Glands swollen on left side of neck

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Avatar n tn Over the past few days though i have developed about four or five more of these bumps on my chin and my left jaw line and my two glands under my chin are swollen and sore too. Also when i lean my neck back the front of my neck if really sore when it is stretched. All of the bumps that i have formed are just contsantly oozing out oil(so thats why i think those are just ingrown hairs).
Avatar n tn my glands are on the right side of my neck are swollen as well, but i havent been sick or anything, their just swollen up. Any Ideas?
Avatar f tn They did eventually clear up all my symptoms and also the swelling in the neck throat glands and neck glands went away. Sortly after that about 2 weeks later I noticed I had swollen neck glands again but that only lasted a week then went away completely. Early decemeber I noticed my neck glands were swollen again. That followed by a dry throat and small cold that only lasted about 3 or 4 days those symptoms disappeared but my swollen neck glands continued to say.
Avatar n tn However spinal compression will not. The glands in the neck are present on either side of midline, under the jaw, behind the ear, and above the collar bone. If they are swollen, you will be able to feel them easily. I would suggest that you consult your PCP once to see if there are swollen glands or not and to investigate the cause of pain. Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn for the last 2 months i have being suffering from swollen and painful lymph nodes in my neck, headaches, ear pain left side, throat pain, eye pain, pain around my cheek bone. ct of the head and neck normal. all blood work normal for viral nfection. a lumbar punture was negative for meningitis. i am soooo depressed because nobody finds anything. tomorrow i am going to see an md for a biopsy in my lymph nodes of my neck, i am so scared. i need helppppppppp.
1626225 tn?1306462718 I have sharp pains like lighting on the left side of my head from bottom of my neck where the glands are to behind the ear and some times they are so sharp that it leaves the area kind of numb. They last about 2 seconds. My neck is very tender and the doctor thinks that it might be related to my acid reflux problems. can anyone help me.
Avatar n tn I am male, white, 32 yo. For about 3-4 weeks I have a swollen gland at the left side of my neck which is sometimes painful. About a couple of months ago I had pharyngitis and the truth is that it took me a month or 5 weeks to get over it. However it's been almost a month that my left neck gland is swollen and sometimes painful. A smaller swelling may exist at the right gland of my neck. I had a CBC exam and it has shown iron deficiency, I think other than that everything else were OK.
Avatar m tn I have 1 swollen gland on the left side of my neck.
Avatar f tn I also forgot to mention that I have started having pain on the upper left side of my neck. It started shortly after the glands under my ears became swollen and painful. I think they must be related in someway...but it still doesn't explain the lymph nodes I have that are painless and constantly swollen...
Avatar n tn i have a swollen gland on the left side of my neck which flares up every few weeks but does not go completly i also have a ; painful rash on my arms and legs
Avatar n tn are the swollen glands behind the ears on each side of the neck? or you mentioned cheeks. If so it could be TMJ but if behind your ears it could also be your salivary glands. See, if they become swollen more often. mention it to your doctor. There is a disease of the salivary glands call sjogrens syndrome. I pray you do not have that.
Avatar n tn I have a swollen gland under my left arm for over 7 months. I now have swollen glands in right side of my neck by the collarbone. I am tired all the time and I break out in a sweat for no real reason, for the last few months.I am now losing weight with no effort at all. I have been on thyroid meds for the last ten years for hypothyrodism. About twice a year I have a dry cough that last for about 6 weeks. I hope this is enough info. Should I see my doctor?
393685 tn?1425816122 I really doubt this is thyroid related - Every month 2 weeks prior to my cycle which may be during ovulation. My neck or glands swell. Sometimes on the left - sometimes on the right. This month right side. It starts out with a stiff neck (as I have described in the past) The pains in the gland area and in the back get unbelievable. Then the swelling starts. It starts to radiate heat (I guess inflammation) where my neck actually turns red.
Avatar n tn During a recent vacation I noticed that his neck had become swollen under his ears, the right side larger than the left. The swelling is extremely visable. These lumps extend almost from the back of his ear down his neck. When he tilts his head back, he also has swollen glands under his chin. He has a slight cough but that's it, he hasn't had a fever. He has had diarrhea but we attributed that to traveling and becoming constipated due to potty-training. We called his Dr.
Avatar n tn I am 18 years old and my lymph nodes are swollen on the right side of my neck and are painful at times. Ive been expierencing side pain also on my right side. i went to my docter but i felt that she kind of rushed the appt. and prescribed me antibiotics for it and declared it was probably due to allergies. i have night sweats but am not usually tired. i have currently lost my voice almost completely but i think its due to a sore throat and drinking.
Avatar n tn I don't know if it's glands, lymph nodes, or muscles, but there is an area on the left side of my neck that is noticably larger than the corresponding area on my right side. It's on the side of my neck, about halfway between the ear and collarbone. I thought initially that it was just an enlarged gland, and it may have been there all along, but I don't know because I don't check myself every day for stuff like this. If it is larger on one side of my neck than the other, is this a bad thing?
Avatar m tn My glands do feel a bit swollen, but thought I would ask since the left side is often associated with heart conditions. I also seem to feel a small lump on the left side, and it is tender when I press on it lightly.
Avatar n tn Hello. I have a lump on the left side of my neck, half to an inch away from the shoulder It i think started 2 years ago (maybe earlier and i didn't think anything about it) beginning as a small lump (pea shape), which over the span of a week turns bigger and bigger to the size of a walnut. going from non-sensitive to very sensitive to touch as it grows, also as it progresses to get bigger it then turns pink into a very noticeable red (many co-workers thought i had a hickey on my neck).
461551 tn?1328996184 My oldest had some kind of infection the they still have no clue what caused it but his whole left side of his neck and face were swollen. Like he had this huge growth coming off his neck. It was his gland. They pumped him full of fluids in the ER and also antibiotics. Within a few days it went down. We used tylenol for pain management. I hope your little one starts feeling better soon!
Avatar m tn Hey my daughter is 4 and have a swollen gland on her right side of neck she has a cold but apart from that she is g8 and it doesnt seem to bother her. Im beside myself sick with worry and have had her back and forth to the doctor.
Avatar m tn Hi, I tested positive for mono last week when I noticed the lymph node on the left side of my neck was swollen. Yesterday, when I woke up my left eye was swollen. Today its still swollen. I was wondering if its normal to have swelling in the eye with mono, and if swollen glands on only one side of the head is normal. Also, if there anyway to bring the swelling down?
Avatar n tn I have a very enlarged area directly over my left side of my collorbone, it appears to ne a swollen gland, the other side of my neck area is slightly swolllen but the left side is definitly large. It is swollen in the area just above my collor bone and directly under left side of neck. Now it has come and gone for the last several months and each time it gets enlarged it is painless but everyone notices it and I seem to always feel dizzy with general ill feeling, but no other symtons.
Avatar n tn Last week I started reading symptoms of hiv an saw something on swollen lymph glands so I started feeling my neck to see if I could feel them an I did. It wasn't firm or hard but I just notice them. A day later my entire left side under my chin became swollen like I had a strain. I'm goning to get tested next week but I was wonder does hiv present itself like this.
Avatar m tn I have 2 pea size or smaller nodes in the right side of my neck. Anterior cervical chain nodes. I noticed them about a month ago and went to the Dr. Who didn't seem concerned. They are soft and rubbery feeling and movable. They don't seem to be going away. I don't have any other symptoms. They are not visible and I can only feel them a certain way but they cannot be felt on the left side.
Avatar m tn I was also privileged to the information that when she was around the age of 5, a part (on the left side of the neck) or one of the glands (if they are separate but it sounds like they may not be considering what you wrote about the butterfly) actually became detached and that side of her facial region continuing to the neck was severely swollen. Do you feel it would be best to return to the PCP, or I guess we would to get a referral for an ultrasound? Thanks for your thoughts.
Avatar m tn I have swollen nodes under my arms (3 each side), my groin (3 each side), above my elbows(3 each side) and my neck (2 large and 1 small on the right and 2 large and 3-4 small ones on the left). They don't hrt to touch. They are each 2-3 cms apart from those above my elbow which are smaller. In the last couple of weeks I have got spots on my forehead. I itch all over and have red patches in various places like on my knees and my arms.
Avatar n tn I have also had constantly swollen glands at the back left side of the neck and near my left armpit since fall. The upper part of my neck swells up a lot, too, sort of like a huge double-chin running from one end of the jaw to the other. My throat feels tight, like everything inside is swollen and pushing against each other. It doesn't feel like strep and doesn't really hurt. I have been on two different antibiotics -- cephalexin and ??? (might have been doxycycline) for infection, in Oct.
Avatar n tn After I finished doing that, I still felt like I had to vomit, but without purging. I felt the side of my neck and my right gland was about the size of a baseball. It was painful to touch like I pulled a muscle. My husband took me to the ER to get evaluated and the doctor tried to tell me it was a dental problem. But it just happened suddenly after purging!
Avatar n tn I have a lump in my neck on my left side around my jaw line. This mass moves around and when it moves it sometimes makes it impossible to talk or anything until the mass moves. It hurts really bad, a few years ago I went to my regular MD and they sent me for a CT scan and then to a Ear Nose Throat Specialist and he said that it was just a swollen salivary gland. Didn't give me meds or anything to reduce the swelling.
Avatar n tn 7. Would I see similar swelling on either side of the one knee is swollen and the other is not? Thanks for your replying to all of my questions.