week, the glands in my neck, underarms and right side of my groin have been swollen (I can feel them when I push on them) and I am very tired. I have been researching HIV and now I am terrified that is what it is!!!! I know I should get tested. Any other advice?