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Avatar n tn Recently however, the same breast has a hard part, almost as if a gland inside is swollen Swollen glands i'm sure something could be wrong? or if Swollen glands and leaking are at all normal for someone my age?
930579 tn?1248138276 For about 3 months now I have swollen glands on my neck and occassionally one of parotid glands swell. It is very painful and it goes away when I take a pain reliever. Doctors haven't been able to find out what it is ...my blood work came back normal except that was given medication for hypothyroid but that wasn't the cause for my neck and parotid pain to swell...sometimes my tongue feels tingly and dry. I was given antibiotics, did nothing, still have swelling and pain. What else could it be?
Avatar n tn Thank you both for your comments. I do, in fact, use an antiperspirant and shave my underams. I'm hoping that's all it is, but am still concerned since it has been about 4 months dealing with this "sensation" off and on. Is it possible the lymphadenopathy is associated with my monthly cycle as I'm currently menstruating? Further, is it possible that the lymphadenopathy is associated with an improperly fitted underwire bra?
Avatar m tn I have these cyst like areas in my head, chest, breast, legs, arms, sides, stomach, and throat. The ones in my head has grew since December and now there is another. Went to ER because head was hurting and my left ear hurts alot. The doctor says a cat scan don't show anything but maybe fatty tissue. How is that when it is growing in my head. I am lost Markie, myself. I have lost alot of wieght and I itch like that as well especially after the bathtub.
Avatar f tn In the self examinations, I don't have any lumps just able to feel the glands that are swollen under my collar bone above my left breast and the area under the left arm. Surgeon did say that she will do another US in a 2 weeks and see if there are any changes in the area of concern.
Avatar n tn I too have a large, swollen, but very hot, right breast where I had lumpectomy for a 2 cm tumour in Feb 2003, then total axillary removal for 3/18 cancerous lymph glands in March 2003. I had a mammo in March, NED. I have suddenly realised that some 30 yrs ago when my husband and I had an electronics company that we dealt with a Dr.
Avatar n tn I've had swollen glands in the back of my head for about two weeks, accompanied by headaches, itching on my right arm, swollen sinuses. My lips are extremely chapped and I have been breaking out on my body with sores that look like pimples. I was diagnosed a long time ago with chronic fatigue but it usually goes away faster than this. I have also a breast cancer survivor. I am so tired of going to doctors and having tests done - Do you think what I have is serious. p.s.
Avatar m tn I am 53 and for the last 5 months have have re occurring swollen lymph glands in my neck ,back of my head and arm pits .they cause massive pain with no relief from pain killers nausea,headaches, nerve pain, vertigo .and loss of movement in my arms and neck. After seeing a doctor I was referred to an oncologist who suspected lymphoma ,having cat scan and removal of a lump the results were negative .
Avatar f tn No fever, no vomiting, and just tender swollen glands. Ironically our neighbor does in fact have mono, but I have not even been around him whatsoever... and no one else in my family who were around him are having symptoms. Is it possible I could still have that having not been around him? I can't imagine how! I know it can be passed by coughing, sneezing, and not just kissing. Yet, I still have not been around him for him to cough or sneeze around me. I also do not have a fever...
Avatar n tn If they get hot, hard, swollen, painful, or if they get considerably larger in size,then pls consult a doctor.Otherwise they should be left as such. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted in case you have any additional doubts.
Avatar n tn I have had a begin lump removed from that same breast in '96 and presently have a lump to be removed in the left breast that the surgeon says it feels like fatty tissue that has calciated. I also have Fibrocystic Breasts. I don't want to go to surgery now for the left and have to go back later for the right breast or even greater cancer. I have heard that cancer can form in the mlik ducts/glands too. Is that correct? If I need both done now I perfer them done now. Hope you can help.
Avatar n tn For all you ladies that are currently pregnant, when did you notice the small raised bumps around your areola?? (montgomery glands) I don't know if I am pregnant yet, but I noticed these bumps a couple days ago? (I did have these last Dec when I was pregnant) Don't you think it's odd to notice these so soon?? Please help!
Avatar m tn For the past 3 days I have had swollen glands under both nipples, the left is worse then the right. On top of that I can feel pain in my gland under my left arm periodical, it is swollen as well and painful to touch. a week before these glands started hurting I had my right side gland behind my cheek bone just before my ear swell and hurt. I think this is the saliva gland, as I would east salty or sour foods it would hurt worse.
Avatar f tn I'm 51 was told I had breast cancer stage 4 in 04, I've been doing just fine now I have bums on my nipples. And they hurt,can u let me know what you think?
Avatar f tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! If you have swollen glands in the neck region only and ear ache then it could be due to tonsillitis, pharyngitis (infection of upper throat), infection in mouth, caries in tooth, internal ear infection, outer ear infection, eczema, dermatitis, dandruff, breast cancer, fungal infection, other cancers like lymphoma etc. If you had flu like symptoms initially then it could be due to infectious mononucleosis too.
1644310 tn?1301074671 before i get my results two more swell up. one in right breast and one in right arm pit. neck lymph node looks normal on ultra sound but he checks the one in my breast first of Feb. Ultra Sound says it is a solid mass and needs mammogram. mammogram says it is a benign lymph node. So he says two months it should go away but if not he will refer me to a breast specialist. that is next week.
Avatar n tn He still has alot of swollen glands in his neck. he was retested for mono, and it was negative, and a cbc was done and said to be normal. Should his lymph nodes still be enlarged 4 months after having mono?
Avatar f tn I explained my concerns to my doctor, told her I wasn't experiencing any other symptoms (no pain, sore throat, fatigue, loss of appetite, etc.) I also don't have swollen glands anywhere else. She did find that my throat was kind of red which I thought was strange because it hasn't been painful or sore. I was tested for strep but it came back negative. My doctor didn't really act like it was a major problem she just said it must be some sort of viral infection and should go away on its own.
Avatar n tn I also started the other day with a small rash on stomach it looks more like an irritation not sure if it has anything to do with my glands swollen. I also had ear pain in the beginning but better now with the Flonase. Why would my glands stay swollen? How long does it usually take to go down? Could it be cancer? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Hi, A painless swollen lymph node in the neck that is persisting for a long time needs further investigation. The commonest causes are infection and cancer. A fine needle aspiration cytology from the node would help in the diagnosis. Smoking increases the risk of developing many cancers including head and neck cancer,lung cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer etc. You need to see your doctor again for a checkup and investigations.
Avatar n tn I have slightly swollen glands and sore (nurofen) every four to six hours. Don't feel like I have infection anywhere should I go to doctor. Don't want to waste their time. Only had this for three days.
Avatar n tn I also get painful lypmh glands in right armpit. I also have been getting right sided breast pain and a pain in my ribs. I do have a small breast lump which I am going to see my GP about. I find it difficult to talk to Gp as they always make me feel like I am being ridiculous. i work in Paed oncology/haem/bmt which I know makes me more paranoid. What do you think?
Avatar n tn Hi, No, I don't think that squeezing these glands can cause breast cancer. Montgomery glands are modified sweat glands and what you are experiencing is similar to acne,boils and furuncles. The best thing to do is to keep the area dry and clean.Squeezing the glands could cause bacterial infection and pus formation. Since you have this problem for so long,I believe it is best to have this looked at by a dermatologist so that advice and appropriate treatment can solve this lingering problem.
1217059 tn?1266533058 Hi, Im 20 years old and ever since i had my son 9 months ago i have had nothing but problems but now im a lot worse and really struggling to hold it together. i have had swollen glands on my left side of my neck for around 6 months now a long with: throbbing in ankles and legs with a bubbling feeling at times. painful back and neck pain that travels round my head and pulpatations in left side of abdominal. its really upsetting me now. i have had blood tests which have all came back normal.
Avatar f tn i have a large mass in my left breast that was determined to be a cyst. I had an MRI in September. However, in the past 2 months though it has grown in size, I can feel it right away whereas before I did not feel it all and like 3-4 days after my cycle my left breat is sore to touch and is very swollen, the swelling goes down after about a week in a half but it is still sore. Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn About a year ago I found a lump in my breast. Being 21, I figured there wasn't much to worry about, but I saw my doctor and after viewing my mammogram she said she wasn't sure if it was cancerous but she wouldn't sleep until I got it out. I had the lump removed, and they said it was a tumor, but it didn't appear to be cancerous. I now have another lump on my right breast close to my arm pit. This time it is a little bigger, and all the glands under my arm pit are swollen.
Avatar f tn My OB also told me that it's harder to detect any abnormal lump or cyst right now because I'm pregnant and there's a lot going on. My grandmother had breast cancer in her later years, but that's the only family history. Could it be swollen lymph nodes? If so, what causes lymph nodes to become inflammed? I'm just hoping that you have another opinion.