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Avatar f tn When using EKG and blood pressure monitoring alone the test is variously called a cardiac stress test, exercise stress test, exercise treadmill test, exercise tolerance test, stress test or exercise ECG test. Heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, EKG, and how tired you feel are monitored during the test.
1491262 tn?1288416665 my husband just had a nuclear stress test he has to go back to the dr. Wednesday , they said he had some blockage and they saw a place on his heart they want to check out he has had triple bypass and had a heart attack last year . they want to do some kind of dye test now what could this mean ? and what might the dr. do im trying to understand all of this .
Avatar m tn A resting stress test? Do you mean they induced stress using drugs rather than a treadmill? The scan obviously gives indications of a blockage forming, probably the bottom part of the left anterior descending vessel which is a common area. If you are 64 and have high cholesterol, then this is pretty good going. I lost count how many Angiograms I've had after the 8th one. I've never had a problem and the risk is very low.
Avatar f tn Lesions will show up (if they are there) whether they use gad dye or not. If you are that uncomfortable using the gad dye, then wipe away your fears and not take it. I am sincere in saying that. You don't need this extra stress and worry. In all my MRI's (and there have been quite a few over the past 13 years) they have ALWAYS asked me if I have had gad dye before and had any reactions to it.
Avatar n tn neck ultrasoind-normal, Echo-showed the MVP, the holter monitor-showed PVC's, the stress test-I failed. My dr explained that during rest there was more blood flow in my heart as compared to the stressed test.
Avatar f tn Hi, Any contrast dye used for seeing the functioning of any organ puts mainly one organ at risk and that is kidney as the contrast has to excrete through the kidneys. Hence, before doing any test where a contrast is used the kidney functions are tested. If the kidneys are not functioning properly or there’s an evidence of dehydration or there’s a slightest suspicion that the kidneys could be damaged, then the test using the contrast is not used. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
Avatar n tn How dangerious is a Thalium Stress Test and what are the possible side effects. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/872466'>treadmill vs. thallium stress test</a>.
Avatar m tn A nuclear scan is pretty much useless on its own. What it does is aim at the heart muscle rather than the arteries. An area of heart muscle can look great but may be fed by collaterals with your native arteries being a real mess. I have a nuclear scan which showed the heart of an athlete. I had 2 blocked native arteries and lots of collaterals, but my angina was awful. I'm just wondering if you've ever had a lung function test?
796506 tn?1370191905 Apparently it was just an evap line (I am never using a blue dye test again LOL) because I took provera to bring on af and I started spotting last night and now I am offically on cd1! I get to do all the things that I have been wanting to do to get pregnant with the fertility specialist!
Avatar f tn The first was using the treadmill and the second was using drugs to stress my heart because my angina was too bad for the walking. I can tell you I would choose the treadmill option every time if I could. Those stress inducing drugs sure can give you chest discomfort.
621217 tn?1289012687 My doc said it was probably stress and didn't do any testing. I do dye my hair but only about 2 times a year if that (I get bored sometimes) and it doesn't really seem to change the rate at which it falls out. And I know that its not breakage because I can see the root on the hairs when it falls out. And now for the past few weeks I've been really sick with an undiagnosed stomach problem and definitely have been over stressed and not eating right (mostly because i cant).
976897 tn?1379171202 Well, my ECG looks great, my standard echo shows no problems, my LAD is supposedly still very patent, LCx has no disease, RCA has some disease and blockages but there is sufficient cross flow, lung function test above average, Nuclear scan shows fantastic flow to all tissue areas, Stress echo (although produced high chest pains and throat discomfort) show excellent functionality. Cardiologists have written to GP saying they strongly recommend no more investigation with angiograms.
Avatar n tn The level of uncomfortable feeling is similar to the one I get during a normal pap smear test. I had a slight bleeding( I think it was the dye used during the test) for half a day and everything was fine. I was doing all my normal works after the test.My gynocologist was not with me during the test. The radiologist did the complete procedure and they dint allow my husband to be with me during the test.
Avatar f tn but then again,maybe it was to soon,and your second test was done using diluted wee.wait till friday,fingers crossed for you..
Avatar n tn She has been adviced for a stress thallium test (Nuclear) to rule out any benefit of doubts. She is a bit obese. I have been hearing quite a lot about CT angiogram as well. Can one of you suggest, which of these two would be best suitable in determining blocked arteries? Thanks much in advance.
Avatar f tn I just had my cardiolipin antibody (antiphospholipid antibody) test 2 weeks ago after my 2nd mc. My doctor knew that I had been taking 81mg baby aspirin prior to taking the test, and never mentioned it being a problem or affecting the results. My levels came back as a 10, and was told that a 10 or less is normal; so I too was on the high side of normal, but still "normal", so no heparin or other meds. prescribed. I was just told to make sure I stayed on the aspirin the entire time.
367994 tn?1304957193 Is a Echocardiogram going to be more prescise at determining what is going on with my heart chambers, wall, and other things that are not seen in the STress test? What other possible things show up on the echo test? I wonder according to what you said above, and the fact the Dr. has not seen the pictures of my heart from the Perfusion Stress test, Would it help at this point if he saw the pictures that were taken, because I have a copy of the Pictures on disk?
Avatar f tn I recieved a faint postive pregnancy result yesterday afternoon, using a 25ml senstivty test. I took the test in the afternoon. The line came up within the time limit, however this morning i took a clearblue dig and anothor store home brand ( both 25ml senstivty level) and i got a negative result. Im confused am i pregnant, was the faint postive wrong? I am around 7 days late .
Avatar f tn I am so upset. I have an intro uterus deformity, only my left side is communicating and is functional. My husband and I have a beautiful 5 year old daughter. They discovered my deformity while doing my c-section. For the past 3 years we have been trying to conceive again. We were told it could be hard to do with my condition. Last week I had an HSG performed at Grant to determine any issues/blockages.
Avatar n tn After I decided not to chalk this up to stress, I had a Thalluim Stress test done. What showed up was diagnosed as reversible ischemia/ stressed induced. What the heck is this? I drive a school bus and have taken a leave of absence untill I can see the cardioloist which will be soon. Any info would be helpful1!
Avatar n tn They move to shoulders, neck, arms, jaw and I've had numerous EKGs, thallium stress test, echo, cardio work up, CT scan all that. I just wondered since I had passed all those tests and am still having pains if it could be coronary spasms. It worries me every day and some days its crippling. I want to be there for my husband and baby but its hard when you think you are going to die. I have not been sick like you were but have been stressed, again not to the extent you were.
Avatar n tn how long your cycle is and what kind of test you took. If your cycle is 28 days and you took an early predictor test, then it probably would have shown up. Now I feel bad that I encouraged you to test early because you got the dreaded negative. If you do not start by Sunday or Monday, test again. A friend of mine tested 10 times before getting a positive. She felt very pregnant, and nobody believed her because she kept testing negative. She now has a very healthy baby boy.
Avatar n tn We are trying to get pregnant, and today I am at least five to six days late for my period. I did a pregnancy test this morning that came up negative. How reliable is that result since I usually have such a normal cycle? I don't have any other symptoms besides frequent urination and butterflies in my stomach that could just be from the excitement of the whole situation.
Avatar n tn i know they tell you not to take a home test, but i couldn't help myself. I thought maybe if i took one every couple of days, the results might be more accurate. i took a test 6/18 was negative. today 6/21 tested positive. Is it even possible?
Avatar n tn Has anyone else used first repsonse and how early did you take your positive test using it? Yesterday would have been 5 days before my period. My husband and I were told not to try again until after first period, but we tried one time 15 days after miscarriage. I would appreciate any input.
Avatar n tn Tuesday morning the day my period was supposed to start I took a Clear Blue Easy digital test and got a Positive result. On Friday morning I took the same test again out of the same box and this one showed up Negative and I am starting to spot but it doesn't seem like a normal period. Maybe I am just wanting to be pregnant so the spoting doesn't seem normal. I have an appointment on Monday with the OB-GYN. Any ideas? Can I be pregnant?
Avatar m tn See if you can't find another specialist to perform the ERCP using no dye. Dr. Ostroff says that the dye is a major factor in causing pancreatits during surgery. Now, this monometry didn't end my pain. I still have quite a bit. And the other surgerys I have had have helped manage the pain, but with pancreatitis, pain is a part of everyday life. Good luck to you both.