Swollen glands in neck hard to swallow

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Avatar n tn i have an ear ache going back six weeks, it shifts between the left and right ear and also my left side of the neck is swollen and is hard to swallow sometimes and even though my tonssils look normal but tightnes in the neck and some times in the throat and jaws continue. my left ear has constant burning pain. i've been on cefaxicillin and augmentin. it gets better when i take a dose other wise goes back to being sore tight and painful.
Avatar n tn Swollen lymph nodes in back of neck, hard to swallow and sounds that he says he hears when he swallows, except I don't have a feeling that something is stuck in throat its kind of like its hard swallow and you can hear me swallow quite loudly when I drink something. I have tingling sensation in my right thumb and top of hand into arm. I have pain in the area where the lymph node is in the back of my neck and surrounding it. I feel pretty good otherwise actually.
2049063 tn?1411459909 under jaws since then till now ( more than 3 years ) which i persistent and causing a hard to swallow feeling all the time. as for now i developed a swollen lymph nodes on both Armpits , which is paining a lot. the doctor yesterday told me that it is a viral infection & she got worried when i told her about the neck & below jaws glands. is there is any possibility of HIV after this long time & tests , or it maybe STD.
1327326 tn?1275061623 Hi my symptoms are basically: 1. Sore neck - my glands are swollen and my neck is actually sore to touch, it hurts to turn my head and when I yawn, cough or sneeze I get a sharp pain in my neck. 2. I have pressure in my ears, my neck, and had a few headaches. 3. I have intermittent feelings of a low-grade fever. 4. Light headed and dizzy. I haven't gone to the doctor and i've been like this for almost 5 days now. My neck is very sore on my left side and very lightly on my right side.
210459 tn?1197085792 It was nothing serious. But... Ever since that day, I have had lumps in my neck. I used to be scared to death it was cancer, but I would've died or something at this point if it was. I'm too scared to ask the doctor. I also have it on the other side of my neck, and in the vaginal area. Im not so much worried. I mean, I kinda have forgotten about them. But, I am sharing this to tell you idiots it is not cancer. And go to the freaking doctor if you are do dang worried. Most likely, it's a cyst.
Avatar n tn I also fill like there is something stuck in my throat hard to swallow but no pain but seems like it fills like a sharp edge and that has been going on for several weeks. I went to a doctor and said he seen nothing in my throat but gave me pills for acid in my stomach. This is my wife and she is very scared. thank you.
945934 tn?1289049624 sometimes they area between my neck and lower ear ewll up and get as hard asa rock...both sides of my neck are swollen now...it is so uncomfortable..I went to ENT to get help..sd that I need to drink water and suck on sour candy..I inquired about surgery...she sd that it is too risky and that it could damage my vocal box...i see that one of the responders has had surgery..I would like more information if possible bc Im too young too be in this much pain and not have any answers...
Avatar m tn And did you get post-op instructions to NOT smoke, not to eat hard foods, to NOT spit (like a hard powerful spit) and to not suck through straws? If you did any of that, you MAY have set up dry socket. It's when you suck or pull out the clot in the area of the extraction and leave exposed bone in the socket. It can be very painful. I suggest heating pads until you can get in to see your doctor.... do indeed go see him or her soon though....
Avatar f tn its more of a discomfort (like a pressure) and minor pain however, I feel like when swallow, i need to lower my neck down and to the right otherwise it would strain. Sometimes I will feel fatigue when talking, like I've been singing at a concert for hours. I assume some other digestive issues I've had is related such as regurgitating food when burping and having a feeling of an air bubble in my chest and dissatisfaction when burping.
Avatar m tn I don't even get bothered by it anymore, I just think of it as a warning that I need to get some rest and get some extra vitamins in me to fight of what's hitting.
Avatar m tn Sounds like swollen glands along with the coughing and phlegm. I would recommend consulting your physician; this could be a number of things.
Avatar m tn I haven't read anywhere particularly that this is a symptom of HSV but I have heard that swollen glands can happen. Does this sound like anything HSV related or am I just going out of my mind?!
Avatar f tn A week ago the right underside of my tongue started hurting like I cut it but there's no injury. As well it was hard to swallow and my neck on that side felt like it was sprained. My glands on that side are swollen too. Please tell me what this may be?
Avatar f tn I have hashimoto disease and I have recently experienced a choking sensation and pain in my neck radiating to my right ear. It is also difficult to breath sometimes, especially at night and it feels irritated in my neck when I take a deep breath almost always. Has anyone else experienced these feelings?
Avatar n tn It starts with that feeling that there is something in my thoat and I need to clear it, but I can't. I feel the need to swallow saliva every 5-10 seconds. It normally happens when I am tired due to lack of sleep and have a really dry mouth. I tonly happens late at night. Usually after midnight. I am a smoker and drink a decent amount of soft drinks, which causes my throat to be a little dryer.
Avatar n tn I have the same thing just behind my ears two lumps large on the ends and thinner in the middle there not tender (though I have a high tolerance to to pain) there hard and if I push in on them they just move around but always go back to were they were at i don't get sick in months if not a good year so it can't be that, they might be lymph nodes but i really doubt it there always there never gone away so i don't really know what they are, (hence I'm typing this) I'm 18 and they have been there f
Avatar m tn I woke up one morning and my jaw was clicking like crazy. All my glands in my face and neck were swollen. My jaw muscles were swollen too, which is what was causing my jaw to click since it couldn't open and close correctly. Stop stressing. The stress will make it worse. Also, you may have allergies. Take some antihistamine and see if anything subsides. Also the white patches that look like tonsillitis, I was told by the eye ear and nose doc that everyone has patches.
Avatar f tn I feel it has went on way too long and I have read so much on the HPV virus causing tonsil cancer..I have no Insurance so it is very hard to go from DR to DR and my ENT has a good reputation..Any answers?
1463533 tn?1286059154 Thanks again for taking the time to help me. In your opinion (or anyone that wants to add in), do you think I should go to a ENT or an Endo? I think my Rheum doc has done all he can do for this.
Avatar f tn very bad sore throat glands on left side hurts to talk very painful hard to swallow
Avatar n tn Since I began feeling better 4 days ago, I have been getting lumps on the right side of my head following a pattern of about 3-4 inches above my ear and in a straight line across to the back of my head, and then down the back of my head. Lymph nodes are swollen in the back of my head, the back of my neck, and the side of the neck. Today, this path of lumps began burning and stinging. Please help.
Avatar n tn I have had a swollen gland since dec did go to ent in jan back in march. in the beginning I als o had ear pain took antiobiotics did not help had a ct scan done on gland he said it was a little big bu not to be concerned. He told me tha I have bad sinuses which can cause a gland to swell and ear pain. started taking flonase spray at night ear pain gone but gland still swollen. he said it can stay like that for a little while. I go for a checkup again in sept. Gland seems to stay the same.
Avatar n tn When it happened on my lip, it swelled to the size of a grape and the Benadryl took FOREVER to kick in. Anyway, I went to the doctor this morning and she said swelling like this (tongue, lips) is called angiodema. She said if I continue to expose myself to this allergen (whatever it may be) the next stage could be anaphylaxis. I'm really scared. I have 2 little kids and I'm terrified of something happening. I can't avoid the allergen if I don't know what it is.:( Please help.
Avatar f tn A lot of mucus has been present, but in my nose, it has been hard to get out, as of lately. And when I do try to blow my nose to get it out, it feels like the strong air is causing irritating pain throughout the passageways. When the mucus does come out of my nose, it comes out in heaping globs of thick/gluelike/sticky/stretchable clear or cloudy whiteness.
Avatar f tn Sorry for posting again, but I’ve been having strange symptoms for 2 months after a sexual encounter & they’ve gotten worse recently. The contact: 1. Licking the shaft of his penis (probably got precum in mouth); 2. Performing manual sex on him with a small day-old cut on my hand that I'm positive came into contact with semen. 3. Being fingered by him (possibly precum on his hand). You said you didn’t see a need for testing, but my symptoms are troubling.
Avatar f tn I have a really high chance of getting full blown cancer , I dont really trust the dr i have because he doesnt really seem to really look into it in fact i had to demand he felt the lump on the back of my neck and the one just under my ear. when he felt the one under my ear he said it didnt feel much different but to me I feel a significant size and texture difference? If anyone can please advise me ide be greatfull I get my results on wednesday and I kinda wanna heads up as to what to expect.
Avatar n tn I also feel bloated when my throat feels at its worse and find it hard to talk, like I have to strain to say anything and cant hit high notes anymore, in fact it makes me tired just to talk lately. Also, my heart beats so fast. Does anyone else have these exact symptons, I dont get a lump in my throat like some I've read.
Avatar m tn Now, since last night, i am noticing its hard for me to swallow and my glands seem a bit swollen. has anyone found any kind of answers as to what this could be and how to treat it. I would love the feed back. P.S. I just started a new job and have no insurance at the moment, so i have not been checked out but any type of health professional yet. Thanx again!
Avatar n tn It's very painful to swallow, and sometimes a little hard to breathe. I'm having a hard time talking normally. The lymph node under the jaw has ballooned fairly quickly and is extremely painful. I'm wondering if there is a possibility it will get even bigger? It feels fluid-y, not rock hard or anything. The size is quite noticeable visually. Very large difference from two days ago. I don't know if I have a fever, I don't have any thermometers around.