Swollen glands in neck hard to swallow

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Avatar n tn i have an ear ache going back six weeks, it shifts between the left and right ear and also my left side of the neck is swollen and is hard to swallow sometimes and even though my tonssils look normal but tightnes in the neck and some times in the throat and jaws continue. my left ear has constant burning pain. i've been on cefaxicillin and augmentin. it gets better when i take a dose other wise goes back to being sore tight and painful.
Avatar f tn A week ago the right underside of my tongue started hurting like I cut it but there's no injury. As well it was hard to swallow and my neck on that side felt like it was sprained. My glands on that side are swollen too. Please tell me what this may be?
Avatar m tn Sounds like swollen glands along with the coughing and phlegm. I would recommend consulting your physician; this could be a number of things.
Avatar n tn I now am experiencing a feeling of a lump in my throat when I swallow and the front of my neck seems swollen or enlarged. It is very difficult to swallow if my head is even slightly titled up. What could be causing this?
Avatar m tn have you ever had your thyroid levels checked. When I got my thyroid removed it was because the glands in my throat had gotten swollen to the point I could hardly swallow. I hope you find out whats going on and that's its nothing really bad.
Avatar f tn If you are having trouble breathing, then please see a doctor soon before it becomes an emergency. You could have some sort of bacterial infection or virus, like mononucleosis (EBV), strep throat, sinus infection or some other upper respiratory infection. Your thyroid could be enlarged due to goiter either from hyper- or hypo-thyroidism. Your parathyroid gland could be enlarged. You could be having an allergic reaction to food, medication or something else in your environment. Goodluck!
1053776 tn?1253998390 Hi, I`ve recently noticed 2 lumps in my neck on both sides in the same place (not in the skin, under the skin). They are hard an seem to be attached to tissue. They are about 4mm in diameter. They also seem to move slightly. I will attach a picture so you can see the location.
Avatar m tn Hello. I'm becoming increasingly worried about swollen glands in my neck. The swelling is located on either side of my neck, roughly half an inch below the mastoid process (these might be the upper cervical lymph nodes but I'm not sure). They can't be seen, but when I feel my neck they feel hard. I've had them now for about three weeks. My only other symptoms: a slight sore throat that comes and goes, and a very infrequent cough.
Avatar n tn I was told i have a swollen salivary gland. i am in alot of pain. everytime i swallow its like needles in my ear and throat. what can i do to reduce the swelling and get rid of the pain. i m currently taking antibiotics. but its been 5 days and the pain does not subside.
454046 tn?1244565593 does anyone who's had a goiter, nodules ever get really painfull lymph glands in the neck under the jaw? i've been getting this on and off since i discovered the nodules and today they're so painfull i can hardly swallow. any ideas? got a call from the hospital yesterday, got pre-assessment on the 16th may, then vocal cord check on the 30th may then TT on 3rd june! getting nervous now, 6 weeks today, gulp!
Avatar f tn its more of a discomfort (like a pressure) and minor pain however, I feel like when swallow, i need to lower my neck down and to the right otherwise it would strain. Sometimes I will feel fatigue when talking, like I've been singing at a concert for hours. I assume some other digestive issues I've had is related such as regurgitating food when burping and having a feeling of an air bubble in my chest and dissatisfaction when burping.
Avatar n tn I am a 34 year old female, suffering from severe fatigue, muscle weakness and various symptoms for several years, diagnosed with fibromyalgia and then Lyme (no positive Lyme test). Today I noticed I have what feels like a fixed, hard lump on the left side of my thyroid (I think it's my thyroid anyway--in the center of my throat).It's not visible through the skin or anything but if I use my thumb and forefinger to press on the area where the thyroid is I feel it there.
Avatar n tn She is not having any trouble drinking, eating or barking and is acting normal and is not squirming when we are feeling her neck to check the glands. This morning she is still swollen and I gave her another dose of benedryl but I am not sure what this could be caused by. Should we take her to the doctor to get antibiotics or see if the Benendryl takes it away completely? Has anyone heard of or experienced something similar with their dogs?
Avatar m tn I have 1 swollen gland on the left side of my neck.
Avatar m tn The glands on my neck just under my jaw line are visibly pulsating on both sides. I have seen plenty of posts about swollen glands but not about pulsating ones. Would the pulsating possibly be a sign of infection like swollen glands are? Any help with this would be great.
Avatar f tn Infection can cause your glands to swell up bad, and when glands are swollen in your neck, it often causes pain when you move your neck or touch the gland with your fingers. Yup I agree with Evie, check your throat for little white spots... if you have tonsils the spots will be on them or if not, they will be on the back of your throat. Get better soon!
Avatar m tn Two days ago my gums suddenly became very swollen and painful, my throat hurts when i swallow, I had a headache and a fever, and the glands on either side of my neck are swollen. There were no symptoms or warning signs, it just happened out of the blue. What is it and how do I fix it? And how long does it take to heal?
Avatar n tn Hiya my name is Emma i think i have found a lump by my right glands in my neck it does hurt when i eat, swallow or talk. it moves when i eat, swallow and talk. Can someone give me some advice about what it could be plese i am afraid it mite by cancerours or a cyst. Do you think tht i should get it check out by the by doctor.
Avatar m tn Now, since last night, i am noticing its hard for me to swallow and my glands seem a bit swollen. has anyone found any kind of answers as to what this could be and how to treat it. I would love the feed back. P.S. I just started a new job and have no insurance at the moment, so i have not been checked out but any type of health professional yet. Thanx again!
Avatar f tn I have had an FBC which all came back fine and an ENT has put me forward for an Fine Needle Biopsy as she thinks I need it to see what shape the glands are? I used to think that this was all due to infection but my glands have been swollen for so long and spreading of swelling is worse I am now doubting it - could this be something more sinister? Is anyone experiencing or has anyone experienced anything similar?
Avatar m tn Hi I am a gay male, I had some throat problems early back last spring just some sorethroat problem due to oral sex i guess and my doctor sorted with some antibiotics which it turned out to be alright. Since last july, i started to have swollen glands only on my neck and ocassional sore throat which comes on and off and i tried various different ways to get rid of it which didnt seem to help a lot.
Avatar f tn About 8 months ago I discovered that my dog had swollen glands in her neck. I went to two different vets who took a sample of the cells on THREE different occassions and each time is came up "Suspicious" but not definative. After 1 day of antibiotics the swelling went down by about 75% however never fully reduced. I notice again that the size has increased and she is not eating as normal and less active.
Avatar f tn It is close to my esphogus and is painiful when I swallow or stretch my neck. It was sudden onset since last week. I am 56 yrs old. I have thyroid nodules which are benign and stable. I had blood work last month which was all normal. What could cause this condition?