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Avatar f tn Do swollen glands from hiv constantly appear and disappear sometimes for several months or do they only appear during ars. Would heavy alcohol drinking make your hiv swollen glands reappear. Would they be swollen all over the body or just in a few places. Does a hiv rash on the face present itself only during ars or consistently for years afterwards.
Avatar m tn what percentage of people who have hiv show signs of a rash or swollen glands within what time period after infection? About eight months ago I had unprotect sex with a very active sexual person thinking about it some signs of possible hiv.
Avatar m tn About 3 months ago I got swollen lymph nodes under my arms, large, around my neck and under my collar bone, both sides and above my elbows, about 4 glands each side above my elbows. I now have a rash on my forehead and sometimes on my arms, which when I scratch turn bright red, like I could scratch my name in. I have a bright red rash around my neck which disappears when i touch it and reappears brighter after. After a shower it is bright red. Could this be lymphoma??
Avatar m tn okay this all happened really fast so i feel like i may be jumping the gun, but.... for some background information, i'm a generally healthy 22-year old female. yesterday, i noticed a red rash, non-itchy starting to develop all over my body. i thought it was probably just heat rash because i spent the previous day in the sun. then i woke up in the middle of the night with a 101.5 temp and glands so swollen i literally couldn't move my neck.
Avatar m tn - Swollen armpit glands (not individual nodes, but a general swollen feeling) for 4 weeks, starting 23 days post exposure. Is this the normal timeline for acture HIV symptoms, and is this a common one? - Could this be related to another STD anyones aware of? - Does the Oraquick (gum swab) test provide the 80-85% accuracy at 4 weeks some people seem to be claiming, or does this figure only apply to blood tests?
Avatar m tn The day the first symptom started was a red tingling throat, which was hardly noticable. No glands were swollen until about 5-6 days later. It started under my chin and jaw. Then 2 days later they were on the back of my neck and underneath my arm pits(same day). My whole neck on the sides was swollen, but it didnt feel like lymph nodes. Other places felt like lymph nodes on my neck. The ones on my neck and underarms were small but there were many. These are the only symptoms no rash, no fever.
Avatar n tn I had a blotchy red rash on my trunk that lasted about a month after the unprotected sex. I did not have a fever or swollen glands or any of the other seroconversion symptoms that are associated with early HIV. I also should tell you that I started two new medications at the same time as the unprotected sex... Valetrex once a day and birth control, so I'm hopping one of the medications is the reason for the rash.
Avatar n tn About five days ago, I noticed one of the glands on the left side of my neck was a little sore and swollen. The next two days, I woke up with a bit of a headache and that heavy feeling in your eyes. I started noticing a bit of a fever - about 99.5. Now for the last two days, I have had up to 100.5 with white spots on my left tonsil and some pressure in my left ear. All the swelling/pressure is on the left side of my head/neck - but there's no pain or soreness in my throat.
Avatar m tn It has been about 2 and 1/2 weeks now and I am feeling very tired and my lymph node on the left side of my neck is swollen. I think I may have some other swollen glands but not sure. I have a slight sore throat. I have been able to stay up late at night with no problem just really tired a work. I haven't had a rash, night sweats or fever. I have had mono before and I didn't think I could get it again.
Avatar f tn Just wanted to ask if anyone has experienced swollen glands and itchy eyes when taking trileptal? I've only been on it now for 3wks and am currently on 75mg along with 375mg of Keppra twice daily. I don't have a rash but am wondering if this is just a cold or side effect from meds. I called the nurse yesterday at docs office they suggested being checked out by PMD, any suggestions? I dont have a fever or any other symptoms? Thanks for the feedback.
Avatar m tn This lasted until at least the 5th august. I was tired, had headaches, swollen glands and fever. I assumed it was Glandular Fever but tested negative. After a few trips to the doctors and the hospital the doctor assumed do to my high levels of infection in blood that it was most likely a bacterial infection of an unknown cause so I was prescribed antibiotics. After a couple of days on antibiotics my fever and headaches went away although I was still tired for a few days.
Avatar n tn It is correct. If your glands were swollen becasue of HIV more than just those in your groin would be swollen. If you doctor is not concerned, you should not be either.
Avatar n tn Although symptoms vary between patients, you need to see if you have swollen lymph glands (located on the sides of your neck below jaw), red bumps around genitals, fever genital discharge? You might want to see a physician and know that June is FREE HIV month and you can get tested for free. Check your health department in your area for locations and times.
Avatar m tn In case am infected with HIV, can i skip al the symptoms other than swollen glands,,.y do u think am gettin swollen glands on my neck. could t be caused by any other std??
Avatar m tn At this point I also had a headache and slightly swollen neck glands. I went to the doctors who looked at the rash and took some blood tests. They said everything looked ok and gave me some cream for the rash .The headache and neck glands went away after 5 days or so but over 10 weeks later the rash is still present. At the time of going to the Doctors I did not mention anything about HIV but since I have browsed my symptoms on the internet it always seems to crop up.
Avatar n tn along with swollen glands in my neck, groin and armpit (which my neck glands are still swollen. a on off fever and a rash on my arm for 2 days in week 10 my glands are still up in my neck now and i'm getting massive cold sore on my chin and lips which keep occurring. could this b a sigh of hiv not showing up in my 12 week test with was 2 and half months ago or stress?
Avatar m tn I had unprotected oral sex performed on me in mid April. 11 days later i had swollen neck glands, and a mild fever for 24 hours. The glands stayed swollen for approximately 5 days. About 3 days after i noticed the swollen glands a dark oval mark 10mm developed overnight on the trunk of my penis. it was not sore or raised. it faded in 2-3 days. 3 weeks after the sex event i noticed a small cut like abrasion at the crease of my leg and groin which stung when i showered.
Avatar f tn I noticed teo swollen glands on the back of my neck so i went to the doctor and he prescribed my antibiotics, now every muscle in my body hurts like i been ran over and have a dry cough, just three weeks ago i was at a strip club and am kindo woried i got somthing?
Avatar m tn oral ulcers, rash on arms and legs, swollen lymph glands neck. My results are not satisfactory?
Avatar f tn What if the rash and swelling progress to your throat? The painful urination and swollen glands indicate a systemic problem. If the clinic can't get you in within a day, then I would recommend a trip to the ER.
Avatar f tn Do you have a fever? Have you been exposed to anyone with German Measles and are you UNvaccinated? Have you been outside around anything like poison ivy or exposed to anything else? Have you been exposed to other sick people recently? Do you have a sore throat, swollen tonsils, spots in your throat, or ear pain? Sorry for all the questions, but the more I know, the better I can help you. Thanks.
Avatar f tn About a week ago, i got a huge rash around my shoulders, neck and chest that looks like a million little white heads. red and white pimples.. lots of them. I also have huge swollen glands mostly just under my armpits, that i have been checking way more then i should im sure. My armits are sore.. as are my upper arm muscles, my back and some other general muscle pain. I havent had any fever as of yet.. but I have had a mild sore and dry throat for a couple weeks.
Avatar m tn I have had HIV DUO test at 6, 12 and 22 weeks all negative. However no post 7 months exposure my left glands are swollen and seem to have a blockage filled with mucus. Doctor has advised it is inflamation of Salivary glands. My worry is am i having a late sero conversion as internet keep stating that swollen salivary especially parotid gland is an indication of HIV? Please help share your thoughts. I am horrified and very anxious. I have had eye burning and dry mouth along with this.