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Avatar n tn I had rai treatment two months ago for Graves and am now experiencing very puffy swollen eye lids. Is this normal? I am afraid this is the beginning of eye problems. Does TED just effect your eyeballs, or is it your lids, too?
Avatar f tn I first saw my doctor in April with swollen glands in my neck I have seen him 3 times since, today being the most recient. The swollen glands NEVER go down. They don't always hurt but it is getting more frequent and severe. My doctor said today that we would try one more antibiotic and steroid pack for 1 week and for me to return for a follow-up that if the "KNOTS" are still there in one week he wants to do a scan.
Avatar n tn Well that is finally gone after months, now I am getting the swelling in my eyes in the mornings and my bottom lip has swollen up, this morning I got a raised bump on the side of my chin then my lip on that side swells up. I also have itching on the bottom of my feet and my hands itch sometimes. I take two benadryl for everything and its seeming to help me so far. But Im 52 and have never had these problems before. Never was allergic to anything in my life.
Avatar f tn I'm not a doctor, but I do have a tendency towards puffy eyes. I know that one cause is allergy, and if your eye swelling comes and goes with the seasons, allergy is a real possibility. I know that another cause is that I chose my parents badly: My mom had major eye bags, and she passed them on to me. Thanks, Mom.
Avatar f tn Here I sit 8 days after RAI and 7 days back on meds and my face has decided to swell like a big fat fish. What's the deal? My right eye is almost swollen shut and under my eyes is very swollen. I also feel tremendous pressure behind my eyes. What the heck? Anyone else have this? I thought being back on meds things would start improving, and they are for the most part, but this swelling thing is new. Having my scan today and will try and ask the radiologist but he probably won't know. Anyone??
Avatar n tn After asking around, I found out they were swollen lymph nodes. They have been swollen since. And since then, I've had swollen glands around my collarbone, in and around my armpits, and around my groin. Its on both sides of my body, and some of the nodes are quite large. Anytime I notice a new one, its because its quite tender to the touch, and sometimes even general movement (especially in the armpit).
Avatar f tn also forgot to mention that I woke up this morning and my right side of my face was very puffy especially around my eye. 10. swollen right side of the neck (I guess due to the lymph nodes). I am starting to get so scared and worried that something is seriously wrong with me and they will never find out. I have two kids that I just want to see grow up and be with them through everything. Thank you for taking your time to read this long post.
408312 tn?1202062473 Hello ! Six months ago my wife started having episodes of Lips that were swollen, inflamed with very small blisters. In a topical sense both organic Shea butter and cortisone cremes do help. Current theory is that this is triggered by some sort of food additive allergy or intolerance with the prime candidate being free glutamates such as Monosodium glutamate, Yeast extract or Hydrolyzed protein (or perhaps dozens of other names on ingredient labels).
Avatar n tn I called the oncologist on call and told him my glands were really swollen and very sore and that I had a really bad headache. He had me go back to Extended Care. The Dr. I saw this day said I had shingles. So, is headache a symptom too?
Avatar n tn Now my eyelids a swelled very much so and my eyeballs itch as if I have cotton or sandpaper in my eyes. My eyes arent red just swollen and itchy. I do not have allergies and the eye doctor said that if my symptoms did not clear up to come back. Does anyone know by chance what it could be or what I can do for my symtoms? I have never had this problem and my symptoms are changing everyday and not in progressing towards clearing up. Help!
Avatar n tn A few days ago I noticed a sore, reddish swollen lump on my left inner thigh, right along my bikini line. It has since gotten larger (about the size of a nickel, and more elongated now). It only feels sore if I press on it or rub against it. It seems like a soft lump that moves around with the skin. Last night I applied a warm washcloth to it for about 30 minutes, which made it feel better. Could this be a swollen lymph node, or maybe an ingrown hair?
Avatar m tn Dear Hashimoto-survivors, I'm asking myself this question for a long time but couldn't figure this out yet. How come that your face/cheeks/eyes/hands is swollen/puffy when you have hashimoto's disease? I'm sure it has something to do with to overall functions/metabolism of the patient and the fact that everything is slowing down but there must be a better explanation...
Avatar n tn Also some pulsing sensations in my left calf, and muscle pain in my left thigh and left forearm. I have little appetite, and some itchy skin. My face and eyes also feel very puffy, especially in the morning. I had blood work done on October 12, which could find nothing wrong except a slightly elevated WBC (in range of 4 to 10, it was a 12). I have a GYN / ultrasound tomorrow. I am terrified of a lymphoma or some other cancer...
Avatar n tn hey. i'm actually only 15. my armpit glands are like swollen .. i dunno why. it's been like that for a while now. like 6 months. i dunno what it is .. i've been to a doctor and they gave me antibiotics but nothing happened. it only hurts if i press on it. what should i do? please e-mail me, because i don't usually check back here. ***@****. pleasee e-mail me back. thank you so much.
Avatar m tn My chiropractor suggested it may be some food allergy, i was looking through a few more of my symptoms which are dark circles under eyes(maybe from lack of enough sleep but idk), itchy skin (my nose itches a lot), puffy eyes(every morning when i wake up my eyes are puffy), swollen glands(those one under my jaw always seem to be a little swollen), and ibs can all be from food allergy. hmmm maybe i need an allergy test.....
1564496 tn?1295178978 My face is getting swollen and my glands feel swollen as well. I also feel like my eyes are puffy/watery, and pressure in the face. I resumed my synthroid and normal diet today. But the thing is i dont look fat, i look swollen. (like i could pop) My nxt scans on thursday the 20th and i hope the cancer didnt spred.
Avatar f tn dry skin depression poor memory cold psoriasis, on skin and finger and toenails lump in throat/ache painful joints,all over swollen abdomen swollen ankles puffy face/eyes tiredness poor motivation to do anything swollen tongue sore mouth very slow to lose weight very easy to gain weight but apart from all that im fine :0
Avatar n tn I hade RAI 24 HRS ago for trt of thyroid CA I am very tired today and sleeping alot, my eyes are watering alot, I noticed my face and eyes are swollen. Noted more in the jawline. I sucking on candy some, but not real often Is this normal and will it go away? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/264521'>Second day of Radio Active Iodine treatment after Total Thyroidectamy; Extremely Elevated TSH</a>.
Avatar f tn vomiting, nausea, fainting, dizzy, migraines, constant headache, aching joints, swollen feet hands joints face glands and throat, really bad circulation, difficulty breathing, heart palpation, hot cold sweats, high temperatures, and probably only urinate maybe once a day, severe stomach pains and sharp pains around kidneys, lately i have been passing blood and vomiting blood.
Avatar f tn I was on diuretic then became dehydrated when I go off the diuretic fluid gathers under my eyes and face is puffy. Anyone else have this problem? Help This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Undiagnosed-Symptoms/Problems-regulating-body-temperature/show/792257">Problems regulating body temperature</a>.
Avatar n tn I don't have Hashimoto's but I do have very puffy eyes in the morning and I have the red, swollen in spots, splotchy face and very dry itchy scalp. Sometimes my whole body itches. Mainly the scalp though. My scalp and the back of my neck and back feels sun burnt, but it not. I get eruptions that bleed for months at a time (near the back of my neck mainly). They start out like boils sort of, and leak out a thin watery like blood for ~3 months. Then it will leave.
Avatar f tn I also have other symptoms of fatigue and one of my eyes is very puffy and swollen some days. I am not overweight, I eat healthy and I exercise at least 4-5 times a week. He thinks it may be my kidneys now. Does anyone recommend anything before I keep going to the doctor's for just hit and miss?
1353650 tn?1429466974 I had persistent gall bladder attacks as well as swollen glands located on the right side of my breast. Doctors ignored my concerns and my health problems continued to increase. Started having problems with recurrent migraines, minor muscle pain and thought it was from working out. My fatigue became terrible upon working out as well as the gallbladder attacks.
Avatar m tn In the last week, we have noticed peeling of the toes and now the hands as well. His eyes are slightly pink in the evenings but seem clear in the mornings. Not really red eyes, just noticeably more pink than his siblings. Although I realize that the peeling hands and toes, as well as bloodshot eyes, are signs consistent with Kawasaki Disease, does the fact that they have occured so much later than the fever mean anything? Our follow up echo is Wednesday.
1081864 tn?1257523548 under my breasts is everything swollen where the bone is and something in my left breast near nipple, under both armpits all lymph glands are swollen, one in the backside of my neck left back(since march 2009), in my groins, inside of my upper legs, my hands and feet are almost everyday so warm and feel so thick and sometimes stiff that i broke some glasses couldnt hold them. mood swings, night sweats, irregular period (last one in sept.last for 3 weeks long!!!
Avatar m tn My right eye is slightly protuded but its stable; both upper eyelids are slightly puffy. I also get a white discharge at the corners of my eyes sometimes, with eye pain inside the eye along with a sore throat I've had for over a year now. My ears also pop. After the CT scan, the ocular plastic surgeon said my eye was going back because of a fracture in the orbit.
Avatar f tn Also, my bones ache,and I get this weird pain in my body when I touch a certain part of my neck. My eyes are dry, but I had my eye doc do a full exam and he said he didn't see anything thyroid causing my dryness. I had an ultrasound, and the doc only mentioned three nodules, which are benign from the biopsy. If I had an enlarged thyroid would she have seen it? Right now, the surgeon is looking at my chart for possible hyperparathyroidism. He says I've got a 50/50 chance.
Avatar f tn VERY concerning to me) -jugular vein (right side only) in neck is distended when I tilt my head but it is not to noticeable when my head is straight, with a slight pulsing sensation, and my neck is puffy/slightly swollen and hurts not like a pain like a bad aching (this is the most concerning symptoms to me!
Avatar dr m tn When you see your doctor, throat redness and irritation and swollen glands are noted, confirming even further that you’re in the middle of a standard upper respiratory infection, or the common cold. Typically, it’ll last anywhere from 3-5 days. A small minority will progress into one of the classic complications of a common cold, such as a bronchitis or sinusitis.
Avatar n tn Went to hospital last week because of swollen red puffy eyelids and gave me drops and oral steroids. Not helping at all. Problem still continues and now getting pressure in my head, ears, and temples. I have no idea what is wrong with me. Three years now since last dose of treatment and it's one thing after another. Although somethings have cleared up but other problems just keep popping up. Getting really depressed here.