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696538 tn?1229392554 Can anyone tell me what is the purpose of the Cortisol Bind Glob (CBG) blood test? What exactly is it measuring? I took the test and although my cortisol levels are below normal (2.5), the CBG was high normal (ref range: 19 - 45 mg/L -- mine 45). Vitamin D below normal too ( was 19 but has come up to 29). My ACTH was a low normal (I recall 17 - doctor said he expected it to be high) and my DHEA was below normal (< 15).
Avatar m tn If you have a stone cold normal EKG, a stress test is ok. If there EKG changes, a nuclear test is preferred. I agree that regular exercise stress tests without imaging are rarely done anymore, but there are still some valid indications.
Avatar f tn Has anyone suddenly had to do these? I'm 36 weeks and they called me right before my appt Wednesday and want me to come in tomorrow instead and Friday for stress test. What's the point in these and will it affect my scheduled csection like make it earlier???
Avatar m tn My E.P. was interested to know about my recent EKG stress test, during which I reached a HR of 170BPM after 10 minutes on treadmill, despite being on Atenolol. His question to me was: "Do you feel like you could have gone on longer?" I said "yes." I absolutely could have gone on a few more minutes. I only stopped because the nurse said once I reached my "target" HR, they would have all the information they needed. So I stopped. I think the E.P.
Avatar m tn Recent stress test revealed mild inferior hypokinesis and a fixed inferobasal perfusion abnormality. Would like to know what these terms mean and their indications as related to heart disease.
535882 tn?1396576685 is there a general blood test that can be taken to test your hormones.. ive been ill for 10 months now.. most of symtoms have gone but generally i don't feel well. ?? anyu one know?
Avatar m tn Hi, according to certain studies done, vestibular autorotation test (VAT) is experimental and investigational for the diagnosis of individuals with vestibular disorders or any other indications because its sensitivity, specificity, reproducibility, and clinical utility have not been demonstrated. Regards.
5268376 tn?1406179712 A man had symptoms that suggested heart problems, and a stress test was ordered. He wanted to perform well during the test and the evening before, prepared himself on his home treadmill. He passed away during his effort. Navywife21113, I'm not suggesting you have a problem, but please wait until after your stress test to start exercising. I've heard so many people talk about preparing for their stress test.
Avatar m tn Not when I am active though. I had a stress test, cath, upper GI and a CT....No blockage or other indications of a problem. I am 6' 1" about 215. maybe a bit overweight. Could extra fat build up in the area of the heart cause this????
Avatar f tn Escape through alcohol, drugs, or other compulsive behavior are often indications. If someone consistently causes stress in your life and you can’t turn the relationship around, limit the amount of time you spend with that person or end the relationship entirely.
Avatar f tn It started at 11,000 and this last test was at 15,000. I was referred to a hematologist and after further bloodwork it has been determined I do not have leukemia. I am to undergo a CT scan next week. Is lymphoma usually associated with elevated WBC?
Avatar f tn HI, Fast beating heart and nervousness are indications of stress and anxiety. This can be because of the mishap with the first baby. However you need to keep calm and take proper prenatal advice and treatment. At 8 weeks of pregnancy an ultrasound scan can be done to see if all is well with the baby. A foetal echocardiography done at 24 weeks of pregnancy can determine the status of the baby’s heart.
Avatar m tn i have failed the stress treadmill exercise and having a stress echo cardiogram with an injection of dobutamine. It has been sugested that there is borderline LV hypertrophy and above average cholestoral and BP. Is this more likely to be caused by something other than the heart?
Avatar f tn It was " suggested " that I have a stress test. It's not mandatory so I'm wondering if I should have one done at all. Has anyone had a stress test? If so what did the results reveal?
Avatar f tn I have an apt today to do a stress test since am over due. I want to go in there informed, does anyone know what it is or whats going to happen?
Avatar f tn In a low risk pregnancy a non stress test or stress test would only be warranted if their was a concern. However diabetics (both gestational and non) have a higher rate of stillborn babies (still rare, but better to be safe) so its common practice to keep a closer eye as the pregnancy nears the end.
8818986 tn?1406114699 So I have to go now every week for a stress test that they are going to be doing on my baby because I have extra fluid. Does anybody know how they do it?
Avatar n tn Has anyone had to a stress test type of thing?
Avatar f tn I am supposed to have a stress test for my baby in a couple days . I am worried its going to hurt. Has anyone has this done??