Spotting between periods when on the pill

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Avatar n tn but you can still spot and bleed sometimes while on the pill. even if you have been on the pill for a year. it happens. it doesnt usually mean anythings wrong.
11403762 tn?1417924478 Not taking a pill either.
Avatar n tn I ,too, have alot of spotting with discharge between my cycles. I do have a cyst on my left ovary associated with pcos. I'm am on metformin. I know they cause irregular bleeding. What I don't understand is why I am spotting the same time every month. I've read it could have alot to do with the changes in hormones. I've also heard some people spotting just before or during ovulation.
Avatar f tn i feel sickly and have back ache like when im on my period. im on the pill but have been for 10 years, same one, never any problems with it. i have no std's and neither does my partner (both checked recently) im not sure whether i should wait and see if it happens again or go to the doctors. they'll probably tell me to wait and see anyway!
Avatar f tn LoEstrogen is a lowered amount of Estrogen as you can probably guess by the name. Spotting in not uncommon when taking the pill, especially when you are new to taking it, within the first 6 months up to a year, and for some even the whole time they take it. However, also missing pills and or taking them at not the same time everyday, (for some this means exactly the same time each day) can cause more spotting and a decrease in efficacy with the pill. At best, there is a 92-99.
Avatar m tn I decided to wait for my withdrawal bleeding and last pill was on the 15th and my period started on the 19th and my 7th day was on the 22nd. I started my new pack of pills on the 23rd of Saturday and I'm on my 3rd pill from my new pack, but my period has not stopped. Im not having heavy periods, but when I wipe, I'm still getting sticky fresh looking blood. Why wont my bc stop my period?
Avatar f tn ive been off for a month abd a half now im taking them again, because when im off the pill i go 7-8 months without a period on the pill its regular. what should i do keep taking the pill or come off the pill?
Avatar f tn I havent started it yet. Was going to today but forgot to fill it today. I'll fill it tomorrow and start taking it. Hopefully I don't have issues with it. I need something to shorten my periods and help the pain. 10 day periods are insane. I used to be 3 days.
1552510 tn?1294194411 1st of 2011, i had gushed some dark red blood about the size of a dime mixed with a lil bit of white mucus and tissue and pink on the toilet paper when i wiped (sry graphic) but it came with no blood flow and it only happened that one time. I am almost in my twenties and i have been with my boyfriend for 2 years and we do not use protection. This spotting incident occured once on Jan.1st and i do not know when i ovulate but i am starting to keep track now.
1552510 tn?1294194411 I usually get my period at the end of every month lasting until the beginning of the new month. My last period started the 18th of Dec. 2010 (which is werid because that is the middle of the month) with unbearable cramps and heavy breathing that usually do not occur, but went on like a normal period but just slightly heavier. On Jan.1st, two weeks later, i noticed i gushed out some dark red blood mixed with a little white mucus and tissue about dime sized. what is this?
963403 tn?1247176873 It is normal to have irregular spotting between periods, especially when you're new to the pill. The pill also makes your periods much lighter, because what the drug does is thin out your uterine lining. The thinner the lining, the lighter your period will be when it sheds. (That's what a period is-- the blood is what lines your uterus every month.
Avatar m tn s also possible to have breakthrough bleeding (bleeding in between periods) while on the pill. The only way to know for sure is take a pregnancy test.
Avatar n tn are you on the mini pill or the combined pill? the mini pill will cause spotting and its a nuisance,also changing pills can cause this, the combined pill normally settles periods, we are recommended that if it this lasts more than two-three months we see our doctor to check for any other problems. are you taking iron for the anaemia?
Avatar f tn When I had irregular periods I went on the birth control pill long enough to straighten out my periods.
Avatar n tn My periods have never been irregular and I have been tracking them religiously for the past 6 months and now, this month I recently started my period on December 8th (five days later then normal) and it ended on the 12th. I had unprotected sex with my husband on the 11th. Went three days without a period and started spotting again on the 16th. It's not heavy and started as clear mucus with bright red streaks and then spotting more with activity.
Avatar f tn Mine started in January, the whole month, but only with spotting. But this month, starting 3/15, I started spotting. And today I am bleeding but not heavily with some small clots. I am not on any medication just multivitamins. I do work graveyard shifts as a nurse and thought it could be stress or not eating right. Someone please help in answering our questions. I can't explain not having intercourse with my husband because I am having this problem.
Avatar f tn s how mine was at times, though I feel it was unrelated as I would still have a period on the days I was not with my boyfriend, just it would vary between spotting and being heavy depending on the day.
Avatar f tn I believe either the cysts or the fallopian tube was the cause of the spotting (or both). i have read many accounts of the cysts causing spotting particularly mid-cycle. My GP also tried birth control which also didn't work. I am hopeful that the surgery has fixed this problem with spotting but I do hope so. i would advise talking to your Dr about getting a lap to rule out endometriosis before having a hysterectomy.
Avatar f tn I thought after three months it might go to either normal bleeding or just spotting, but my periods seem to have 3 to 8 days between them normally. I’m tired of getting periods so close together. Is it ever going to calm down or could there be something wrong?
Avatar f tn thank yu
374593 tn?1257879950 I was on the b/c pill when I had my cyst before ivf. I was spotting most of the time and it did not affect my follie production when I started ivf stims or my next cycle. I think it's normal.
Avatar f tn sometimes occurs days before ovulation, sometimes after). It is heavier than the light, brown spotting I have experienced between periods in the past, but not as heavy as a period. An ultrasound and a blood test showed no worrying results, I am not pregnant or on the pill, and the gynecologist I visited dismissed it as stress (I have in recent months moved to a new country with a different language).
Avatar f tn Does anyone know when I should count/expect my next period cos if its from the first bleed I'm late!!! If the second I'm not!?
Avatar f tn Breakthrough bleeding can happen sometimes when you are taking the pill properly but most often happens when you miss a pill even by a few hours and even if you double up the next day. Frequently missing and having to double up can really throw off your cycle and can prevent the contraceptive properties of the pill from being very reliable. If you find it difficult to remember the same time, you can set a cell phone alarm to go off daily and keep your pills in your purse with you.
Avatar n tn I also have not had to wear a tampon or even a pantry liner I have light pink blood only when I wipe myself that shows on the toilet paper or when I shower I put my finger inside to church for blood and it's very little I also went to the spa 2 days ago and felt heat flashes and almost fainted twice and I've been a bit tired lately I have small headaches and increase hunger I am very fit and healthy so I'm pretty worried help please
Avatar f tn Hmm, I would suggest seeing a gynecologyst to discuss your symptoms. Are you on the Birth contron pill? Usually a lot of women with irregular and heavy periods such as your can benefit from the BCP. I would especially bring up with the gynecoplogist the dyspareunia or painful sex. There are treatments or ways to manage that.
Avatar n tn A month after my period i noticed some light pink blood after i wiped. This happened on the 14 day after my period. This happened a couple of time only on the 14th day and then nothing. I had seen my doctor and he told me that it could be my hormones. I also had blood work done and everything came ou normal.Well now my baby is 7 months and 2 months ago i didn't spot. This month Feb 15 i had a period and 14 days later i started to spot again after i wiped.
Avatar n tn Also, this bleeding is not a week after my period. I had my period at the very beginning of the month (like the 2nd) so this is just randomly between. & It's definitely not just my period coming early cause it is way to light.