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Avatar f tn A stress test or a non stress test? Because they are different a non stress test is just a monitor that they put on you to measure the babies movements. A stress test actually induced contractions and is used to see how baby reacts, like if there is movement or if there is a drop in heart rate.
Avatar n tn A echocardiogram (doppler) is the test I have every few years and I have moderate to severe mitral regurgitation. Echo (doppler). Also, there is some reliabilty based on shortness of breath symptoms, and I was told if I get shortness of breath a valve replacement or repair would be considered. The doppler provides a visual view of the size and shape of your heart valves and chambers, how well your heart is pumping blood and whether a valve is narrowed or has backflow...
Avatar f tn I have mine today. I was told that the ultrasound is to check fluid levels to make sure he still has enough. The non stress test was something I had to look up. They are going to measure the babies heartbeat while sleeping and while moving to see if they are different and also check to see if you are having contractions and how they are effecting the baby's heart rate. If they are causing your baby's heart rate to drop, they could induce you sooner.
Avatar n tn Okay. I think he does this on purpose.
Avatar n tn I can produce a numbert of different opinions what is the appropriate heart rate and so on with exercising. The best method for someone with a heart issue is to have a stress test. A stress test is oftened done for the purpose of learning the degree of tolerance/risk one can safely do. The rule of thumb stated is not recommended for someone who has heart issues. You will be safe to engage in exercising according to METs.
Avatar f tn At my last Dr's appointment I was scheduled for weekly stress test until it's time for me to give birth (Due date: June 2nd) I was told that if my son doesn't move at least 8 times in an hour that I should go to the hospital immediately.. My son moves about 8 to 10 times an hour but doesn't there movements decrease as we get near our due date? I just don't understand the purpose of the stress test.
Avatar f tn Im almost 8 weeks pregnant and there is a lot of family stress and its been stressing me out causing me to cry..and sometimes yell. Im worried that this may cause me to loose the baby. Does anyone know if stress can cause a misscarage?
4584876 tn?1358994031 I am extremely stressed it's so bad that I considered wrecking my car on purpose on the way home
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Avatar f tn Realistically, Could this all be stress induced? Or does it sound like seroconversion? There was no fever, rash, sore throat, cough, night sweats, swollen glands from what I could tell, fatigue or anything but the back ache just came from out of nowhere and lasted for like 4 days. Also, my breast have been very sore and ive missed my cycle this month. I took a pregnancy test which was negative. Im freaking out. I read that these sorts of changes can be due to hiv infection.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone out there has had a positive exercise stress test and a negative stress echo test. My cardiologist said since my stress echo was negative there is a low probability of me having heart disease. I have been have chest pain with left arm and jaw discomfort on and off for 1 1/2 weeks. I am a non smoker, no high blood pressures, no diabetes, and good cholesterol. I am a 43 year old female. My father had his first heart attack at 50 and died at 60 so I have a family history.
Avatar n tn , As a result there are not regularly recommended for any diagnostic purpose. My advice is to believe your PCR and to ignore the antibody test. You have no reason to worry.
Avatar m tn are most antibody test third generation?
Avatar f tn It was " suggested " that I have a stress test. It's not mandatory so I'm wondering if I should have one done at all. Has anyone had a stress test? If so what did the results reveal?
Avatar f tn I have an apt today to do a stress test since am over due. I want to go in there informed, does anyone know what it is or whats going to happen?
Avatar f tn In a low risk pregnancy a non stress test or stress test would only be warranted if their was a concern. However diabetics (both gestational and non) have a higher rate of stillborn babies (still rare, but better to be safe) so its common practice to keep a closer eye as the pregnancy nears the end.
8818986 tn?1406114699 So I have to go now every week for a stress test that they are going to be doing on my baby because I have extra fluid. Does anybody know how they do it?
Avatar n tn Has anyone had to a stress test type of thing?
Avatar f tn I am supposed to have a stress test for my baby in a couple days . I am worried its going to hurt. Has anyone has this done??
Avatar f tn ughhhh im so ready to have my baby girl :) has anyone had to take the stress test to make sure baby was ok before they went into labor or got induced... I go on monday to get test done to make sure my baby is ok... just wanted to know what they do, and how long it takes.......
Avatar f tn Anyone know?