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Avatar f tn My daughter is 15 years old and has had swollen glands (13 in all) under her arms for 2 weeks now, a doctor gave her anti biotics and most have gone down. She went back for a follow up appointment and they gave her more anti biotics but she woke this morning with extreme headache, she always seems to be tired and I think she looks very washed out. Would appreciate your views.
Avatar n tn my daughter has swollen glands in her neck both sides and is feeling a little sick she has a little red rash breaking out on her chest area and feeling tired what could it be?
Avatar m tn I have had swollen glands in my neck, under my chin, a headache and fatigue that comes and goes throughout the day for 3 weeks with no other symptoms. My wife is having similar symptoms as well. Wondering if this is a virus or some other infection that has been going around and if anyone else has had something similar going on.
Avatar n tn I have had swollen glands, headache, and some pimples for about seven months now. It was worse when it started and the headaches were more like head pains (sharp pains in the back of my head). Now I just get pain on the right side of my head, behind the ear (is that a gland?) and down my neck. My neck gets stiff somtimes when I feel the pain. I ushally get these symptoms when I go out of the house and when I wake up in the morning. What can this be.
Avatar n tn i usually wake up with a headache in the morning and it remains a dull one all through the day. also my glands have been swollen for a couple days too. i thought i was getting a cold or the flu but i don't have any other symtoms of a cold or flu. I'm a bit worried about what i might have. i don't think it's normal for me to have this many headaches, or an ongoing headache that just won't go away. please help me.
Avatar n tn Over the course of the day my symptoms worsened, I had a severly sore throat, swollen glands, headache, all of my joints ached but mot my muscles and had no fever. The next day I saw my family doctor. He tested for strep, (test was negative). He said my lungs sounded good, no sinus problems and blood pressure was fine. Said he had no idea what it was. I was instructed to take Ibuprofen and chloriseptic spray for thoat to help with pain.
Avatar n tn The problem is I have recurrent white discharge These are the symptoms - White discharge - Groin glands feel tender and swollen and there is a persistent throbbing feeling started mild and now is every day - Burning sensation on the bottom end of the penis tip after urinating (Not all the time) - Glands under the armpits seem to throbbing left and right arm - I have been getting regular headaches back of head I NEVER get headaches/I drink green tea and water all day if i do get a headach
Avatar f tn We are two days into the mystery rash syndrome. Today she is poorly - swollen glands and sore throat, very dehydrated. She had a headache last week but that has gone. She is a student - there has been a case of bacterial meninitis in her block recently but she is showing no sign of stiff neck or ongoing headache. She does not have a significantly raised temperature. Should I just keep closely monitoring or rush to bemused and off duty local GP?
Avatar n tn About 3 days later my glands/lymph nodes in my neck were swollen and i had a little headache. Today(6 days late) my lymph nodes are staring to unswell but i noticed i have a canker sore on the side of my tongue. I dont know how to interpret this and am in need of some suggestions! im getting tested in 2 weeks but i would like some sort of help.
Avatar n tn I've looked online and found that swollen glands, headache and fever are all a part of the typical acute HIV symptoms. Not only that, but I've read symptoms usually appear two weeks after exposure - which is just about when it started. The symptoms I don't really have are fatigue, rash, diarreha, loss of appetite and sore throat. Do ARS symptoms hit hard at once like the flu or gradually come on and get worse like mine? I'm not asking for a diagnosis, but how worried should I be?
Avatar f tn Hi PhotoGirl I also have had Chronic Sinus problems for too many years, & 3 lots of surgery, more recent;y the diagnosis is "Chronic Sinus Disease", which doesn't really mean that much other than regular check ups with an ENT specialist. You say Doctor, is this an ENT specialist??, & if not, I suggest you insist on a referal to see one, as they are the ones that will have a better insight into whats going on with your Sinuses.
Avatar n tn I also started the other day with a small rash on stomach it looks more like an irritation not sure if it has anything to do with my glands swollen. I also had ear pain in the beginning but better now with the Flonase. Why would my glands stay swollen? How long does it usually take to go down? Could it be cancer? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I also have weird poops not exactly diahria. I also have had swollen throat glands for months now, but i tested negative for hiv about 6 mths ago when the glands started becoming swollen. Does this sound like it could be hiv ?
Avatar m tn Painful scalp area on right side of my head, swollen glands on the right side and a dull headache. It's Spring so I've attributed it to allergies or a mild virus. It's day three so if I don't see improvement item I'm off to the doctor. Extra vitamins are a good idea.
Avatar n tn I also am at times unbalanced and in a type of a fog. I now have swollen lymph glands under my arms(this was a while back) and swollen glands in my clavicle about the size of an egg and neck. this all spread in about a months time . one to the other. I have have x-rayhs bone scans and mri's. The bone scan showed dental disease and activity in lumbar region and the brain mri showed paranasal disease with some lesions. MS was ruled out.
Avatar n tn Hi There. I have been suffering from a headache for a week now. It started behind my eyes and had spread to the base of my skull, temples as top of my head. It is worse st times but constantly there. I have been to the doctors who prescibed me with anti biotics (on monday) as my glands in my throat were slightly swollen, I hd to visit the doc last nite as it was really sore he checked behing my eyes and made me touch my nose with the tip of my finger.
Avatar f tn Hi, 2 weeks ago I developed swollen glands, burning in ears, post nasal drip and a severe sore throat. Primary Dr. treated with Z-Pac and I took Mucinex DM (no relief) however within 2 days of antibiotic, sinus issues dissipated but chest congestion began as did issues with bowel from antibiotic. Hx of asthma and C-Diff. Mucinex was continued then comtrex and robitussin for cough. Headache began intermittently in the back of the headache relieved with motrin. Dr.
Avatar f tn swollen face - left cheekbone and side of eye, have no tears in left eye so am unable to cry. Seems to occur anytime of day or night and when I have been sitting down for some time. Nobody seems to know what it is. There is no pain, but I do have a headache on the left not at the same time of swelling though. Have you any thoughts. I also have a prolapsed disc in L5 and sciatica down right leg and hip.
Avatar n tn The left side of the hard palate is swollen and very sensative to touch. There are cold like symptoms of sore lymph glands on each side of the neck and runny nose. What is this? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/421412'>Swollen left side of hard palate - around the arch of mouth</a>.
Avatar m tn a little chilly air sometimes causes a sore throat and slightly swollen glands. I have no other cold or infection symptoms. It has grown in size through this week, and is interfering with sleeping. I normally lay on my stomach with that side into the pillow, and I can't because of the pressure. It hasn't grown today, but it was noticeable enough a classmate saw it and asked me what happened. Now I'm home after class today, and I took my temperature. It was 99.
Avatar n tn Two weeks ago i noticed these small bumps and that my glands were swollen. Does this have any thing to deal with hiv? if so how can i get treated?
Avatar n tn Swollen glands at different places, under arm, under ear, neck...for two months...sometimes headache... Tested CBC twice, everything is OK....Tested HIV, negative.... What's wrong with it? Why swollen glands for 2 months? Is it symptom of leukemia or lymphoma? Really worried...
Avatar n tn I've had a runny nose for 5 days and last night I had a swollen sore gland on my left side. Today I have pain and swollen glands on both sides, a headache, a runny nose and pain in my neck. I have no pain in my throat, but the glands are sore to the touch and when I swallow. What could this be and do I need antibiotics or are there other alternatives?
Avatar n tn After the sex every thing seemed fine i had no flu like symptoms, sore throat, headache, or swollen lymph glands. NOW 2 years later (this week). i noticed a lump in the back of my ear on my skull, right before the hair line, and it hurts when ever i press it. it is the size of a pea. i am convinced it is a swollen lymph gland cant understand why it is there because i never had a swollen lymph gland before...and i dont feel sick or any thing.
Avatar m tn It sounds more like Tetanus than anything else. The stiffness, swollen glands, etc. Did you step on a nail? Have you cut yourself with a knife? An axe? Something rusty? You might need to see a doctor about a Tetanus shot.
Avatar f tn I've been doing a lot of research, finding things on GERD (but I don't have any heartburn), and LPR (but can't figure out why my glands would be swollen because of this or the achiness up near my ears), and a thyroid problem (but still can't figure out why gland in neck would be swollen, and I don't feel any sort of lump where the thyroid would be). Please help, any insight would be greatly helpful.