Spotting between periods while on birth control pills

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Avatar n tn I am 23 years old and since the middle of January I have been experiencing irregular spotting between my periods. I am on birth control pills which I take every day at the same time. My spotting ranges from barely noticable when i wipe to period like. I only have the slighted bit of cramping with it, and about a week ago I noticed that when I used a tampon only one side is saturated with blood.
Avatar n tn My weight stabilized for a while, but then this year I began on birth control pills in January. And boy, did my symptoms start to skyrocket. I was so bloated, I couldn't eat anything without gas, and my ibs symptoms at my period time were even worse than they had ever been. I went off it for a month, and then went back on it. In the past year, i've tried 3, and am now on the first one that I was using before.
Avatar f tn I have been on birth control for 2 months now. I haven't missed any pills, but I usually take them within 2 hrs. Its always between 825 and 10. But 4 days ago I had un protected sex then took my pil 4 hours late. Then the next day I started on my white pills. I'm on yaz so I only have 4 white pills and I'm on the day where I should be starting my new pack and still no period. Is it possible to be late while on birth control? Or do I have a big chance of being pregnant?
Avatar f tn I went on my own with an old prescription of birth control pills and picked up a pack hoping it will work. I plan to take it today, however, if it does not work would one suggest picking up a OTC estrogen - if one exists? I'm in Canada. My friend says to try a new doctor, but I have been to many and another is just too much. Originally my gyno was suggesting the IUD and with the horror stories I have heard I just wasn't interested which is why I went with the shot.
Avatar m tn No, you should continue with the placebo pills. Spotting, and bleeding in between periods is possible while on pills. It may start in the first cycle or may occur after prolonged use. With spotting in between periods, the possibility of pregnancy remains, especially in cases where there is a history of missed pills. Even if you have not missed the pills, take a pregnancy test if you miss your next periods. Also please inform your gynecologist about this spotting.
676912 tn?1332816151 I had no clue whatsoever that my birth control prevents ovulation. I've never been on birth control, and didn't fully understand how it worked. My doctor offered no advice, just left to check what kind they had and returned only for a quick pop in to say my prescription was sent to the pharmacy, where they instructed me on when to take it only. So, yes I could have asked the pharmacist, and hind sight is always 20-20...
541196 tn?1293556536 I had some dark spotting about 4 days after I stopped which lasted about 1 day. Since starting the birth control I have been very regular and very light periods... very similar to the dark spotting. Even before the pill I was very regular. My question is... for most people with regular cycles... would that dark spotting after stopping the pack be the beginning of my newly timed cycle and ovulation fall into the normal time line or will it be a long time before I am regular?
Avatar f tn I started Lo Loestrin Fe oral birth control pill on January 14, 2014 after being off of it since Thanksgiving of 2013. Previously I had constant break-though bleeding (more like a period- for even 2 and a half weeks) and cramps. I switched to Microgestin and that made me so sick I stopped, and then restarted Lo Loestrin Fe. I have taken it everyday and have never missed a pill.
Avatar n tn It's completely unnatural feeling and, frankly, it's starting to creep me out. I've been on birth control pills before, but I've never felt like this. I think they're affecting my over all mood. Not really irritable, or pms-y feeling, but just weird. I just feel weird.
Avatar f tn I lost 20 lbs on birth control pills and was nervous and sick on a daily basis. I went off birth control 5 years ago and have been fine since then. Good riddens to birth control pills.....I now have an IUD and have gained my weight back. I had no clue what was wrong with me at the time, but looking back I had a HUGE problem. Good luck to all of you. My advice is get out while you still can. I caused alot of bodily harm while on birth control.
Avatar f tn Had small brown spotting during 23,24 day while on pill (tough that was withdrawal bleed). Period (or real withdrawal bleed) came 17 days after last active tablet. My question is, which of those was withdrawal bleed and what is the chance to get pregnant if I had unprotected intercourse during bleed in day 17,20 after last active tablet? Can I treat last bleed as first day of new cycle with real menstruation?
Avatar f tn Dysfunctional ovaries as in PCOD, thyroid gland problems, and starting and stopping birth control pills or any other birth control method can all affect your hormone balance. Bleeding after sex can indicate some serious problem. Pelvic inflammatory disease,STIs,atrophic vaginitis, cervical or endometrial polyps, cervical erosions are few common causes of bleeding after sex .In cervical erosion cervical cells become inflamed.
Avatar f tn , untill I decide to get pregnant. So, birth control pills relieve endometriosis by stopping ovulation and decreasing the endometrium's monthly cycle of growing, bleeding, and shedding. They also affect the endometriosis growths, making them shrink and bleed less. Birth control pills are the first-choice treatment for controlling endometriosis growth and pain. This is because birth control hormones are the hormone therapy that is least likely to cause bad side effects.
Avatar n tn Hey guys, so I was on my pack of birth control and I miss 3 days of pills on second week of pills. My boyfriend and I had so much unprotected sex within those 3 days. this was 8/26-8-28. Then I remembered to take my pill on the 29th -1st. My fiancé and I decided we want a kid so I stopped my pill on the 2nd.
Avatar n tn I was on Yasmin for 4 years. Just went off to try to have another baby. Sex drive has "sky rocketed"! Decrease in sex drive is a side-effect of many birth control pills. I think that is why they work so well. Hard to get pregnant when you dont fell like having sex;) Good luck to you!
Avatar f tn All the doctors I've spoken with are certain it's hormonal because of the consistency of the spotting starting at the same time while not taking any form of birth control. Am I wasting my time with the low estrogen pill or am I just destined to end my sex life and have bleeding every day til menopause? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar n tn I was experiencing sudden hair loss after being on birth control pills for 7 years. Blood work was all good, and no unusual stress had occurred. My dermatologist, a female, said that she has found that discontinuing the pill will often slow or stop the hair loss. The condition is called "telogen effluvium". If there is some "shock to the system", as many as 70% of the scalp hairs are then shed in large numbers about 2 months after the "shock".
Avatar f tn Where I said "I would not have sex on the fifth day ...
3248624 tn?1346992198 Oh, I forgot to add in that I am NOT on any birth control. I was considering it though because my periods last for 7 days and the first 3-4 days are relatively heavy. Something like this has happned to me before but that was over a year ago. Now it's happening again. It's not like it consistently happens between every period, so I'm really hoping that it's nothing serious. Just some cleaning out that my body is doing.
Avatar f tn 5 and I have always been able to count on a calendar or birth control pills when my period was coming and I have never before had two periods in one month. I monitor when my periods are and when I take my pills very closely. I understand there are no doctors here but this is one of my few go to's for advice when I'm unable to see a doctor right away.
Avatar f tn I am confused after switching my hormonal birth control methods. I was on the Depo-Provera shot for five years, and I pretty much had no periods while I was on it. I decided to switch to the pill because I was thinking that perhaps the shot contributed to my weight gain of about 100 lbs. So, I saw a doctor in my OB-GYN office who put me on Loestrin 24 FE. I began taking them in the beginning of July, right when my next Depo shot would have been due.
Avatar n tn When you are on birth control, your body is told when to ovulate and when to start your period. Your hormones are very regulated. When you get off of birth control pills, your body has to regulate its own hormones. This can take anywhere from 3 months to 6 months. While this is occuring, it is not uncommon to spot, have varying lengths of cycles and between cycles symptoms vary, etc. Breakthrough bleeding is normal since hormones are not. My cycles did not become regular for 6 months.
Avatar n tn 2010 the first month I didn't have a period but then after that month I had a period everyday for months I found a package of Birth Control Pills from when I use to be on them and thought hey what the heck and started taking them that month my period subsided and i had it the week i was suppose to i was off it in a few days and thought hey it worked a few days later it came back and i've been on my period for two weeks now.
Avatar n tn I have been spotting on and off very lightly for about 4 days npw, like when I use the bathroom. I am not on birth control pills. I took a pregnancy test today because my cycle is late, which came back negative. What else could be causing the spotting? Should I see a doctor?
Avatar f tn Hi there, Brown discharge while on birth control pills could be just a signal of some hormonal changes developed by birth control pills. It is more common in women who miss their pills or take pills irregularly. One of the possible reasons for spotting between expected periods is pregnancy. The other causes of brown discharge are pelvic inflammatory diseases, uterine fibroids, cancer, or other disease processes. Brown discharge since 3 weeks is a too long time. It is best to seek medical help.
Avatar n tn It was brown on underwear but red when I wiped. I have NEVER spotted between periods ever, except when I was on birth control pills 12 years ago. Have not been on these since then. Is this something I should be worried abou? I also have a horrible migraine type headache today that I sometimes get before starting my period. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!