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Avatar n tn It is my understanding that a cardiologist must be in the department when a stress test is being administered. I'm sure that in smaller testing facilities they have specialists that are trained to respond in the event there is a complication. I have had one each of the past three years and there has always been a cardiologist present.
Avatar m tn she was so sick. I don't know if it was the stress from the test, or what happened, but the vet was clueless. We put her on the meds, and she stopped peeing so much, but then she had no appetite. We tried Burger King. baby food, everything. She also had no energy, and her legs would give out. I finally told the vet she should be retested, and he found out the meds had worked too well, and she had to be put on Prednisone.
Avatar m tn The doctors have now been sending her to a psychologist as if she is crazy. Could it be possible that the chemicals used in the stress test could have caused these problems?
Avatar m tn The study you quote had a number of important limitations, which are discussed in the letters to the editor. The main limitation is that the patients they studied seemed to have a higher risk of cancer at baseline than the general population, thus the results may over-estimate the risk of these scans.
Avatar n tn I've the Persantine Thallium Stress Test in September 2006. End up with drinking a lot of strong coffee! All abnormality due to attenuation artefact. Wasting time. The heart misbehave for few weeks after that! Not kidding! Good luck.
Avatar n tn dont we have much to learn for quality medical interppretaion of results of the stress test? Does protocol for a 16 year older, to be safe for the forty year old person?? Stress test can and do involve risk of INDUCING a heart attack! Is this good procedure??
Avatar f tn No one will be able to tell you without doing some test which you NEED done. GO to the Emergency Room and tell them everything that happened. You need to have a EKG done to check for a heart attack. When ever you are having chest pains or feeling a squeezing sensation do not mess around and go straight to the ER.
Avatar n tn Dipyridamole causes dilation in normal arteries and no change or constriction in arteries with disease. Therefore the segments of the heart that have disease will get less blood flow than the healthy parts. Dipyridamole by itself can cause symptoms of shortness of breath and flushing even in people with healthy hearts. However, it also causes chest pain in persons with coronary artery disease.
Avatar m tn He is also diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) He was advised to complete Isotope stress test in 2009. But he already has done catheterization in 2005 that showed three-vessel disease, with most coronary vessels having 90% occlusion. One cardiologist wants to do Isotope testing, another one sees no benefit in this test. And we are in between. My question is: - Could his symptoms of shortness of breath be caused by unstable angina or so-called right-sided insufficiency?
1185122 tn?1264612198 right now i have to take lots of tests first, like persantine cardiolite stress test which takes five hours then more test the same day. Like doppler of the neck, 2d heart echo, ekg, mri, chest x ray and blood work all in on day, what a day thats going to be. i take twenty one deffferant pill. i get all this done feb second and pray that they don't find anything else wrong. I am so tire of bing in pain some nights i cry.
Avatar m tn The lab range for FT4 was 0.9 - 1.8, with my doctor indicating that 1.3 - 1.6 was the best/optimal range. She indicated that my T4 was slightly low. The lab range for FT3 was 2.5 - 4.4, with my doctor indicating an optimal range of 3.2 - 3.6. She said my FT3 level was "gorgeous." Lab ranges are fairly useless, btw; they're the average of all people tested there, including the elderly, infrimed, etc.
Avatar f tn I also have some mild muscle aches in my thighs that come and go, plus, the chest pains radiate into both arms,neck and back (randomly). The arms hurt more in the morning after i wake up, and rarely i wake up from sleep in pain. I also have occasional pins and needles in my body - particularly my hands and sometimes my feet. i have also had headaches quite severe but CT scan and mri investigations came back normal.
233488 tn?1310696703 Each year academic eye surgeons are polled about their opinion of the best programs in the USA (which put them on a par with anywhere in the world). Here is the 2008 list as published in the October 15, 2008 Ophthalmology Times> BEST OVERALL OPHTHALMOLOGY PROGRAMS: 1. Bascom Palmer Eye Institute of U of Miami 2. Wilmer Eye Institute of John Hopkins University 3. Wills Eye Hospital/Thomas Jefferson University 4. Duke University 5. Jules Stein Eye Institute/UCLA 6.
Avatar m tn A study published in 2000 examined the relationship between diet and SHBG, and found that “diets low in protein in elderly men [40-70 years old] may lead to elevated SHBG levels and decreased testosterone availability. The decrease in bioavailable testosterone can then result in declines in sexual function and muscle and red cell mass, and contribute to the loss of bone density.”22 3. Soy and fish oil keep estrogen and SHBG in check.
291885 tn?1404896807 I went to a cardiologist who said it was just stress even though I said it was the medication. Finally I convinced dr #5 to do a mono test and sure enough I had it again- I've now had it for over 2 years straight. Shortly before getting the correct diagnosis I began taking myself off the thyroid drugs (or at least getting off the high dose and back to my dose I had been on for 3 years w/out problems).
Avatar n tn The worst for me was the mental fog and the stress on my body from the anorexia that set in. Make sure you drink lots of fluids with no caffien- the caffien will counteract what you are trying to do which is keep yourself from dehydrating. To Everyone Else, I saw my rhematologist today. My left foot is hot and swollen beyond belief and the pain - well - just intolerable. She said the joints in my foot are in bad shape and so are my hands.
Avatar m tn So now I'm worried that they probably tested with the igm or ratio test and they could come back positive, which would put me in even more trouble. The dr. That ran my test the other day wants me to repeat it in 4-5 months. Should I? If it wasnt for the pains, fever, and sore throat that started 3 days after my encounter I wouldn't to have thought twice about an STD. The pains started again a few days ago too. So freaked out once again.
455605 tn?1206054665 doctor and than and with all the things I wrote about that he done in the 5 years / yes 5 years, that the Doctor done some simple test, got the answer. He is normal for a week and than he does things that he wouldn't have done . The clock was done which he was to draw in the numbers 1-12 time 9:15 and the arrows to the hours and min, He left out the 12, 9:05 and point the arrows inwards the same size. Other test went about the same.
Avatar n tn Most heart attacks do not occur from a plaque buildup in the lumen, but a rupture of soft plaque into the lumen is the most frequent cause. Plaque buildup in the lumen causes angina, and if not properly treated it will eventually cause heart failure. A CT scan images the anatomy of the vessels not just the lumen for blockage.
Avatar n tn The ultrasound of your heart is called an echocardiogram. It typically looks at the structure of the heart and valves. The pulsing in the abdominal area needs to be evaluated for a possible abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). This is a dilation of the major abdominal artery and can be evaluated with an abdominal ultrasound. This option should be discussed with your personal physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
82861 tn?1333457511 I have to fight both my mother and her numerous doctors and the medical system in general to keep her alive. The stress is literally killing me now. I can't sleep, grind my teeth unconsciously to the point of migraines, and now add skyrocketing blood pressure and chest pain to the mix. I'd probably be dead by now if it weren't for my pain shrink. Last weekend I tried to take a break from it all and told my siblings that I was unplugging my phones.
Avatar f tn Which one do you think tried to prevent passage of the prescription plan which gives the poorest among us free meds, not to mention the elderly and disabled who can now afford their medicines ? Which party for the first time in our nation's history has failed to fully fund our military in a time of war ? By the way, where is the timetable for pulling out of Kosovo ? BTW, the KKK member was none other than Sen Robt Byrd-D still serving in the Senate.
341655 tn?1240372439 I am very sorry to hear about both of your situations. At the same time, I also can relate because my husband has CLL, too. He was diagnosed on 2/18/05....less than 2 months before our wedding. Before I go on, I just wanted to clarify one thing about CLL.
Avatar n tn I have been aware over the last many months of what seems to be an increase in heart related deaths in younger males and also females in my area alone which is one of the smallest states. The average age range is thirty to fifty years old. I understand many factors play a part in each case...
6304265 tn?1381040718 The anti-anxiety med calmed me down, eased the pain, and got me through the situation... The elderly relative passed away nearly a year ago and I've been off the anti-anxiety med since the beginning of this year. Do you still have your gall bladder? Mine was removed in 2005, because of stones (same as your "gravel") that were large enough to block my bile duct if they got there... It's very odd that no one told you, you had the gravel in yours...
874521 tn?1424120397 Guys, I just got the ACTH test results back from the lab. I got it over the mail, and the doctor has concluded that the response is adequate. If you remember, the vet told me he'd run the ACTH test to find out why Abby was getting sick. He fnds it weird for a cat so young to be getting sick all the time. So this test came back normal. Which leads me to believe that his liver disease was merely caused by his anorexia, which caused by stress from the move.
332074 tn?1229564125 I only hit on a few things in my original post because it didn't want to drag it all out, but here are a couple of more things that really kicked us in the butt. While my husband was still in ICU, DFS came in and tried to take our foster kids away because I had to be at the hospital, and then there was the tree that a that came crashing down into our bedroom and landed on our bed (thankfully I heard it coming and we jumped out of bed just in time for it to land in the middle of our bed.
Avatar n tn I know all too well how women are treated in the medical profession. Besides having my own cardiac issues among others, i work in an ER. I see people (especially women) get labled as "anxious" daily. I also hear stories from patients daily about how their diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis or Lupus came after years of pushing and searching and not giving up!!! One women was finally diagnosed with MS by an ER physician after getting blown off by her own physician for a few years.
Avatar n tn If I've learned anything, it's that they don't tell us much -- they keep us in the dark until it's too late. Become proactive. I will get to the bottom of the problem to find out why we're being ignored. Thank you for the information on how to post a question which I plan to do.
173975 tn?1216261375 These I took through the glass and there's this chicken wirey looking thingy that's in all the pictures! Never noticed it before, but it's really OBVIOUS in the pics!! I think I'll try to post 'em anyway, and get some better ones later. She wasn't there today so I couldn't get in the aviary!! BTW, how are you feeling?