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Avatar n tn can a stress test reveal something that the other tests did not?
Avatar m tn I am going in tomorrow for a resting ECG, however, after that I think I may want to do something like an Echocardiogram as well as a stress test or a Holter monitor. Can somebody recommend which of these tests would be helpful and approximately how much each of them will cost. I have family health insurance under Humana so hopefully it won't be too expensive.
Avatar n tn If I could suggest one thing, if you are going in for a stress test, perhaps you should ask for a nuclear stress test. You will get all the advantages of a normal stress test but also get a look at the blood flow in your heart. My Doctor let me go straight to a nuclear stress test, and it's a piece of cake as well. In addition, it has a much higher accuracy rate than a normal exercise stress test. Just a thought, good luck!
Avatar m tn What is the cost of 4th generation hiv elisa test for antibodies in srl diagnostics..
Avatar m tn But I am concerned of the cost of the test. Is it very expensive in Hong Kong? I do not have much idea of HK. Your words sometimes give relief. Thanks.
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Avatar f tn It was " suggested " that I have a stress test. It's not mandatory so I'm wondering if I should have one done at all. Has anyone had a stress test? If so what did the results reveal?
Avatar f tn I have an apt today to do a stress test since am over due. I want to go in there informed, does anyone know what it is or whats going to happen?
Avatar f tn In a low risk pregnancy a non stress test or stress test would only be warranted if their was a concern. However diabetics (both gestational and non) have a higher rate of stillborn babies (still rare, but better to be safe) so its common practice to keep a closer eye as the pregnancy nears the end.
8818986 tn?1406114699 So I have to go now every week for a stress test that they are going to be doing on my baby because I have extra fluid. Does anybody know how they do it?
Avatar n tn Has anyone had to a stress test type of thing?
Avatar f tn I am supposed to have a stress test for my baby in a couple days . I am worried its going to hurt. Has anyone has this done??
Avatar f tn ughhhh im so ready to have my baby girl :) has anyone had to take the stress test to make sure baby was ok before they went into labor or got induced... I go on monday to get test done to make sure my baby is ok... just wanted to know what they do, and how long it takes.......
Avatar f tn Anyone know?
Avatar f tn Has anyone taken a stress test ? My doctor got me so worried. I told him today at my appt that my baby doesn't move as much as he use to everyone else told me it's bcuz he's losing space. So I wasn't too concerned and now my doc wants to make sure everything is okay so tomorrow I'm going in for a stress test . Has anyone done this? I'm pretty worried now :( I just want everything to be okay.
Avatar f tn So I am 37 yrs old and had to do stress test on my last appt which I was 37 weeks and failed and was hooked up to machine for almost an hour so sent me to have ultrasound and baby seemed fine but I feel as if she isnt moving as much and I know towards the end they run out of room but im nervous any ideas this is my 3rd child
Avatar f tn I have a stress test tomorrow. Has anyone had one before?? What should I expect??
Avatar f tn There is a non stress test AND a stress test.... There are different reasons for both. During a non stress test they hook you up to a monitor and just keep an eye on baby's movements and heart rate... During a stress test they hook you up to a monitor but they induce contractions to see how baby reacts.
Avatar f tn Found out today I have to do stress test every werk cus mi baby is a lil small I believe it's due to mi blood pressure any body else experience this or similar I ain't tryin to b at the doc so much,smh
212161 tn?1599427282 I assume you had an Echo Stress Test and not a Nuclear one. I am sure the "wiggle lines" you are referring to had nothing to do with you walking barefoot (I had them too up to the point were the ECG became unreadable and I have as yet found nobody that could/would explain this to me) and they stopped the test because you had reached your prescribed heart rate of 140 BPM - so nothing wrong with that.
7136384 tn?1390142888 Stress test or non-stress test? During a NST they just hook you up to a monitor to keep track of baby's movements and heart rate. During a stress test they actually stimulate contractions and monitor baby's response to those contractions.